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Yoko unveils blue plaque at former home, 34 Montagu Square, London

The musician and songwriter John Lennon (1940-80) was commemorated with an English Heritage blue plaque today, Saturday 23 October, in celebration of his life and contribution to music.  The plaque was unveiled at 11am at 34 Montagu Square, Marylebone, by Yoko Ono. The basement and ground-floor flat at 34 Montagu Square was the first home [...]

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Happy Birthday John! video tributes from Yoko, Ringo, EMI/Capitol etc. Upload yours to YouTube

Yoko Ono Ringo Starr Aerosmith Joe Perry (Aerosmith) Jeff Bridges Brian Wilson Cirque du Soleil LOVE Capitol Records Penn Jillette George Thorogood Brandon Boyd (Incubus) D.M.C. Jonas Brothers More tributes here Submit your own video: http://youtube.com/johnlennon Join us in celebrating John Lennon's 70th birthday! Give peace a chance.

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IMAGINEPEACE.com Exclusive: Yoko Ono talks about JOHN LENNON remasters coming this October

Dear Friends In this very special year, which would have seen my husband and lifetime partner John Lennon reach the age of 70, I was surprised that so many musicians from all over the world sent me their ideas of how they were making a tribute to John this year. But I was surprised the most by a call from EMI presenting me with a very ambitious project to get John Lennon's voice - his singing, his music and his lyrics - out to the world this year...

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Play the new John Lennon quiz & win a limited edition print, signature box set, or set of remastered albums.

Launching Monday 4th October a new round will open every Monday at 9.00GMT for 6 weeks, ending with the final round opening November 8th. GRAND PRIZE WINNER: One lucky fan will receive a JOHN LENNON LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT. SECOND PRIZE: Five 2nd prize winners will receive a copy of the new John Lennon Signature Box Set. TEN RUNNERS UP: Will each receive copies of the 8 digitally remastered John Lennon solo albums (Imagine, Double Fantasy Stripped Down, Milk And Honey, Walls And Bridges, Some Time In NYC, Mind Games, Plastic Ono Band and Rock 'n' Roll).

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Nowhere Boy

The Mods & Rockers Film Festival and The American Cinematheque Proudly Present HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! A Multi-Media Celebration of The 70th Anniversary of the Birth of JOHN LENNON The Los Angeles Premiere of Followed by In conversation with the film's director Sam Taylor-Wood, star Aaron Johnson - and John Lennon's childhood friends and band-mates from [...]

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THIS BOY: John Lennon in Liverpool photo exhibition Oct1-10 [LA, CA, USA]

"These timeless images capture the beginnings of the journey John embarked on from Liverpool so many years ago. The little boy and the growing teenager that we see in these photographs give us a glimpse of the remarkable man he became. As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of John's birth - we draw inspiration from his passion for life and his many achievements. This Boy came from Liverpool - and then he gave himself to the world. Imagine.. " Yoko Ono Lennon 30 early Photographs of John Lennon from childhood to the formation of the Beatles. Mr Musichead Gallery: 7511 West Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028. Tel: 323-876-0042. Oct 1: 2pm-8pm, Oct 2: 11am-8pm, Oct 4-8: 11am-8pm, Oct 10: 12pm-5pm.

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Time Magazine: Yoko Ono Q&A

In December, it will be 30 years since a deranged assassin shot dead John Lennon. In the decades after his murder, Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, persevered amid her own grief and the suspicions of a public that has always associated her with the fracturing of the Beatles. At the opening of her new art exhibit in Berlin — a blend of sculpture, sound and film — Ono talks with TIME about violence, forgiveness and keeping her slain husband's memory alive.

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The John Lennon Box Of Vision / Rock and Roll Hall of Fame to create John Lennon time capsules

The John Lennon Box Of Vision This is the exact same JOHN LENNON Box of Vision that will be stored inside the JOHN LENNON TIME CAPSULE. In celebration of the 70th anniversary of John Lennon’s birth, it will only be manufactured and available for a limited time. (Each copy will be uniquely numbered.) The unique “artist’s [...]

