John Lennon 1940-1980. Please write your tributes in the comments here:

“Imagine all the people living life in peace”
John Lennon

(9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)


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2,637 Responses to John Lennon 1940-1980. Please write your tributes in the comments here:

  1. Ron - Brasil says:

    John, I miss you. It’s the only thing I can say now.

  2. KRYSTYNA says:

    I hope Imagination wakes the World up and Peace becomes the NEW WAY. Thank you John and Yoko for your persistent inspiration:))))

  3. Roscon says:

    John you are always, and always will be, dominant in my playlist!

  4. John, voice of the people, a great visionary, his music, his words, his life, his LOVE were all a testament to what one person can do to make us stop and think, stop and act, be inspired to change the world for the better – one emotion, one feeling, one experience, one step at a time! We love and miss you! God Bless you.


  5. Rocio Franco says:

    Gracias John por tu musica, gracias Yoko por el arte, amor y paz para el mundo 🙂

  6. Harvey Kader says:

    John Lennon was gunned down on this day, 32 years ago. The dream was over. Dylan’s tribute to his friend, “Roll On John” says it all and is highly recommended listening on this day of days. Miss you John.

  7. Monse says:

    I just have not a lot of years, but when i kwen how Lennon die, i cried. Nobody gonna be like he. Yes, he is one of my Idols. Xx my best wishes werever You are John and a Lot of Kisses and Hugs. You Will Were Always In Our Minds xx

  8. Giulio Palma says:

    Bye John, thank you for everything

  9. Terry Paige says:

    John’s energy is alive and powerful thru out all eternity, Imagine that ! <3

  10. Mike Wilcox says:

    John is part of my day, my week, my years, my life. His moving words of peace and the thoughts of what could have been. John lives in all of those who believe that peace is what the world needs … those that just imagine.

  11. Michele Beck says:

    John Lennon
    I feel a connection between you and I
    a working class hero, I be –
    I wish you lived in my lifetime
    and your musical genius I could see.

    With the others –
    Penny Lane, Revolution
    and Magical Mystery Tour –
    Your political intrest and desire for peace,
    your words like a symphony of
    honey into my ears, pour.

    A life time full of acquired talent
    and humorous quotes
    come alive in Mean Mr Mustard
    and Polythene Pam
    and other funny little anecdotes.

    True Love you found in Yoko –
    before you were ‘a bit of a lad’
    a scar left by your absent mother
    for this I and millions are eternally glad.

    After the Beatles you were still,
    flyig high…
    You found yourself,  your own  in
    Imagine, Woman and Jealous Guy.

    I love all the Beatles but you,
    my favourite be –
    I think its because of your social consciousness
    that through your eyes I can see.

  12. I was only 12 when I heard that John had been shot. I was a HUGE Beatles fan back then and still am. I can remember jumping up and down with tennis rackets emulating the fab four back then with a group of my friends….God, the innocence of it all. John is still an inspiration to me now at 43 years old as I work hard crafting my songs as a solo singer/songwriter. Yoko, I hope he is still there with you, always…because his inspiration is always with me. Much love, Shaun x


  14. Robert Stewart says:

    Seeing John and the Beatles singing Twist and Shout all those years ago made me realise how powerful music could be, then through the years with all the twists and turns with all the different styles of music …..Julia…..tomorrow never knows, Across the Universe, Give Peace a chance, Oh Yoko …..the list goes on….a real inspiration to generations of music lovers and johns music broke down the barriers 🙂 Could not be pigeon-holed !! Live on John 🙂

  15. eleanor says:

    John Lennon has manged to influence my life so much even though I was born 15 years after his death. This is the power he has through his music and words. He will never be forgotten, he is a legend. he has seen me through the hardest and the happiest times of my life, and I am so saddened that I never had the chance to even see him. People like John Lennon don’t come around often. It’s was brilliant and we always been deeply missed.

  16. Adrian k says:

    RIP john, his music lives on

  17. Anna Milit says:

    Sem palavras para descrever sua influencia sobre tudo que faço. Minha inspiração. ♥

  18. Barbara Lyon says:

    Thinking of you Sean and John today. The song always makes me cry.

  19. Victoria says:

    John Lennon is my idol, my example to follow, I am 14 years old, but I love him, becouse he teaches me you don’t need be catholic for fight for the peace. My biggest wish is meet and embrace him but I can’t. I LOVE YOU JOHN! This society needs you. :’)

  20. nela says:

    gracias <3

  21. Martina says:

    Il tuo messaggio è, e sarà per sempre vivo nei nostri cuori e nelle nostre menti!

  22. Guillermo Macchiavello says:

    Miss u Lennon.

  23. My name is Mauro Guerreiro, I´m a veteran musician from Rio de Janeiro.
    During my youth I loved The Beatles, especially John Winston Lennon, who was and still is my biggest musical idol. In my whole life I never thought I would say that I loved a man (lol), but I know today that I loved John Lennon a lot.
    I’ve made a song as a tribute to Lennon. The song is called “One minute for Lennon”. During one minute I talk to Lennon asking him to send news, wishing he’s well. I hope you like it.

