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Woman Power

Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Jerry Rubin, Chris Osborne & Eddie Mottau; Attica State Prison Riots Benefit Concert, Apollo Theater, Harlem NYC, 17 Dec 1971.

Women's March on Washington
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O Sisters O Sisters

This is for the sisters all over the world

We lost our green land, we lost our clean air
We lost our true wisdom, we live in despair

O sisters, O sisters, let’s stand up right now
It’s never too late to start from the start
O wisdom, O wisdom, that’s what we ask for
And yes, my dear sisters, we must learn to ask

Wisdom, O wisdom, that’s what we ask for
That’s what we live for now

O sisters, O sisters, let’s wake up, right on!
It’s never too late to shout from our hearts
Freedom, O freedom, that’s what we fight for
And yes, my dear sisters, we must learn to fight

Freedom, O freedom, that’s what we fight for
That’s what we live for now

O sisters, O sisters, let’s give up no more
It’s never too late to build a new world
O new world, O new world, that’s what we live for
And yes, my dear sisters, we must learn to live

New world, O new world, that’s what we live for
That’s what we must now learn to build


Words & Music by Yoko Ono ©1971 MCPS/ONO Music Ltd.

Women’s March – HUDDLE

During the first 10 days of February 2017, we will gather together in our neighborhoods all over the world to define our next steps, and envision how to transform the energy we saw at Women’s Marches into local and national action.

Huddle (n.) – a small group of people holding an informal conversation

Find out more here.

Woman Power

You’ve heard of Woman Nation
Well, that’s coming, baby
What we need is the power of trust
It’s coming

You’ve heard of the law of selection
That’s how we’re gonna do it, baby
We allow men who wanna join us
The rest can just stay by themselves

Woman Power

Two thousand years of male society
Laying fear and tyranny
Seeking grades and money
Clinging to values vain and phony

Woman Power

Do you know that one day you lost your way, man?
Do you know that some day you have to pay, man?
Have you anything to say, man, except –

“Make no mistake about it
I’m the President, you hear?
I wanna make one thing clear
I’m the President, you hear?”

Woman Power

You don’t hear them singing songs
You don’t see them living life
‘Cause they’ve got nothing to say but –

“Make no mistake about it
I’m the President, you hear?
I wanna make one thing clear
I’m the President, you hear?”

Woman Power

You may be the President now
You may still be a man
But you must also be a human
So open up and join us in living

Woman Power

Coming age of feminine society
We’ll regain our human dignity
We’ll lay some truth and clarity
And bring back nature’s beauty

Woman Power

Every woman has a song to sing
Every woman has a story to tell
Make no mistake about it, brothers
We women have the power to move mountains

Woman Power

Did you have to cook the meals?
Did you have to knit?
Did you have to care for life instead of killing?
There’s no mistake about it, sisters
We women have the power to change the world

Woman Power

© 1973 Yoko Ono
Original version from the album ‘Feeling The Space’
Get the CD from Amazon
2015 Remixes available on iTunes – Part 1 & Part 2.



by Yoko Ono, February 1972

The aim of the feminist movement should not just end with getting more jobs in the existing society, though we should definitely work on that as well. We have to keep on going until the whole of the female race is freed.

How are we going to go about this? This society is the very society that killed female freedom: the society that was built on female slavery. If we try to achieve our freedom within the framework of the existing social set-up, men, who run the society, will continue to make a token gesture of giving us a place in their world. Some of us will succeed in moving into elitist jobs, kicking our sisters on the way up. Others will resort to producing babies, or being conned into thinking that joining male perversions and madness is what equality is about: “join the army” “join the sexist trip,” etc.

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The major change in the contemporary woman’s revolution is the issue of lesbianism. Lesbianism, to many, is a means of expressing rebellion toward the existing society through sexual freedom. It helps women realize that they don’t necessarily have to rely on men for relationships. They have an alternative to spending 90% of their lives waiting for, finding and living for men. But if the alternative to that is finding a woman to replace the man in her life, and then build her life around another female or females, it isn’t very liberating. Some sisters have learned to love women more deeply through lesbianism, but others have simply gone after their sisters in the same manner that the male chauvinists have.

The ultimate goal of female liberation is not just to escape from male oppression. How about liberating ourselves from our various mind trips such as ignorance, greed, masochism, fear of God and social conventions? It’s hard to so easily dismiss the importance of paternal influence in this society, at this time. Since we face the reality that, in this global village, there is very little choice but to coexist with men, we might as well find a way to do it and do it well.

We definitely need more positive participation by men in the care of our children. But how are we going to do this? We have to demand it. James Baldwin has said of this problem, “I can’t give a performance all day in the office and come back and give a performance at home.” He’s right. How can we expect men to share the responsibility of childcare in the present social conditions where his job in the office is, to him, a mere “performance” and where he cannot relate to the role of childcare except as yet another “performance”? Contemporary men must go through major changes in their thinking before they volunteer to look after children, and before they even start to want to care.

