Buy Yoko Ono’s Globe of Goodwill 2011 DRAW YOUR OWN MAP to hang on your Xmas Tree – an Icelandic charity project benefitting special needs children

The Globe of Goodwill is a beautiful work of art and a delightful collector’s piece, but its contents give it its true value - love and friendship. All proceeds will be donated to work for the benefit of children and other young people with disabilities. The name of The Globe is therefore symbolic of what it represents.

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Hi, my friends! Now, I'm in Tokyo for the annual Dream Power Concert. The top Japanese rockers play and sing John's songs each year. All the proceeds of the concert go to building schools in Africa and Asia. Mainly in Africa. This is the eighth year of this concert, and, in seven years, we have [...]

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The Beatles Christmas Album

01. Crimble Medley (BBC Saturday Club, 21-12-63) 02. Christmastime Is Here Again (Edited Version 1995) 03. From Us To You 1963 04. Another Beatles Christmas Record 05. Third Christmas Record 1965 06. Everywhere It's Christmas 1966 07. Christmastime Is Here Again 1967 08. 1968 Christmas Record 09. Seventh Christmas Record 1969 10. Hello Dolly (1964 [...]

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