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Send the ONOCHORD message:
by repeatedly blinking the light
in the frequencies and durations
required for the message:
from ships
from the top of the mountains
from buildings
using whole buildings
in town squares
from the sky
and to the sky.

Keep sending the message
to the end of the year
and beyond.
Keep sending the message
everywhere on the Earth
and to the Universe
Keep sending.

For individuals:
send the message by hand
or using flashlights
or with lighters

The message I LOVE YOU in ONOCHORD is:

I           i
LOVE    ii
YOU     iii

I love you!

yoko ono 2004


More about Onochord HERE.


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15 Responses to Onochord

  1. Carolina Luisa Costa says:


    i ii iii too!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aditya says:

    i ii iii yoko ono
    and thanks to follow me on twitter
    i ii iii too

  3. Anita says:

    ‘I LOVE YOU’ This words are beautiful!!! I hope someday people will live life in peace. I love You, Yoko and what You do. I love You, people!

  4. cledia jara says:


  5. BIA says:

    Hi Yoko!!! ♥

    What a beautiful message of love and concert! Love is the strongest force in the world! Only those with a heart full of love can feel it and it emanates.

    i ii iii

    BIA – BRASIL ♥

  6. Stefani Us says:

    You are a force of love…………..i love you……maybe there still is a chance, thank you.

  7. i ii iii..I look foward to reading your writings every day on twitter it gets me in the state of mind we all should have love you yoko; peace and love Susan

  8. katiebell says:

    Beautiful Yoko, I am moved to tears from the power of one love, multiplied around the world, to become one big love. I love you too Katie x

  9. aaron says:

    “calling” reminds me of meeting robert smith once–not THE robert smith—and the version of “albatross” on “metal box” …

    this version is considerably punkier… and the brown square reminds me of reading that on one pil tour–maybe the first after the sex pistols broke up–they performed behind a screen…

  10. Sign is very simple.
    Now we are make a peaceful park.

    i ii iii…
    iii ii ???

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