Group Show: Mirror Mirror: Then and Now [Adelaide, S Australia]

Wed 02 Jun 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

Mirror Mirror: Then and Now 14 May – 16 July 2010 Gallery 1 & Bestec Gallery 2 In the 1960s, mirrors began to be used by artists across a spectrum of international movements including pop, kinetic, minimal and conceptual art. Mirror surfaces reflect both the environment and the viewer, ‘like a visual pun on representation’, […]

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Esa Mujer / That Woman by Juan Forn, Pagina 12 [Argentina]

Fri 11 Dec 2009 - Interviews & Articles

That Woman By Juan Forn, Pagina 12 [Argentina]. This week has been the anniversary of John Lennon’s passing, and as every year when this time arrives I said to myself: “Another year gone, and once again I haven’t written what I really think about Yoko Ono yet”. I’ll make it clear: In some of the […]




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