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“Imagine all the people living life in peace”
John Lennon

(9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)


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  1. Susan Lennon says:

    You may say Im a Dreamer but Im not the only one 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    Imagine love and peace. Then live it.

  3. James Ackerley says:

    RIP to the greatest artist + songwriter who ever lived. Thank you John.

  4. Rose says:

    I miss John’s insight on political, war and music… i wish he was still here to make more music… I’m gald yoko is still carrying on John’s dream of peace and love…

  5. Brian Harris says:

    There is a new Lennon/Beatles Documentary out! It coincides with John’s tragic murder. Check it it! Let me know what you think!

  6. Laura says:

    I’m so glad to be able to see the dream becoming a reality.

  7. hdofu says:

    I’d just like to say there is this horrible movie called Birdemic: Shock and Terror making reference to this memorial, given how horrible a movie it is I’d say it horrible insult to the legacy of such a great genius as John Lennon.

  8. vasilhs says:

    life is simple all we have to do is to be masters of ourselves

    • Matt Roche says:

      Imagine Peace. How can the human race claim to be intelligent creatures when still in 2012 all we can do is imagine peace. I’ll keep dreaming (and I know I’m not the only one).
      Peace and Love

    • François Daigle says:

      Rien d’autre a dire que tu es le meilleur auteur compositeur de tout les temps. On ne t’oublieras jamais pour tout l’héritage que tu nous a laissè.
      Merci John.

    • Gloria says:

      We know that you are always with us in spirit, John, working for peace and love on that plane. Blessings to your family and all the people who love and miss you.

  9. subervie says:

    Dear Yoko

    Sylvain Subervie, artist and sculptor is passionate about the song “Imagine” by John Lennon and his story. He has created in 2002 a statue was dedicated YOKO.

    He realized many monumental works and his work emblemathique for Peace “Warriors Shields” in War against War …. is notable.

    With his Army of Peace and its 100 monumental scuptures, he organized a show / event in April 2013 in Cannes Pantiero the space in front of the Majestic Hotel and next to the Palais du Festival.

    Representations during the opening of the work and the curtain is always accompanied by the song “Imagine” ….

    He decided to expose the statue “YOKO” at this event and thus make the feminine emblem for peace in the world.

    He would come into contact with YOKO to maintain its efforts on artistic and cultural background for the World Peace.

    See his website and


    Sylvain Subervie

  10. Dear beautiful Yoko extra ordinary wife of Legend John Lenon,

    I’m Tibetan born in exile as a refugee, My grand parents were killed in front of my parent in Tibet by communist China and my parent flee from Tibet and died in exile as a refugee in India. Actually their dream is to return to Tibet with Dalai Lama unfortunately they couldn’t make it. sometimes it is extremely hard to understand the dirty politics of this world. sometimes i feel that there is no words called “Peace” But i was wrong when i listen the Imagine song of John Lenon,
    i feel like i’m listening a teaching of His Holiness the Dalai lama. it gives me so much peace and pleasure in my lonely soul. When i looking at your eyes, it reminds me my late mother who has so my devotion with her husband. My dad died when i was 2 yrs old. She didn’t married again because her husband was everything to her and never forget to light up a butter lamp every morning until she died.
    I just want to say that i love you and God bless you for inspiring us to stay in Peace.

  11. Madelyn says:

    learning about this website today made my day. thank you john for starting this revolution of peace and thank you yoko for carrying on his idea. Peace and love are the only hopes for humanity if there is no peace or love we will destroy each other. the promotion of peace is the most important thing to promote. this is an amazing website keep it up and keep uniting the world with the love of john lennon and peace. <3

  12. Jen says:

    Happy Birthday John… In the simplest words, thank you for everything. I’ll love you always…

  13. Andrew says:

    Dear John lennon,
    I wanted you to know that you’ve been an inspiration on me and I’ve became a peace activist thanks to you. I’m sure that if you were still alive today you would be in shock of all the violent things going around in the world. But you would use the Internet to spread you message of peace. I assure you that we the fans are doing that. I don’t see you as a musical god or a prophet or any religious figure. But as a person who dreamed for a better world.
    Peace and love.

  14. Mikey P. says:

    It’s funny how you visit people in their dreams, strangers not known in everyday consciousness. I look forward to seeing you and sitting beside you to have a word. Bless you and Yoko’s prolific message of peace. A day will come when all humanity will recite and live the mantra peace at home, work, and earth. Love you my friend. How great a joy it is that you continue to resonate through the minds, hearts, and souls of so many people.

