Group Show: NochNichtMehr [Heinrich Boell foundation, Berlin, Germany]

NochNichtMehr - Handeln im unmarkierten Raum Mi, 9.9.09 19 Uhr Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung bis Sa, 10.10.09 19 Uhr Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Berlin nochnichtmehr - Handeln im unmarkierten Raum Ausstellung / Vernissage Während wir noch dabei waren, die neue Unübersichtlichkeit nach 1989 zu erlernen, wies das Internet bereits neue Wege in ein beschleunigtes und global vernetztes Zeitalter. Und als wir glaubten, [...]

2009-09-08T15:09:04-05:00August 20th, 2009|Events & Exhibitions|

ONOBOX by Yoko Ono

ONOBOX DISC 1: LONDON JAM This disc represents '68 to '71. It's the Ascot London - Briefly Visiting New York Period. At the time, I was an avant-garde composer obsessed with the sound of music in my head and in no one else's. In the avant-garde, I jammed with top musicians like John Cage, David [...]

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Yoko Ono: Between The Sky and My Head [Gateshead, UK]

Major Yoko Ono Retrospective at Baltic by Brenda Burrell, The Photography Pages A big show like this hardly needs introduction and there’s room to be wary of promoting celebs, but do go and see this, do go. Much of her work brings forth unquantified emotion, some undoubtedly sentimental, but other pieces simply bring an unexpected rawness to [...]

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Group Show: Art Basel [Miami, Florida, USA]

Art Basel Miami Beach takes place December 4 - 7, 2008. Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. As the sister event of Switzerland's Art Basel, the most prestigious art show worldwide for the past 39 years, Art Basel Miami Beach [...]

2008-12-02T16:26:18-05:00December 1st, 2008|Events & Exhibitions|

Yoko Ono: Between The Sky And My Head [Bielefeld, Germany]

Yoko Ono's art proves a bigger draw than expected in Bielefeld A retrospective exhibition of Yoko Ono’s art work in Bielefeld has smashed organisers’ expectations and attracted more than 25,000 visitors in two and a half months. The show, entitled ‘Between the Sky and My Head,’ has been open at the North Rhine-Westphalia town's Kunsthalle since the end of [...]

2008-11-17T05:30:51-05:00November 17th, 2008|Events & Exhibitions|

YOKO ONO: touch me – by Yoko Ono

YONO ONO: touch me - opening night: April 18th, 2008 (NYC) by Yoko Ono LeLong Gallery asked me to do a show. I immediately liked Mary Sabatino, who requested it. So I said yes. My mind was inspired as I checked out the space, and quickly envisioned the rooms with old works and new. Everything [...]

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Yoko Ono: Onobox

Release Date: 1992 Label:Rykodisc Synopsis Onobox is a 1992 comprehensive 6-disc collection of Yoko Ono's work from 1968 to 1985.  The discs are grouped by era and theme.  Disc six is the previously unreleased 1974 album A Story, which was later reissued separately along with the rest of Ono's back catalogue.  There was also an accompanying [...]

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Yoko Ono – Plastic Ono Band

Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band Why Why Not Greenfield Morning I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage All Over The City AOS Touch Me Paper Shoes Extra Tracks on CD: Open Your Box - John Lennon Something More Abstract South Wind - John Lennon   WHY (5'37") By Yoko Ono Recorded: October 1970 at Abbey Road Instrumentation: [...]

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