IMAGINE PEACE billboard in Canton, Ohio

Out of the blue and without any announcement, Yoko Ono's "IMAGINE PEACE" billboard appeared in the city of Canton, Ohio, around the beginning of December 2008.  I heard this news from Dr. Kevin Concannon who is the curator of Yoko Ono's recent show, "Yoko Ono: IMAGINE PEACE Featuring John & Yoko's Year of Peace" from October 27th to December [...]

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9 Steps to Peace for Obama in the New Year

by Deepak Chopra, Tikkun, 1 Jan 2009. The following is a memo to Barack Obama from Deepak Chopra:   PEACE You have been elected by the first anti-war constituency since 1952, when Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected after promising to end the Korean War. But ending a war isn't the same as bringing peace. America has [...]

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Yoko Ono: Between The Sky and My Head [Gateshead, UK]

Major Yoko Ono Retrospective at Baltic by Brenda Burrell, The Photography Pages A big show like this hardly needs introduction and there’s room to be wary of promoting celebs, but do go and see this, do go. Much of her work brings forth unquantified emotion, some undoubtedly sentimental, but other pieces simply bring an unexpected rawness to [...]

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Bid for Yoko’s IMAGINE PEACE charity lunchbox

THE LUNCHBOX AUCTION: Fighting Hunger One Lunchbox at a Time Join celebrity chef Mario Batali and Michael Stipe for an auction of custom lunchboxes designed by celebrities from the entertainment, fashion, music, art, and culinary worlds — all to benefit hunger relief. Do your part by bidding on your very own lunchbox. To browse lunchboxes, click [...]

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Yoko Ono: Between The Sky And My Head [Bielefeld, Germany]

Yoko Ono's art proves a bigger draw than expected in Bielefeld A retrospective exhibition of Yoko Ono’s art work in Bielefeld has smashed organisers’ expectations and attracted more than 25,000 visitors in two and a half months. The show, entitled ‘Between the Sky and My Head,’ has been open at the North Rhine-Westphalia town's Kunsthalle since the end of [...]

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Blankets 4 Mongolia

Last year Yoko sent me 5000 badges to share with schoolchildren in Australia who helped me collect blankets for Mongolians. I organised the Magical Mongolian Blanket Bus as a celebration of the 40th anniversary of ther Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour, as well as being a practical way of collecting and moving blankets down the east [...]

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Growing Imagine Peace in Madrid

Dear Yoko; Do you remember the photos I sent you one year ago with my two pregnant friends that wrote IMAGINE PEACE on their bellies?: Well, from these Imagine Peace wishing bellies they have become:Imagine MATEO and Peace MARINA. They are almost one year old now, so we did a quiet IMAGINE PEACE BABIES PARTY [...]

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The Imagine Peace Paint-In: report by Dana Cain

Dear Yoko... Wow... The Imagine Peace Paint-In on John's birthday in Denver was a HUGE success. We had LOADS of people in Civic Center Park (on a Thursday!) Hundreds of artists painting. Busloads of school children painting. Live bands all day - each one playing at least one Lennon song. Peace Groups accepting donations. Mayor [...]

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Yoko Ono: IMAGINE PEACE Featuring John & Yoko’s Year of Peace [Jersey City, NY, USA]

Yoko Ono exhibit opening at NJCU, Jersey City An opening reception will be held from 3 to 6 this afternoon at New Jersey City University in Jersey City for an exhibit of works by Yoko Ono that recall her and John Lennon's calls for peace. Ono spent the most public years of her life promoting a message of peace and love [...]

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Group Show: Nuite Blanche [Toronto, Canada]

Yoko Ono's career rehab complete Yoko Ono's rehabilitation from Beatles-buster to revered artist is now so thorough that no contemporary art season feels complete without some inclusion of her work or reference to her abiding influence. Just check out her work at Nuit Blanche tonight (even though she won't be on hand herself). "I am [...]

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YOKO ONO: IMAGINE PEACE, Featuring John & Yoko’s Year of Peace

Curated by Kevin Concannon and John Noga Samek Art Gallery, 3rd Floor, Langone Center, Bucknell University, 701 Moore Avenue, Lewisburg, PA 17837, [map] 25 Aug 2008 - 8 Oct 2008. Open weekdays 11am-5pm. Thurs till 8pm. Sat/Sun 1pm-5pm. IMAGINE PEACE focuses on the thematic ideals of peace and love, and follows the work of Yoko Ono and [...]

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SEPTEMBER THE ELEVENTH by Yoko Ono 9/11 affected me like it affected you. It was frightening. I was in New York and I was frightened. In my life, the most scary thing that had happened was World War II. I was in Tokyo when enemy planes were coming in, bombing the city. So I see [...]

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