Childcare is the most important issue for the future of our generation. It is no longer a pleasure for the majority of men and women in our society, because the whole society is geared towards living up to a Hollywood-cum-Madison Avenue image of men and women, and a way of life that has nothing to do with childcare. We are in a serious identity crisis. This society is driven by neurotic speed and force accelerated by greed, and frustration of not being able to live up to the image of men and women we have created for ourselves; the image has nothing to do with the reality of people. How could we be an eternal James Bond or Twiggy (false eyelashes, the never-had-a-baby-or-a-full-meal look) and raise three kids on the side? In such an image-driven culture, a piece of reality, such as a child, becomes a direct threat to our false existence.

The only game we play together with our children is star-chasing; sadly, not the stars in the sky, but the “STARS” who we think have achieved the standard of the dream image we have imposed on the human race. We cannot trust ourselves anymore, because we know that we are, well…too real. We are forever apologetic for being real. Excuse me for farting, excuse me for making love and smelling like a human being, instead of that odorless celluloid prince and princess image up there on the screen.

Most of us, as women, hope that we can achieve our freedom within the existing social set-up, thinking that, somewhere, there must be a happy medium for men and women to share freedom and responsibility. But if we just took the time to observe the very function of our society, the greed-power-frustration syndrome, we would soon see that there is no happy medium to be achieved. We can, of course, aim to play the same game that men have played for centuries, and inch by inch, take over all the best jobs and eventually conquer the whole world, leaving an extremely bitter male stud-cum-slave class moaning and groaning underneath us. This is alright for an afternoon dream, but in reality, it would obviously be a drag.

Just as the blacks have in the past, women are going through an initial stage of revolution now. We are now at a stage where we are eager to compete with men on all levels. But women will inevitably arrive at the next stage, and realize the futility of trying to be like men. Women will realize themselves as they are, and not as beings comparative to or in response to men. As a result, the feminist revolution will take a more positive step in the society by offering a feminine direction.

In their past two thousand years of effort, men have shown us their failure in their method of running the world. Instead of falling into the same trap that men fell into, women can offer something that the society never had before because of male dominance. That is the feminine direction. What we can do is to take the current society, which contains both masculine and feminine characteristics, and bring out its’ feminine nature rather than its’ masculine force which is now at work. We must make more positive usage of the feminine tendencies of the society which, up to now, have been either suppressed or dismissed as something harmful, impractical, irrelevant and ultimately shameful.

I am proposing the feminization of society; the use of feminine nature as a positive force to change the world. We can change ourselves with feminine intelligence and awareness, into a basically organic, noncompetitive society that is based on love, rather than reasoning. The result will be a society of balance, peace and contentment. We can evolve rather than revolt, come together, rather than claim independence, and feel rather than think. These are characteristics that are considered feminine; characteristics that men despise in women. But have men really done so well by avoiding the development of these characteristics within themselves?

Already, as I catch a glimpse of the new world, I see feminine wisdom working as a positive force. I refer to the feminine wisdom and awareness which is based on reality, intuition and empirical thinking, rather than logistics and ideologies. The entire youth generation, their idiom and their dreams, are headed in a feminine direction. A more advanced field of communication, such as telepathy, is also a phenomenon which can only be developed in a highly feminine climate. The problem is that feminine tendency in the society has never been given a chance to blossom, whereas masculine tendency overwhelms it.

What we need now is the patience and natural wisdom of a pregnant woman, an awareness and acceptance of our natural resources, or what is left of them. Let’s not kid ourselves and think of ourselves as an old and matured civilization. We are by no means mature. But that is alright. That is beautiful. Let’s slow down and try to grow as organically, and healthfully as a newborn infant. The aim of the female revolution will have to be a total one, eventually making it a revolution for the whole world. As mothers of the tribe, we share the guilt of the male chauvinists, and our faces are their mirrors as well. It’s good to start now, since it’s never too late to start from the start.

Yoko Ono
February 1972, NYC

Abridged version: New York Times, Feb 1972. Unabridged version: Sundance Magazine, May 1972

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Take your pants off
before you fight.


We’re all water from different rivers
That’s why it’s so easy to meet
We’re all water
In this vast, vast ocean
Someday we’ll evaporate together

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Part 2 is OUT NOW on iTunes, featuring 12 remixes by Superchumbo, Dirtyfreqs, Emjae, Mr. A, Mike Cruz and DJ Boris.
I hope one day it will be all paradise. love, yoko. Find out more here.
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Yoko Ono Plastic Ono BandBetween My Head and The Sky and Take Me To The Land Of Hell are out now on Sean Lennon’s Chimera Music label.

We Are Not Afraid

We are Not Afraid
WE ARE NOT AFRAID to stand against the countless acts of violence, hate, discrimination, and abuse witnessed globally.

We promote non-violence, respect for diversity, universal education, and peaceful resolution of conflict.

We will not allow these despicable acts to change our way of life or shake our demand for a free society globally.

We want to bring attention to those organizations that are helping victims globally.

All proceeds generated by the project will be donated to Human Rights Watch (HRW) and The International Rescue Committee (IRC).

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Find out more here.

Human Rights Watch (HRW)

The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

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