A Conversation with Yoko Ono [Oberlin College, Ohio] 6 May 7:30pm

Convocation Series: Yoko Ono: Thursday May 6th, 7:30pm. Yoko Ono, legendary artist and widow of John Lennon, will deliver the last of Oberlin College’s 2009-10 convocation series addresses at 7:30 p.m. Thursday in Finney Chapel, 90 North Professor Street, Oberlin, Ohio, OH, USA [map] She will also oversee “Wish Tree for Oberlin,” an art installation [...]

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It’s Me, I’m Alive: A Conversation with Yoko Ono (by Thomas Britt, PopMatters)

Yoko Ono began 2010 by participating in “Art Adds,” a project that exhibits her artwork on New York City taxicabs. Replacing advertisements that traditionally decorate the rooftops of taxis, Ono’s peace-promoting works (along with pieces by Alex Katz and Shirin Neshat) move throughout the city as a kind of public art. In Carol Vogel’s New York Times article about the project, Ono likens the experience to a dance, saying, “The message is always in motion.”

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Iles Elementary School: Me to We Wish Tree

The O Ambassadors at Iles, in cooperation with Free the Children and Imagine Peace (Yoko Ono), are creating our Iles Me to We Wish Tree. Each student traced their hand and wrote their wish for the world. This is a voluntary activity and every student participated! That really shows a commitment to leadership, caring and growth! In February, a team from Free the Children will visit Iles to present an all school assembly and workshops for older students. In April, we will celebrate our O Ambassador activities at our Seventh Annual Iles Writer's Conference entitled, "Me to We". Stay tuned for our continuing adventures!

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Wish Tree at Dalton High School, NYC

Here are photos of Dalton High School students and the Wish Tree they created. The students were studying Conceptual Art in their Advanced Painting class. The Wish Tree provided a hands on way to learn more about conceptual art and the art of Yoko Ono. It was exciting to study this artist who was such [...]

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WISH TREES in Mexico City

Dear Yoko On Thursday night September 17, we had in Mexico City the opening of the HISTORIAS DE AMOR  show  (Love Stories) with 53 new works selected from the VISIBLE COLLECTION, that will remain until October 16 at Academia de San Carlos. As you already know 45 other works from the collection will remain in exhibition in Asunción (Paraguay) until September 12. You [...]

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Wish Trees – UN Peace Day, Japan

Dear Yoko, I thought you might like to know that this year for UN Peace Day, September 21,the Roots & Shoots Club (the Jane Goodall Institute's program for youth) members put together a Peace Wish Forest at our school. I am a teacher and I sponsor the club. The students and faculty enjoyed writing their [...]

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Wish Tree For LGTB Human Rights In Asunción (Paraguay)

Dear Yoko, We wanted to thank you for your contribution with your WISH TREE to the VISIBLE COLLECTION exhibition “Love Stories” now showing at Asunción (Paraguay) at el Centro Cultural de España Juan de Salazar, until October 7th. http://www.juandesalazar.org.py/ Yesterday night was the openning and we invited people to tie their wishes to your Wish [...]

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Wish Tree for EARTH DAY in Madrid

Dear Yoko and everybody at IMAGINE PEACE: This is the Wish Tree for Earth Day that I have created today in Madrid before going to work. I know I could have chosen a stronger and beautiful tree, but when I saw this crooked one placed alone in that dark and dirty corner I thought it [...]

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22 April is EARTH DAY 2009

PLANT A WISH TREE FOR EARTH DAY - 22 APRIL 2009 Plant a Wish Tree for Earth Day Or designate a tree as a Wish Tree in your backyard, a park nearby or anywhere that will not inconvenience people in any way. Ask people to put their wishes on it. Give love to the tree every day [...]

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Akasaka Art Flower 08

A huge contemporary art exhibition, entitled "Akasaka Art Flower 08", was held from September 10th to October 13th, 2008 in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. (Website).  The artwork by many Japanese modern artists was displayed in various places in Akasaka, Tokyo - such as shopping streets, a shrine, at the sites where an elementary school and a [...]

