John Lennon documentary LENNONYC wins the EMMY for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series 2011

John Lennon NYC T-Shirt NYC ©1974 Bob Gruen LENNONYC wins the EMMY for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series 2011 Congratulations to: Susan Lacy, Executive Producer Stanley Buchthal, Executive Producer Michael Cohl, Executive Producer Prudence Glass, Series Producer Julie Sacks, Supervising Producer Michael Epstein, Producer & Director Jessica Levin, Producer. Susan Lacy and Yoko [...]

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LENNONYC: Subscribe FREE to the American Masters ‘Beyond Broadcast’ ♫ Audio Podcasts on iTunes

The first podcast for American Masters: LENNONYC features Jack Douglas talking about his long relationship with John Lennon including his time producing Double Fantasy. Slated to appear on later podcasts are Bob Gruen, personal friend and Lennon photographer, Jim Keltner, drums on various Lennon/Ono albums, Elton John, musician, and Yoko Ono, multi-media artist and peace activist. Each podcast will consist of slightly edited interviews conducted for the film American Masters LENNONYC introduced by Susan Lacy, series creator and executive producer of American Masters and a producer of LENNONYC and Michael Epstein, director/writer of LENNONYC. New “episodes” will post weekly every Thursday until the Thursday after broadcast on November 22. The final episode will be a Q&A session using the best questions submitted by users via email.

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Bob Gruen: Teenage Bedroom [London, UK]

Subway Gallery hosts TEENAGE BEDROOM an installation by renowned New York rock photographer Bob Gruen. We have invited Gruen to present an exhibit he first produced in 2007 for his solo exhibition “Rockers” at the FAAP University Museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Several versions of TEENAGE BEDROOM have been exhibited since, including an installation consisting [...]

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Bob Gruen interview (by Randy Patterson, Boomerocity)

by Randy Patterson, Boomerocity Elvis. Aerosmith. Elton John. The Stones. Alice Cooper. Zeppelin. Lennon/Yoko. Dylan. Frampton. These artists and icons dominated my mind (besides girls) in my youth. Photo’s torn from my favorite rock magazines and posters purchased in the store (for the astronomical price of $1!) hung on my bedroom walls. The [...]

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The John Lennon/Yoko Ono Double Fantasy Box Set

"Our life together is so precious together, we have grown--we have grown." These were the first words we heard John Lennon intimate on his classic album, Double Fantasy, released November 17th, 1980, after a pretty long hiatus from commercial recording as a solo artist. Taken from the song "Starting Over," these lyrics were written, with love, [...]

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Yoko Ono: Starpeace

Release Date: 1985 Label: Polygram Length: 40:21 STARPEACE (album)-Yoko Ono AIR SIDE Hell In Paradise I Love All of Me Children Power Rainbow Revelation The King of the Zoo Remember Raven BE SIDE Cape Clear Sky People You and I It's Gonna Rain (Living on Tiptoe) Starpeace I Love You Earth Imagine Album Notes: Starpeace An Earth Play [...]

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Yoko Ono: It’s Alright (I See Rainbows)

   Release Date: November 01, 1982 Label: Polygram Length: 36:43 Yoko Ono: IT'S ALRIGHT (I SEE RAINBOWS)  My Man Never Say Goodbye Spec of Dust Loneliness Tomorrow May Never Come It's Alright Wake Up Let The Tears Dry Dream Love I See Rainbows Beautiful Boys You're the One   Yoko Ono: lead vocals and harmony Pete Cannarozzi: synthesizers [...]

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Yoko Ono: Season Of Glass

SEASON OF GLASS spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance there is a season that never passes and that is the season of glass © Yoko Ono ‘81   Track Listing Goodbye Sadness Mindweaver [...]

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