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Why am I doing The Wall again now? by Roger Waters

I recently came across this quote of mine from 22 years ago: ”What it comes down to for me is this: Will the technologies of communication in our culture, serve to enlighten us and help us to understand one another better, or will they deceive us and keep us apart?” I believe this is still a supremely relevant question and the jury is out. There is a lot of commercial clutter on the net, and a lot of propaganda, but I have a sense that just beneath the surface understanding is gaining ground. We just have to keep blogging, keep twittering, keep communicating, keep sharing ideas.

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Yoko Ono: Back to where she once belonged (Times Online)

Yoko Ono is forever associated with the Beatles, yet her aristocratic family life in imperial Japan, long before she met John Lennon, was equally intriguing. For the first time, she opens up the Ono family album. Yoko is back in Japan for a three-week trip and, for the first time, has agreed to a journalist accompanying her to write about this side of her multi-faceted life. This is also the first time she has agreed to open up in depth about her childhood, her awkward, distant upbringing in a quasi-aristocratic family in Tokyo, and Lennon’s relationship with her parents. Only now is she truly comfortable returning to Japan.

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The Ballad of John and Yoko by John Lennon

The Ballad of John and Yoko by John Lennon, from Skywriting by Word of Mouth I'd always had a fantasy about a woman who would be a beautiful, intelligent, dark-haired, high-cheekboned, freespirited artist (a la Juliette Greco). My soul mate. Someone that I had already known, but somehow had lost. After a short visit to India on [...]

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Everett True’s 10 Greatest Female Singers of the 20th Century: #9 Yoko Ono

9. YOKO ONO She has borne herself with more integrity and dignity than all her critics combined. She has generated an incredible body of work -- articulate, experimental, feminist, inspirational -- as 1992's massive Ono Box Set proves. She positively influenced John Lennon -- possibly the most important popular music icon of late 20th century -- encouraging him to lose his misogyny and become politically active. (She was also directly responsible for Lennon's finest work, the primal scream therapy of Plastic Ono Band.) She has influenced generations of left-field musicians, from PiL to Sonic Youth to Huggy Bear. Ono is America's most underrated artist.

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Sean Lennon’s holidays with his father (Times, UK)

"Out on the ocean, sailing away / I can hardly wait for you to come of age" (Beautiful Boy, John Lennon) by Sean Lennon, Times Online I don’t belong to that group of people who keep their childhoods neatly folded and tucked away, seldom seen, in a dresser drawer. My memories are scattered about the room like dust mites floating in sunlight. I’m unable to climb aboard even the tiniest steam train of thought without running over old origami animals in the Wild West of my youth.

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Imagine There’s No Hunger: HUNGERTHON 2009

Bracelets, Pins, T-Shirts & music available at www.hungerthonstore.com In 1971, John Lennon expressed his vision of hope, peace and a world free of poverty through his powerful song “Imagine”. Decades later, his lyrics continue to influence and inspire. Lennon’s mission lives on as his wife, artist and musician Yoko Ono Lennon has joined Hard Rock International for IMAGINE [...]

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GIVE PEACE A CHANCE profits United Nations Peacebuilding Fund

Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and Julian Lennon partner with EMI Music and Sony/ATV Music publishing to donate net proceeds from Plastic Ono Band’s “Give Peace A Chance” 40th anniversary digital single to the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund. Commemorative Digital Single Launches Today, Exclusively on iTunes, here. New York, NY – November 3, 2009 – To [...]

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John Lennon Peace Crater on The Moon

LUNAR GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY DESIGNATES “PEACE CRATER” TO HONOR JOHN LENNON New York USA (9 October 2009 LT) — The International Lunar Geographic Society has announced that a crater on Luna, Earth’s Moon, has been renamed to honor musician and peace activist John Lennon. The crater, which is located in the Moon’s Lacus Somniorum (“Lake of [...]

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