  24. Jann says:

    Always thinking of Johns contributions to the world.

  25. jnrpartner says:

    Thank you – simple but heartfelt. May we all continue to imagine

  26. Allison says:

    John, I wasn’t alive yet when you were at the peak of your music career. I wish to let you know that even though
    you are not here anymore, your story lives on. You have been a great inspiration to me, John.
    Also Geore, Paul, and Ringo. You taught me the very important and sincere virtue in life which is to keep
    peace in our hearts. John, you probably are laughing up theree because of strangers weeping over
    you but that’s how it truly is. You sang about giving peace a chance and here we are, doing the very best
    we can in order to preserve that. That’s how much we love you John. May you rest in peace up there.
    Also, my grandmother probably is up there too. Would you say ‘hi’ to her for me?

  27. Joswell says:

    Aunque físicamente no este, sus letras, su música, su lucha por la paz seguirá presente en el tiempo. Porque John vive en quienes le recuerdan, en quienes luchan por la paz, en quien intenta ser feliz. Gracias por enseñarme el sentido de la vida, gracias por demostrarme que “Todo es mas claro cuando estas enamorado”, gracias por tanto John, de verdad gracias…

  28. Still can’t imagine without crying.

    John is just as much as an inspiration as he always was to me, in fact more. My play Beatle Mal’s Legendary Band, about John’s old mate Mal Evans is hopefully going to tour next year and it is in the true creative spirit of John & the Beatles. Hope to bring in to USA and meet many other fab lovers of John’s music. Love to Yoko, Sean and to Julian and all for whom John still touches their lives x

  29. Luísa says:

    “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one” John Lennon, since 1940 providing us that peace is the answer for all our doubts. He is not dead. The dreamer and his dreams are still alive.

  30. Dana Camp-Farber says:

    I will always remember John. The insightful, flawed but honest and truthful warrior who fought for right and for peace. I only hope that we learn from our mistakes and that we turn around the frightening direction in which we are headed. Breathe!!!

  31. Reece Thornley says:

    The world misses you John:( such a shame that we lost you but I know you’re in a better place looking down on us all. Your music is inspirational and your legacy is stronger than ever. Thanks for all the joy you’ve brought people over the years and will continue to bring. Keep rockin’ with the rest of them up there!

    All my love,

    Reece Thornley, 17, UK.

  32. Ralph says:

    Thanks john. Your life was surely not long enough, but your existence made a difference in mine.

  33. I was in high school on this very sad, sad day…he’s inspired me throughout my life – to speak my truth and seek compassion and empathy in and for people. He’s become bigger than life and the epitome of peace and social justice. Power to the Peaceful. Aloha from Kauai.

  34. Len Day says:

    RIP John – still dreaming here…

  35. Jackson Lennon says:

    RIP John Lennon i will never forget you ! 🙁
    we live in a peaceful world because of YOU 🙁 ! i really miss you and the whole world loves you ….. you are a great inspiration ! im sorry because you had to leave us & YOKO ….. i think you got back to your home in Heaven ! its the same place you came from 🙁 ! GOD BLESS YOU !

  36. Mary says:

    God bless John Lennon.

  37. Gerald says:

    I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart you help me come to terms with my sexuality by telling the world love is the answer x x thank you always missed but never will be forgotten x x

    Breath love. Blow kisses

  38. Emilie_Bibi says:

    ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾ RIP dear John ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾ You’re always in our hearts and in our ears, music is different thank to you and we have to thank you for that. Love you and I think to your family. Emilie

  39. I love you John, and miss you! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents, words, music, and art with us! I love you Yoko! Blessings to you today and always! Imagine….Love, Esther XXOO

  40. April says:

    Missing you John. Your were a visionary poet, and your words still give me hope. Peace.

  41. moneca says:

    Especially today your many words of wisdom wake us up to the universal truth that Love is all we need…

  42. Anthony Jacovou says:

    I loved his Ethics and Honesty. I miss him

  43. Thais Janeli says:

    John was such an inspiration for many artists, and for many people and he’ll always be. We all will love you forever John, RIP!

  44. micki says:

    Peace, listened to John since I was a young teenager! Miss his talent ! Rest In Peace John – Imagine !

  45. Sophie Sargent says:

    John Lennon was such an inspiration for me growing up, my dad played his music everywhere we went and he had such amazing talent as a solo artist as well as being a member & founder of the Beatles, he is my idol and peace is definitely the answer, John will always have a place in my heart rest in peace 1940-forever

  46. S. E. Nesbit says:

    One love, one peace. Imagine it and make it true. And all love and peace to you, Yoko.

  47. Hannah S says:

    Thank you John. The world isn’t the same without you.

  48. JeffC says:

    The world so needs your message of Peace right now!!

  49. Veronica says:

    32 years. The world is crying. We love you, John and we’re with you Yoko ♥

  50. Fabiana says:

    We love you! Forever and ever!

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