John Lennon 1940-1980. Please write your tributes in the comments here:

“Imagine all the people living life in peace”
John Lennon

(9 October 1940 – 8 December 1980)


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  1. Nelson Melloso Sobrinho says:

    Obrigado J.Lennon…..Obrigado por nos mostrar que a PAZ é possível e nos dizer através de suas canções que o Mundo pode ser mais justo.

  2. Grace Hundley says:

    thank you john, thank you so much for all of the things you did to make this world more beautiful. youve opened my eyes to so many things, youve made me a happier person and you have inspired me to be the best that i can be and to make a change. i hope someday i can join you in whatever meets us after our lives. thank you.

  3. Joseph Smith says:

    imagine all the people.

    across the universe on a yellow submarine, john lennon lived with such passion for peace, understanding, & the welfare of humanity. sharing all the world. a dreamer in the day of the life. he will be remembered as a humanist & social activist. his music is still universal especially in our times. LOVE is all u need. We love you John, the Walrus.

  4. Peter says:

    IMAGINE makes me cry. Dear John, thanks for that tears.

  5. luceene says:

    thank you John x

  6. Fede says:

    Last year, I experienced a strong connection with John’s music. I can´t explain it with words, but hearing his albums produced a great influence on me… Also, I loved your coparticipation, Yoko, in Some Time in New York and in Double Fantasy. Thank you for what you’ve done! Love from Argentina.

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  8. Don't worry, you aren't the only one says:

    I honestly don’t know what to write. I just admire you, John and your beautiful wife Yoko also. You are just me inspiration (sorry Audrey Hepburn) and I am sure you changed the way how I see the world. Thank you for that, you leave your music on the Earth and we can live with it. Your wife is amazing but I am sure you know about that! Just thank you John for that, you lived and showed us how to spend our lifes. (sorry for english)
    -doesn’t matter who I am, metter what I do for the world

  9. Eugene says:

    You are always in my heart John. You forever changing my mind. Rest in peace st. John

  10. RIP John Lennon
    We love u forever

  11. Smithe715 says:

    Awesome article post.Thanks Again. Much obliged. ekbkabdddekdkdee

  12. Lesley Bennett says:

    We miss you John and Yoko with your messages of peace. I am imagining a day of Imagine lyrics spoken as a mantra all across the world at the same time on the same day to combat the forces of evil that are seeking to destroy the freedom we must never take for granted. Imagine the impact of this mantra lead by Sean and Julian together as one friend suggested. No one can replace your impact on our generation.

  13. Smithc131 says:

    This kind of game gives a real experience of building a farm and planting ddekcfabdbceccea

  14. Rob Cohen says:

    Thankyou John, we still want no more war, no more hungar, no more suffering, no more lies, no more hate, no more food banks, no more in equality, no more pain, and we still want to share the world, share love, and share peace, peace on earth brothers and sisters, happy new year 2015, let’s hope it’s a good one!

    The Dream aint over, we’ve got to keep it alive!

  15. David Howland says:

    I knew when I heard “I Am The Walrus” this man was a melodic genius, and a master of social love. It is sad that those with power just don’t get it when it is in their ears, yet they will not listen. What manner of magic pulls at my heart through my ears and I miss John Lennon so. Imagine. We love you Yoko.

  16. Sue Love says:

    How I loved John and what he stood for. Today was the 1st time I heard about Imagine Peace Tower and watched the video, it touched me so deeply, I was in tears. It was so beautiful. thank you Yoko for keeping John’s dream alive, and not can I imagine peace on earth, I believe it will happen.

  17. Peter says:

    You will always define New York City for me as your death coincided with my arrival as a young NYU grad student. The power of your music and your spirit will triumph. Creativity is eternal.

  18. Yoko, thanks for keeping John’s spirit alive. Thanks John, and the Beatles, for blowing me away when I saw you on the Ed Sullivan Show. I was 7 years old. I became a musician because of you and still am rocking the stages more than ever because of your inspiration. My deepest appreciation, Mike.

  19. Zoe Feit says:

    I’m so sorry you had to go, John. I am only 11 years old, and started with you and your band at about 4 years old. I listened to a children’s cover band, with Octopus’s Garden, and some of the song that were a little weirder. Then I took a break, and just 2 years ago, when I was 9 or 10, I came back to The Beatles, and looked deep into your songs. I get it now. Even Octopus’s Garden has a strong, strong meaning to me, and I get your mission, and I have joined you. My friends just don’t understand, but we will do it. I’m so sad on your death day, and I’m so sorry your wish wasn’t granted in your lifetime, but we can do it, eventually, and when we do, we will thank you for you contributions to making our society understand. I love you, I really do. Thank you for your service.

