TED Talks: Ron Gutman: The hidden power of smiling

Wed 18 May 2011 - Yoko reads

Ron Gutman reviews a raft of studies about smiling, and reveals some surprising results. Did you know your smile can be a predictor of how long you’ll live — and that a simple smile has a measurable effect on your overall well-being? Prepare to flex a few facial muscles as you learn more about this […]

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Yoko Ono: SMILE [Gallery 360°, Tokyo, Japan]

Sat 04 Dec 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

Gallery 360° is holding the exhibition “Yoko Ono: SMILE” starting on Monday, December 6, 2010.
Pictures of smiling faces of viewers will be taken, projected and made into a film.
In order to realize the artwork, transferring a smile from person to person, please visit us to participate in the work.
Sincerely yours, Gallery 360°

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Yoko Ono: “I have so much love because the whole world hated me”: Das Gift (“The Poison”) [Haunch of Venison, Berlin, Germany]

Tue 02 Nov 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

Yoko Ono: “I have so much love because the whole world hated me” by Sam Williams, exberliner.com Yoko Ono’s solo show opened last month at Haunch of Venison with a polysemous title, Das Gift, and a bullet hole in a shattered glass pane. On one side, a rank of army coats sway darkly from invisible […]

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#smilesfilm – Thank you! – by Yoko Ono

Dear Friends, I just watched the #smilesfilm! It blew my mind! In fact, tears ran down my face and there was no stopping. I just didn’t know that there are still so many beautiful people on Earth, since i am reading the papers every day of murders, bombings, and major pollutions caused and hidden to […]

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#smilesfilm by yoko ono

Sun 16 Aug 2009 - Feature, Written work

#smilesfilm by Yoko Ono My ultimate goal in film-making is to make a film which includes a smiling face snap of every single human being in the world. Of course, I cannot go around the whole world and take the shots myself. I need cooperation from something like the post offices of the world. If anybody […]

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