Group Show: Now and Future Japan (London, UK)

2:46pm, 11 March 2011: children were at school in the hills high up above the coast; fishermen were at the beach; mothers were in their homes by the sea. On this seemingly ordinary day, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake, followed by a tsunami, hit north-east Japan, subsequently destroying several nuclear power plants and causing untold damage. The [...]

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Yoko Ono: ‘The Road Of Hope’ Mori Art Museum Art Course Lecture 13 (The Grand Hyatt, Tokyo, Japan) 4 Aug 2011

Yoko Ono: 'The Road Of Hope' Mori Art Museum Lecture Mori Art Museum is pleased to present “MAM Art Course No.13: Yoko Ono – The Road of Hope’” on Thursday, 4 August, 2011. The “Mori Art Museum Art Course” is a series of educational courses exploring diverse facets of contemporary art. The courses are divided [...]

2011-07-29T20:27:48-05:00July 26th, 2011|Events & Exhibitions| – Share your tributes for Father’s Day 2011 by Yoko Ono

Upload your father's photo to the MY DADDY IS BEAUTIFUL groups on Facebook or Flickr.
Write his name, a note about him, to him and to yourself. If it gets to be a love letter, a poem or a very long message or as long as a novel (!), that's fine. Make sure to squeeze him with big hugs and kisses in your mind and send it with a sprinkle of i ii iii. love,

Yoko Ono Lennon
for Fathers Day: Sunday 19th June 2011

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Yoko donates a piece of ‘Promise Piece II’ to Silent Art Auction for East Northern Japan (Koyama Gallery, Tokyo)

ロット / LOT : 124 作家名 / ARTIST : オノ・ヨーコ Yoko Ono タイトル / TITLE : Promise Piece II 制作年 / YEAR : 2010 技法 / MATERIAL : Vinyl on acrylic 作品サイズ / SIZE : Approximately 21cm x 13cm x 2cm (not including base) 落札参考価格 / ESTIMATE (JPY) : 180,000-220,000 出品ギャラリー / GALLERY : TOMIO [...]

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Beady Eye record Across The Universe for British Red Cross Japanese Tsunami Appeal

BEADY EYE RECORD 'ACROSS THE UNIVERSE' Beady Eye have announced they are releasing a cover of The Beatles' 'Across The Universe' which they performed live during Sunday Night's Japan Disaster Benefit at the Brixton Academy, London. The concert also featured The Coral, Graham Coxon, Paul Weller, Kelly Jones, Primal Scream and Richard Ashcroft. Beady Eye closed [...]

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Group Show: Benefit For Nippon (London, UK)


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Group Show LIVE: TO JAPAN WITH LOVE Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band Patti Smith Tony Shanahan Cibo Matto. Special guests Lou Reed, Antony, Greg Saunier ***SOLD OUT***

Dear Friends A big THANKYOU to all who came to and participated in TO JAPAN WITH LOVE last night. We raised $71,103.35 for Japan relief! Le Poisson Rouge will be issuing a check for this amount tomorrow to be paid to Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund. This donation will be noted that it is from [...]

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27 March JAPAN BENEFIT Concert: YOKO ONO, Sean Lennon, Sonic Youth, Mike Patton, Cibo Matto & more (Miller Theater Columbia University, NY)

  What happened is not just what happened in Japan. It is affecting our planet in a big way. And our hearts are beating in unison all over the world. Let's come together and pray. Give generously and quickly to the ones who are in pain for having lost so much. Whatever you [...]

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Yoko Ono on Lennon, Love, Feminism, and Japan by Deenah Vollmer, Interview Magazine

Yoko Ono on Lennon, Love, Feminism, and Japan by Deenah Vollmer, Interview Magazine 22 March 2011 With a new dance hit, "Move on Fast," and a forthcoming benefit show for Japan on March 27th at Columbia University's Miller Theatre, Yoko Ono attended at the South by Southwest music festival for an official interview and [...]

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Half Kenneth – a Ken Ochiai film

"In a country divided, only together can they survive." On February 19, 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, forcing tens of thousands of United States citizens of Japanese ancestry out of their homes and into internment camps isolated in the austere terrain of the American desert. Kenneth Handa is an adolescent Japanese-American, [...]

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Yoko Ono: The Stanford Lecture 2009

Part 1/4: Childhood Part 2/4: Passages For Light Part 3/4: Five Films & Chair Piece Part 4/4: Q&A Yoko Ono's lecture at Stanford University on 14 Jan 2009 Courtesy of Yoko Ono, Stanford University & Lectures & Films ©2009 Yoko Ono Video Footage ©2009 Stanford University All Rights Reserved. Yoko Ono reflects on her [...]

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