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  1. We love Yoko and John and many of our customers love them also. Thanks for sharing all this resources with us.
    I’ll sure pass the link to all my customers.
    Joe, owner of The Best Seal in Town Studios

  2. This is a great resource for those that love Yoko Ono. Just wanted to say thanks for providing this special space.

    All the best,
    Groove Room Rehearsal Spaces Toronto

  3. oknow says:

    Overall, this is a fine selection of songs to introduce new listeners to the music of Yoko Ono. However, I might suggest adding “Greenfield Morning (I Pushed An Empty Baby Carriage All Over The City)” from ‘Plastic Ono Band’ to the list. If there is any proof to those “ahead of her time” claims, the atmospheric, trip-hoppy “Greenfield Morning” is surely it.

  4. I do not feel lonely and that is listening to your song

  5. PD D.Landolf K. A. Schoenle says:

    My Hi-gh Yoko to You enjoy the week!Landolf

  6. lauri arnol says:

    berry goot!!!!

  7. Thank you very much Yoko for always sharing your radiant light of youthful sweetness and REAL LOVE for our world with compassion and true humanity in our our endless universe needing more women like you making LOVE AND PEACE. WAR IS OVER!

  8. “Yoko Love us in the World and We Love you Yoko. Love save The World

  9. M.J. says:

    “I Love You Yoko”

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