Yoko Ono Lennon – New Year’s Eve Message 2008/2009

IMAGINE PEACE TOWER: Dec 31, 2008 8:21 PM Yoko Ono Lennon - New Year's Eve Message 2008/2009 ON ENTERING THE AGE OF JOY This last day of the year 2008 All of us can come together at www.IMAGINEPEACE.com To enjoy spectacular images from the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER - LIVE - from Reykjavik, Iceland - a special program [...]

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Yoko Ono Grants Iceland Peace Award

Yoko Ono granted both the Icelandic nation and Indian scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva with the LennonOno Peace Award at the relighting of the Imagine Peace Tower on Videy island off Reykjavík on the occasion of John Lennon’s birthday yesterday. “To my knowledge an entire nation has not been granted such an award before. I’m therefore [...]

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IMAGINE PEACE TOWER : 9 Oct – 8 Dec 2008

click here to send your wish to the Tower by email or post your handwritten wishes on a postcard to: IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, PO Box 1009, 121 Reykjavík, Iceland. To the People of Iceland,    Today, on the birthday of John Lennon, please join me in praying for peace and stability for our planet. At 8:00 [...]

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IMAGINE PEACE TOWER - LIVE IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is an outdoor work of art conceived by Yoko Ono in memory of John Lennon. It is situated on Viðey Island in Reykjavík, Iceland [map], powered entirely by Geothermal Energy. The artwork was dedicated to John by Yoko at its unveiling on 9 Oct 2007, Lennon's 67th [...]

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