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Yoko Ono: Bell of Peace [Tokyo, Japan]

開学10周年記念国際展覧会 オノ・ヨーコ『BELL OF PEACE 平和の鐘』展 期間:2008年10月20日(月)~2009年1月25日(日) "Ring the Bell of Peace in your mind." ~あなたの心の平和の鐘を鳴らしてください~ このたび学習院女子大学は、開学10周年記念国際展覧会として、2008年10月20日(月)から2009年1月25日(日)まで、オノ・ヨーコ『BELL OF PEACE 平和の鐘』展を開催いたします。  オノ・ヨーコ氏のアートは、絵画のように美術館で鑑賞する、という受け身のアートではありません。観客自身にその創造行為に参加することを促し、観客の心理に直接働きかけるところに特色があります。大学のさまざまな場所をつかうことでオノ・ヨーコ氏のアートに日常のなかで触れ、作家の提示するアートを自分自身の問題としてとらえてもらいたいと思っています。 世界には、多くの人々の絶え間ない努力にもかかわらず、戦争、殺戮、感染症、犯罪、環境破壊、差別などが蔓延し続けています。こうした状況に対しオノ・ヨーコ氏は一貫して世界の平和を唱えてきました。本展では、世界に向けてオノ・ヨーコ氏による平和のメッセージを送り出します。  オノ・ヨーコ『BELL OF PEACE 平和の鐘』展実行委員会は、学習院女子大学の学部生と大学院生の有志で構成されています。展覧会の準備はもちろん、広報活動、教育プログラム、講演会などの関連企画もすべて学生達によって行っています。この貴重な体験を通して私達は世界の平和について考え、また、多くの人々と平和のメッセージを共有します。若き日のオノ・ヨーコ氏のように、若く自由な感性を存分に生かしたメッセージを発信できる人材の育成が期待されます。学生がその企画運営に携わることは、本展覧会の大きな特徴であり、文化による交際交流に貢献する人材を育成することを大きな目的としている本学の10周年を記念するにふさわしい展覧会であると考えております。また、学外の一般の方にも広く鑑賞していただき、こうした学習院女子大学の教育方針についても理解を深めていただきたいと願うものです。  明日を担う若い感性が溢れる大学から平和のメッセージを発信すること、そしてオノ・ヨーコ氏が唱える「imagine peace」のもと世界が抱えるさまざまな問題を平和という観点から見つめなおし、多くの人々が「平和な世界を想像し願うこと」への働きかけを行うことの意義が期待されます。 2008年8月 オノ・ヨーコ『BELL OF PEACE 平和の鐘』展実行委員会 Bell of Peace blog here. カレンダー/一般公開日 会期:2008年10月20日(月)~2009年1月25日(日)    一般公開は毎週日曜日・祝日(ただし11/24・12/23・12/28・1/1・1/4を除く)のみとなります。 *会場への入場の際に、入り口でスタッフが「入場証シール」をお渡しした後のご案内になるのでご注意下さい。 交通のご案内 学習院女子大学 〒162-8650 東京都新宿区戸山3-20-1   ・東京メトロ副都心線「西早稲田」駅下車、徒歩1分 ・東京メトロ東西線「早稲田」駅下車、徒歩10分 ・JR山手線・西武新宿線「高田馬場」駅下車、徒歩15分 Bell Piece           BELL PIECE         Listen [...]

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Tonight Yoko Ono returns to Iceland to celebrate the relighting of her outdoor sculpture, the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Viðey Island in Reykjavik, which she unveiled last year. From 9 Oct - 15 Oct as a gift to the people of Iceland, Yoko Ono has gifted free IMAGINE PEACE Tours to Viðey, departing weather permitting, 8pm from [...]

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Yoko Ono: FLY [Warsaw, Poland]

  location  Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Zamek Ujazdowski‎ address  Aleje Ujazdowskie 6, Warszawa, Poland starts  2008-09-19 ends  2008-10-26 times   price   tel  (+48 22) 628 12 71-3 and (+48 22) 628 76 83 fax  (+48 22) 628 95 50 email  [email protected] website  http://csw.art.pl/new/2007program/1112cale_en.html reviews       YOKO ONO Fly  Opening: 18.09.2008 at 7 pm [...]

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Ten Thousand Things

Ten Thousand Things: Multicultural Webfinds "Ten Thousand Things" is a Buddhist expression representing the dynamic interconnection and simultaneous unity and diversity of everything in the universe. YOKO ONO: IMAGINE PEACE  posted: March 12; by Jean, Kyoto Journal On February 18, 2008, Yoko Ono turned 75. An icon in the global peace movement, the artist has not [...]

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