Yoko Ono almost needs no introduction. The 80-year-old artist, activist and musician recently told a reporter for The Australian that “art is breathing” — and she has been breathing, and making art for more than half a century. Among her recent projects is a new album with the Plastic Ono Band called Take Me To The Land of Hell. Her son, Sean Lennon, produced it — and it features guest appearances from Lenny Kravitz, Yuka Honda, Questlove, and more. She joins us to discuss.

Interview Highlights

Yoko Ono on her son Sean Lennon discovering the Beatles music:

John and I decided that we [were] not going to influence him with our songs or our careers. So he didn’t know about John being a Beatle. So one day he came back, he was about four or five, somebody told him. [Sean said], “Daddy, are you a Beatle?” So John says, “Well, I uh, was.”

On working with Sean on ‘Take Me to the Land of Hell’:

I gotta give it to my son. He’s kind of like, “Mom, do you think you can write another song here?” And I just write it, while we were doing things in the studio. So many songs are like that. It just inspires me because he says it. I made him into the music director of my work. I didn’t know whether that was a good idea or not. Many people said, “Don’t work with your son! That’s the worst thing you can do!” So they said that and that’s why I [went] the opposite.

On the song “Bad Dancer”:

Whenever there’s a song, dance music, my body starts to dance. I can’t help it! I’m just very much into dance. Even when I was four years old, you see it in a film that my mother and father made. I’m a little girl who is just dancing all the time. I think dancing is a very healthy way of going through life — instead of marching. I’m a bad dancer! But I love it.

Original article at Soundcheck WNYC.