Give Peace A Chance

DUffy Square, NYC 22 April 1972

John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Anti-Vietnam Protest, Duffy Square, NYC, 22 April 1972

All we are saying is give peace a chance.
John Lennon, 1968

Let us wake up, come together,
and work on cleaning and healing our planet,
instead of further destroying it.
Let’s not waste one more day in creating a machinery of destruction.
Give us a chance.
On behalf of ourselves and all species on Earth.
We can do it.
We must.

Yoko Ono
Address to the United Nations, 2005


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Photographers: Bob Gruen & Allan Tannenbaum
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8 Responses to Links

  1. hello, we building up a pro cycling team with the basic motto “cycling for LOVE & PEACE”.
    maybe we could cooperate with your “imagine peace” to bring forward together more love & peace. let’s spread peace….together! what do you think?
    kind regards,

  2. Paul says:

    I can finish the work John was up to.

  3. Daria says:

    I am your big fan from Russia. Please, send me your autograph.

    My address:
    Daria Shatalina
    Rabochaya Street 23, kv. 42
    Sovetsky district
    Saratov oblast
    Postcode (ZIP): 413210

    Thank you!

  4. JuliaZagran says:

    Dear Mrs.Ono,
    I am working as a producer for Channel One Russia, news. We would love to have a chance to film an interview you, as you are a rare guest on Russian TV, even though your popularity is immense in our country. We know that you are going to perform in Berlin, if there is a possibility to film an interview there, we would be delighted. We have correspondent in NYC as well. We would be honored to meet with you.
    Best wishes,
    Julia Z

  5. Brandz says:

    John Lennon was telling us to give peace a chance! I think it’s a little percentage of people listen this genius of peace 🙁

  6. Josh Gill says:

    Hi, I’m currently doing a journalism and English course at Coventry University, UK, and as part of the course I need to do interviews to include in my portfolio. Would Yoko Ono be able to answer 9 or 10 questions over email? There won’t be anything deep or probing, just some basic stuff about her so I can write up an interview.

    Have a look at some of my other work here…

    Really hope she can answer a few questions! Please let me know either way!

    Thanks a lot for your help!
    Josh Gill

  7. Respected Yoko Ono! You are disturbed by Russian artists, we are excited with movement Fluxus. As in Russia this theme is closed, we want to open this global, unique movement for the Russian spectator and artists as we are members IUOMA where have learned this unique movement which has absorbed us the freedom and a positive. We have bought house for noncommercial Fluxus galleries where we plan to present in September, 2012 exhibition Fluxus – is live! The parallel project within the limits of festival contemporary art. Whether probably to receive your consent to demonstration of yours videoart with Youtube? We would be happy and proud and grateful to you as to one of founders Fluxus of movement. We do the handwork catalog by author’s quantity. Thanks you for Art – we love you yours Fluxus group “Belka & Strelka” Svetlana Pesetskaya and Victoria Barvenko

  8. James Amonett says:

    I need some advice. In 2012 I am going to run for office. I am in San Antonio, TX where they have little tolerance for certain things. There are a few issues that I am going to fight for and the main issue is for gay rights and medicinal marajuana. I have a feeling this may lead to something happening. Should I keep John’s dream going and fighting forward or should I take a step back?

    Kind regards,
    James Amonett
    [email protected]

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