Walking on Thin Ice by Yoko Ono

Making Double Fantasy was a great joy for John and me. But it was intense as well, since we were trying to finish it for the Christmas release. John knew what I was up against and protected me to the end. If it weren't for that, the record would not have been a dialogue between [...]

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Strawberry Fields – 8 Dec 2008

Fans to mark anniversary of John Lennon's death at Strawberry Fields in Central Park A crowd gathers at Strawberry Fields in Central Park to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon. It was 28 years ago today that singer/songwriter John Lennon was fatally shot outside his Upper West Side apartment building by [...]

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Tonight Yoko Ono returns to Iceland to celebrate the relighting of her outdoor sculpture, the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Viðey Island in Reykjavik, which she unveiled last year. From 9 Oct - 15 Oct as a gift to the people of Iceland, Yoko Ono has gifted free IMAGINE PEACE Tours to Viðey, departing weather permitting, 8pm from [...]

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by Yoko Ono New York Times, 8th Dec 2006 December 8th is near again. Every year, on this day, I hear from many people from all over the world who remember my husband, John Lennon, and his message of peace. They write to tell me they are thinking of John on this day and how [...]

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