  15. I am a HUGE Beatles fan, and I am, too, a HUGE LENNON & ONO philosophy. John’s ideas made me a better person. Thank you both for everything!

  16. Marilyn Dinard says:

    God is a concept by which we measure our Pain! What a prolific line John once said!
    He knew about life and its teaching! He searched for the answers!.

    Imagine Americans having the same exact feelings as John!.
    We wouldnt be the capitalist pigs the Americans have become! JOHNS line reads No Need for greed or hunger!ISong,Imagine)
    We wouldnt be consumed with food and drink!
    We would happily stay married! JOHNS line- I love you, now and forever(Song, Woman)

    He gave his ALL to this country! Im so proud of that it makes me sick to think that all he got back was a bullet!

    REMEMBER to fight for John’s messages!

    Happy Birthday Soulmate of my dreams!

    Happy Birthday Me, 10/06
    John 10/09

  17. Simone says:

    John,we are everyday of our live with you,and with your ideas for change this wolrd in better and not in worse. With your songs, we try to get the peace,even if the results turn out to be poor,but we try! And we’ll try to get it for much much time. With love. Simone from Italy

  18. Bronwyn says:

    I was 17 when the Beatles came to Australia. I still listen to their music and ‘Imagine’ is there always in my heart. “Life is what is happening when you are busy making plans” Is something that has always bought me back to earth and helps centre me.

    To John

    When winter streams run sharp and cool
    cascading white through mountain pool,

    And summer’s heat an illusion fades
    with dappled greens in a shady glade.

    When morning mist gives each day
    the heaven’s blue or winter’s grey.

    When evening glides with softened light
    and welcomes home the touch of night.

    Your gentle love through time shall stay
    within my heart each night and day

  19. Anne Wall says:

    John, I’ve loved you since I was 12 years old. I grew up with the Beatles.When you wrote and sang, you put your guts out there for the world to see. Like screaming for your mother. In doing so, you taught me how to have the courage to take risks; because nothing great comes from mediocrity or fear. I like that you didn’t care who you pissed off. Yet . . . I once saw a film where you were in Central Park and talking about what a drag the 70s were and how you just couldn’t wait for the 80s. ” I just can’t wait!” and you had the face of a child on Christmas morning. I saw this innocence in the man of so much courage. When you were killed, I was bereft. The reason we all love you and thought we knew you was because you had the guts to lay yourself naked before us in your music, lyrics, (lol) um, photos. I don’t think people realize the courage that takes. Most of us spend our lives trying so hard NOT to be really known, so afraid that if people really knew what was on the inside of us, they wouldn’t like us. Your honesty and insight into yourself is why you will always be my hero. Because of you, I might add, I still call my dentist my “evil denis”. You brought me joy in so many ways. I’m sad we were never friends. I like to think you would have liked me. xoxo

  20. Sara Davis says:

    John & Yoko – my eternal inspiration. Love and peace forever

  21. Gus says:

    “It was the music of a life time, I thank God that I was here” Track 1 – December 1980

  22. Dyro says:

    John Winston Lennon Stanly teached us thinks amazing, he was a genius to everybody. John hasn’t dead cause His messagge still live in ours hearts. Wow John, bless you wherever you go. You are my idol, you showed me that all we need is love, that we all are together y we must give peace a chance. Still there are many people singing: Imagine, All you need is love and every songs what you did with love. You are so admirable, i love when i read some phrase about you, it was fantastic. Your drawings, your jokes, your character, and all your love. You will continue the best musician on the world FOREVER.

  23. Magdalena says:

    Hi John,

    I don’t really know what you were like, I just want to say how much I love your lyrics and music.
    And how it amazes me that you influenced so many people by just being 100% youself.
    And how stupid it is that the world is messed up still, and people can rationalize the most insane, cruel, disgusting acts and call the simple, good ideas an utopia.
    I’m not certain of afterparty of any kind, but I’m so glad to have your voice and lyrics/thoughts on albums, it seems like you’re here.
    And it’s so good you are, you know.

  24. Magda says:

    I’ve just seen John singing during Olympics closing ceremony =]]] and that was THE BEST part of it =] and not even like ‘brought back to life’ – he seemed more alive than most of the present stars… Art is magic anyway. Peace&love

  25. Douglas says:

    John and Yoko will live forever. Wherever there is someone fighting for peace and justice and fairness and something larger than themselves, the names John and Yoko will be with them and will give them comfort and the strength to continue the fight.

