Allan Tannenbaum Reveals The Real 70’s at Pop Art Bar and Studio 3 NYC from Sept29th

An Exhibition and Sale of Historic Photographs documenting the Pre-AIDS party era of America, proving that there was a time when love was free, certain drugs were still legal and war was ignored. Launch is on September 29th and will continue through October 20th. Iconic photographer and chronicler Allan Tannenbaum in concurrence with Renaissance Woman, [...]

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BAM! by Yoko Ono: We Are Plastic Ono Band: Yoko + incredible special guests: Brooklyn Academy of Music, NY 16 Feb

BAM! Suddenly the audience started to sing Happy Birthday to me right in the middle of the sing along GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! That was such a nice surprise. I was so unprepared for it, I don't even remember if I had thanked the audience or not. Did I? There was so much love circulating, it didn't seem necessary to say anything... We were family. The curtain went down after GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. Sean and I looked at each other. Sean's eyes were twinkling. "You were great." said Sean. "So were you." It was a grand moment. We knew we had been witnesses to something that was bigger than both of us.

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Not Fade Away auction for VH1 Save The Music

NOT FADE AWAY GALLERY ANNOUNCES AUCTION TO BENEFIT THE VH1 SAVE THE MUSIC FOUNDATION Bidding Now Open for Rare Artist’s Proofs and Limited Edition Photographs on Auction Closing July 9th Not Fade Away Gallery and Allan Tannenbaum, Famed SoHo Weekly News Photographer, announced today that the Gallery is holding a silent auction of over 70 [...]

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The John Lennon/Yoko Ono Double Fantasy Box Set

"Our life together is so precious together, we have grown--we have grown." These were the first words we heard John Lennon intimate on his classic album, Double Fantasy, released November 17th, 1980, after a pretty long hiatus from commercial recording as a solo artist. Taken from the song "Starting Over," these lyrics were written, with love, [...]

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John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Milk And Honey

iTunes Plus: MP3 CD / MP3 Release Date: January 27, 1984 Label: EMI Length: 36:49 MILK AND HONEY (A Heart Play) - John Lennon & Yoko Ono Side 1: I'm Stepping Out (Lennon) Sleepless Night (Ono) I Don't Wanna Face It (Lennon) Don't Be Scared (Ono) Nobody Told Me (Lennon) O' Sanity (Ono) Side 2: Borrowed Time (Lennon) [...]

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