Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band: Between My Head And The Sky

REVIEWS ★★★★★ "Excellent, essential" UNCUT ★★★★★ "Fantastically cool, fearlessly weird" DAILY TELEGRAPH ★★★★ "Brilliant, absorbing, thoughtful" THE INDEPENDENT ★★★★ "Challenging, tender" OBSERVER MUSIC MONTHLY ★★★★ "The best work of her musical career"NME ★★★★ "Brawny, brainy avante-rock"THE ONION (AV CLUB) ★★★★ "Beautifully desolate, bittersweet" PITCHFORK ★★★★ "Truly vital: unsettling, touching, funny, undeniable" ROLLING STONE ★★★★ "Hell, [...]

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Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 – Seahorse and the Storyteller

Michael Leonhart & The Avramina 7 - Seahorse and the Storyteller After 40 plus recordings as the house trumpet player for Truth and Soul records, the Brooklyn based funk and soul label released the highly sought after trumpet player, producer, composer, songwriter, and arranger Michael Leonhart's psychedelic Afro/bhangra funk concept album Seahorse and the Storyteller on [...]

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Letter To Jane: Interview With Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono is not a name that needs much introduction. She is arguably the most successful modern artist. As long as The Beatles remain popular it’s destined that Ono’s name will also remain a household name, but it’s really a shame to only know her for her fame. I fell in love with her work [...]

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Yoko Ono: Enjoying music is enjoying life (LA Record)

Yoko Ono is one of the most polarizing figures in rock ‘n’ roll history. The people that love her LOVE her and the people who don’t love her never will. Aside from being married to John Lennon, she also created the blueprint for avant-punk and electronic music, and remixes of her songs have been regularly charting in the top ten of Billboard’s dance music chart for the last decade. Ono has an amazing new CD, Between My Head and the Sky, that continues her artistic progression and has to be the greatest rock record ever recorded by a 76-year-old.

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Mother Jones: 15 mins with Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono still wants to reconnect humanity with its long-lost id. From Fluxus to songstress, the 77-year-old has used every free-associative vocal, literary, and visual avant-garde tool at her disposal to help resuscitate the uncensored thoughts of audiences around the world. Born in 1933 in Japan, Ono was the first female artist to market experimental primal wails as legitimate music at a time when demure vulnerability was prized over a woman’s angst-ridden screams. Her proto-feminist punk, often orgasmic vocals were inspired by childbirth; musically, her spawn includes bands like Deerhoof, Animal Collective, Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill and the whole riot grrrl gang- who owe their flagrant embrace of the loud and the absurd to Ono's radical displays of freedom.

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Pop Quiz – Yoko Ono [SF Chronicle]

Last year, Yoko Ono revived the Plastic Ono Band for its first studio album in decades, "Between My Head and the Sky." It's hard to blame her for the delay; her time has been occupied by making art, campaigning for peace and handling the affairs of her late husband, John Lennon. Ono, 76, tells us it was their son, Sean, who suggested bringing back the group - which at points counted Eric Clapton, Keith Moon and Frank Zappa as members - with a new lineup that includes Japanese indie-rockers Cornelius and Yuka Honda. The Plastic Ono Band kicks off this year's Noise Pop Festival with a performance Thursday at Oakland's Fox Theater.

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Approximately infinite, still [Kimberly Chun, SF Bay Guardian]

by Kimberly Chun, SF Bay Guardian MUSIC The simplest, most singular words and images have always been Yoko Ono's most potent artistic tools — depth charges designed for maximum impact, unexpected wit, and subtly change-inducing effect. And though words like "empowerment" feel too tapped-out to draw from the same power source as Ono-connected words like [...]

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Top Live Show: YOKO ONO [Time Out, NY]

The legendary artist reconvenes Plastic Ono Band for her first local shows in years. By Jay Ruttenberg, Time Out New York There’s a great old yarn about an avant-garde figure who emerges from a mental institution in the late ’60s and attends an event downtown. John Lennon and Yoko Ono make their entrance. “Who’s the guy with Yoko?” the avant-gardist inquires. The anecdote isn’t inconceivable. Before her path collided with Lennon’s, Ono was, of course, a macher in an art underground that paid no heed to popular culture.

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It’s Me, I’m Alive: A Conversation with Yoko Ono (by Thomas Britt, PopMatters)

Yoko Ono began 2010 by participating in “Art Adds,” a project that exhibits her artwork on New York City taxicabs. Replacing advertisements that traditionally decorate the rooftops of taxis, Ono’s peace-promoting works (along with pieces by Alex Katz and Shirin Neshat) move throughout the city as a kind of public art. In Carol Vogel’s New York Times article about the project, Ono likens the experience to a dance, saying, “The message is always in motion.”

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The Lowdown: Yoko Ono (interview with AltSounds)

by MitchdeFarla, AltSounds Yoko Ono needs no introductions. She has been making music for 40+ years, is an artist, a political activist and most famously of all (for me anyway) she was the love of the late John Lennon's life. Together the pair proved an unstoppable force both making music together and in particular for [...]

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BMH&TS is better than any post-Beatles album by McCartney, Harrison or Starr [L.A. Record]

Review by Scott Schultz, L.A. Record. Yoko Ono’s new album, Between My Head and the Sky, is better than any post-Beatles album by McCartney, Harrison or Starr. Yeah, I said it. While the former two were baby boomer marshmallows and the latter was a novelty act, Ono has pushed the boundaries of dance music for [...]

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60 Minutes With Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon (New York Magazine)

At the kitchen table in the Dakota with the world’s most famous mother-son music collaborators. by Tim Murphy, New York The kitchen is where the business gets done at Yoko Ono’s famous apartment at the Dakota. It’s bright, sleek, clean, overheated—Yoko likes to keep it semi-tropical—and, most important, convenient to the service entrance, which is [...]

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Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band: Japanese Concerts, Nov 2009

Photo by Greg Kadel ©2009 Yoko Ono Japanese Concerts - November 2009. Wednesday, 18th November Tokyo International Forum (Hall C) OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00 Tickets: +81-3-5436-9600 (in Japan), DISK GARAGE co., LTD. Ticket Price: 8,000yen, all seats are reserved. Tuesday, 24th November Osaka Geijyutsu Hall Tickets: +81-6-7732-8888 (in Japan), KYODO OSAKA INC. Ticket Price: [...]

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The Ballad of Yoko Ono (Richmond.com)

by Hays Davis, Richmond.com There’s a fact about Yoko Ono that has been obscured over the past few decades due largely to her life and work with her late husband. Early in her career, Ono became an acclaimed and influential artist in her own right through her development of fascinating conceptual and performance pieces. Having [...]

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