  26. James Mansfield says:

    at least one of my 3 sisters would have gone to Shea Stadium in 1964 if they’d been allowed…by the time I was 10, the Stones were still going strong and captured the attention,,,but when John showed up with Yoko, I started to take notice again…I remember laying in bed when the terrible news was announced…when I started reading this blog, IMAGINE came on and it reminded me that we don’t need religion, except that true religion proposed by James: taking care of widows, widowers, orphans and the poor! (Bible)
    I also noticed that Yoko responds to some of the comments…hope you respond to this one, and remember what Jimi Hendrix said: if ever the power of LOVE exceeds the love of POWER, the world will know peace.
    James Mansfield

  27. Mary-Jane says:

    Johns beliefs will FOREVER be rememberd!!
    He’s somewhere there is peace!

  28. Justice says:

    Dear Yoko & John
    Rest in peace John <3

    You and John were one of the most inspirational people I may be young only 16 but It doesn't matter to me. I look up to you and John you guys changed the world FOREVER
    I watched some recent videos of you on youtube people would call you "BOSSY PUSHY and a WITCH. In my opinion back then women didn't speak out or get heard and you did that and for being a women you were called those things but if it were a man saying those things it would have been a different story
    RIP JOHN his life will be celebrated and never forgotten and thats a million steps towards WORLD PEACE

    YOU ARE A REAL WOMEN! Thank you for being yourself you helped me be!!!!!!!

  29. I don’t know how to express how you and John have helped me. Thank you for being a beacon in the world.

  30. Jim says:

    You and John are still huge in so any lives. Its greatyr sill here and of course many many people, myself
    included, still miss John. I had a couple cool dreams where John was nudging me not to be afraid
    to fly to London. The gist of the dreams were, you’ll have a great time! And other than the jittery flights
    back and forth, I d have a great time! And hope to visit England again. I wonder if 1 reason he
    or whatever it was, was nudgng me like that was because they knew how much I’d like the pubs. lol

  31. Jim says:

    I will always consider John and the other Beatles part of my extended family.
    You guys might like this one. A couple yers ago, I had a sudden urge to
    travel to London, for the 1st time. I’d been to Ireland a couple times,
    loved it and Osaka, loved it even more, and London had to be next.
    I had to cancel the 1st flight over due to weather conditions and sudden
    panic. Like I had a bad feeling that something might happen.
    I forfeited about $600 dollars in the process (UGH)!
    But I had to go, so I waited several months and during that time,
    I had 2 dreams where John prodded me to go. I dont remember
    what was said, but it was a gentle prodding like GO! You’ll enjoy yourself.
    1 dream left me waking up in laughter, and I think I have it written down somewhere.
    I’ll look later on, but the way it came out was what you’d expect John to say.
    Well, I went, and other than the jittery flight back and forth, I did have a great time
    and hope to return very soon. Hopefully with better flight results. Yoko,
    your also part of my family. Your the cool one. lol

  32. #GivePeaceAChance Peace for all the peoples, See the New World Order coming… We living in Peace!!!

  33. Jordan Lennon Perry says:

    I Love You John. I was born with the middle name of Lennon, to which now I understand why. I aim to complete the ongoing battle which you started. And by battle I do not mean it literally, but the ‘fight’ for world peace. I hope to see you one day. Guess all I can do is IMAGINE <3

  34. Kaleb n' Casia says:

    Both of you are so coolio on pasta and thats comin’ from two 13 year olds
    You Don’t know you’re beautiful
    thats what makes you beautiful
    as 1D says best

  35. Maru says:

    Thanks for everything, you were peace in a world of war…. I will love you forever.

  36. Justice Olsen - Manson says:

    I’ve never had hope for the human race, those thoughts often made me feel depressed when I started listening to John Lennon It gave me hope and I thank the higher powers for that! Yoko I think you’re an amazing women alot of people judge you because you ‘brokeup’ the Beatles but a lot of people know thats not true! And just because you’re a women telling the truth people think your a munipultive witch I thank you so much

  37. Jan Scheibler says:

    John Lennon was more than just a musician ….he was a visionary

  38. Sandy Clements says:

    John showed a 15 year old me that I was not alone in the world. I was raised in a very extremist Baptist Church and adopted by people who were not interesting in learning and did not get my jokes. John’s sense of humour in Hard’s Days Night made a light go on. I stopped being afraid of being different. Thank you John. I always liked Yoko.

  39. Taylor Kilgore says:

    Dear John Lennon,
    I wish I could tell you this in person but but you died 18 year before I was born.
    You have inspired me in so many ways though your music.
    Everyone at school bullys me about the fact that I consider you to like a god.
    They always say stuff like ‘He’s a drug addict’ or ‘He was crazy’.
    When they say that I stand up and defend you.
    But through the music that you wrote while you were in the Beatles and you solo career I’ve found hope
    They don’t know even half of your amazing life.

    I promise to you John that one day I will become an archaeologist and find the truth to those who were done wrong.
    In my spare time I will play my viola to the songs you wrote.


  40. dreamer says:

    Most beautiful website ever….so heart warming to hear John’s voice singing the most wonderful song, and then to see the planet with others that are on this page…I saw Roseville, California (where I am) …and then, I got the shivers in my spine and as I type this, feel the love and hope for the planet and the age of man in 2012. God bless you all light workers keep the music in your hearts and your minds, your actions and in love we can brighten the world for betterment of mankind. May the great creative spirit of John Lennan live in our hearts forever.

  41. He was like a big tree, its roots going down into the past, its trunk and its branches are the present, its flowers and its fruits are the future. Yes they can bring it down, the best often are, but his voice and his thought will remain eternal to fertilize the world.

  42. Bloom says:

    Thank you John Lennon.

  43. The song Imagine is my Bible, the words of Universal Truth. It has always been sice a first heard the song. I recognized the lyrics as The Truth and as a copy of my own spirit and heart.

    John and his music mean so much to me. He opened himself up to the world, vulnerable and he wanted not only have a better way of life himself but for the whole world. He really cared for the world, and so does Yoko who is also very wise and emotional intelligent.

    Imagine we all would be sharing and taking care of each other, love without boundaries. The most people are hoping for God to be the One, but we together all at once are The One, The Love.

    John 4(0) always (with Yoko).

  44. mrs. Yoko I really admire the love you have for John it is infinite. let me tell you that john and the beatles chanced my life, and I am sure he changed the music in the world and the way of think in every musician in the world. thanks with all my heart.

  45. Alex Parcell says:

    Thank you John for opening my eyes, I’m only 12 years old and you’ve inspired me to grow up and try to make it in the music industry, and try to spread the message of peace and love wherever needed, I just wish people could be open minded and look at the world and what it really is. R.I.P John Lennon.

  46. Emilia says:

    Dear Yoko.
    I am 16 years old and even though John died before I was born he is my rolemodel.
    The first time I fell for John and his music was a couple of months ago.
    I was walking around in a little bookstore and my eyes fell on a biography about him. I don’t really know why but I just had to have it.
    After that day I’ve listened to his beautiful music every day. It gives me strenght when I’m feeling weak and happiness when I’m feeling sad.
    the more I read about him the more I got to like you and your art.
    Now I realize how far ahead of your time you really were at the sixties-seveties, both of you. And I adore you for that.
    I am so grateful to fate or coincidence that brought me to John and you.
    and finally, thank you for all you two have achieved.

    Yours sincerely, Emilia

    • James says:

      Emilia: you’re special…most 16 year olds don”t think much about John…if we had more of the younger gens following, we could make more progress…keep up the good work.

  47. Karina says:

    John will NEVER be forgotten. He did so much to the world, and he will always be in our hearts. When I listen to his music I always cry. Peace. Love.

  48. Peter says:

    I have been listening to music and songs everyday of my entire life and I think imagine is the most beautiful, truthful, utopian song I have ever heard.

    Even though John died before I was born, Last night I felt a connection to him. I recently have found myself in a place of inner peace after a lifelong struggle with confusion/insecurity and now all I want is for the world to be as happy as I am. I had been dreaming of a world where this could exist. A world without greed, violence, slavery, intolerance, oppression. I dreamed of a world where love was perpetual. The more love we open ourselves up to the more we let in. And when we let ourselves be loved we secretly allowed others to love themselves too where love grows exponentially throughout the world. I struggled with how to put it into words until I heard a beautiful song by a beautiful man with the ending result being tears rolling down my face to the joy that there are others out there that want to live their life in peace and with love in their hearts. Thank you John for getting the word out. Even though you tragically passed away over 30 years ago your message is still being carried on. Peace and Love for Everyone!!!

  49. Olha says:

    All we are say…
    give PEACE a CHANCE!

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