  20. Betty says:

    Hello, John. I’m listening to your beautiful music today. Thank you for all those wonderful songs!

  21. Donna says:

    Your words and music have always touched my heart and soul. Thank you John. Rest in Peace – we miss you. Peace & Love.

  22. Reyhan Ozdemir says:

    Make love, not war! Give Peace a chance! This man John Lennon was an angel in disguise. Spread his message of Peace! Love from Pottstown, Pennsylvania!

  23. Marcus says:

    Thank you John for letting me see the infinite possibilities. I used to think the world is functioning as well as it could until I heard Imagine. Then I realised how insane the things are going in the world. I feel so lucky that I came across your music, John. They really opened my eyes and see the world and my life in another angle. You let me see hope in the world and realise what are the real important things in my life. John, I’ve never seen you, but I can feel you, and so much I miss you. You would never parish You are everywhere.

    M. Liu

  24. Bjarne Rasmussen says:

    In 1980 i was only 9 years old, but i remember very well that i saw a big picture of John in a newspaper, stating the death of John Lennon. I remember asking my mom, who John was, and she pulled out a single “love me do” from the cabinet, put it the turntable and started playing it for me, and told me that John was a great musician and poet. From that very day i got more and more hooked, bought all the original Beatles records i was able to get my hands on, for the money i made on my paperroute. At the age of 19 i was so in to the “Lennon state of mind” that i had to start playing music on my own. The Lennon state of mind, will forever rule the way i think of the world and all the people that live in it, good and bad, and still have all the best wishes for world peace, i really hope i will live to see it.
    I really admire you Yoko, for carrying on the spreading the message of peace. I dream of one day being able to be on Iceland and witness the Peacetower being turned on, it must be even more beautyfull up close. John will live in my mind allways. Love and peace forever :-)

  25. Garry G says:

    WE ARE ALL THE SAME! Only through truth and understanding can we all become one together in peace & love. Garry G.

  26. Rebekah says:

    Everyone else has already said such beautiful things! So much love being put forth for both John and Yoko. I find it so moving, so inspiring and rather emotional… but fortunately the overarching emotion is: JOY. Thanks to all the kind souls who’ve contributed to this lovely homage to honor John’s timeless legacy!
    “Where there’s Life, there’s Hope.”

  27. Hector says:

    Beautiful! Peace is totally possible

  28. Erik Roth says:

    Bless you, Yoko.
    Bless you, Sean.
    Bless you, Julian.
    Bless you, Paul.
    Bless you, Ringo.
    Bless you, Olivia.
    Bless you, Dhani.
    I miss you, John.
    I miss you, George.
    I love you all.
    Across the universe, and through all of time, your love will never die.

  29. Danielle says:

    <3 Today is your birthday! Happy birthday sweet John, may your memory and words live on in our hearts and minds forever. <3 Thank you Yoko for everything you do to honor him :)

  30. Danielle says:

    <3 Today is your birthday! Happy birthday sweet John, may your memory and words live on in your hearts and minds forever. <3 Thank you Yoko for everything you do to honor him :)

  31. Sonia Macri says:

    Beloved John, I could listen to IMAGINE forever and ever: my love and gratitude to you are timeless feelings that belong to the whole existence!! I keep on dreaming and wishing for PEACE! Thank you JOHN, the world keeps on missing you!!

  32. monica says:

    Thank You John. I saw you and the Fab Four at Shea, Forest Hills and loved you then and now. I grew in awareness and love along with you through your music, expanding consciousness and path to peace. I love you and Yoko and miss you. Yoko carries on the dance to World Peace in the most beautiful way and I am confident you are with her and all of us. Love and Peace, Monica

  33. Ceedeedee says:

    It was so inspiring to see the message of peace in the newspaper today. John and Yoko’s dream lives on. I always miss John but we have his music to treasure. Thank you, Yoko’s, for keeping his memory so alive. We love you.

  34. ginia64 says:

    John delivered on musical truth. Imagine, in a single song, painted what is wrong with our world. I appreciate all the heart put into creating the body of music that will forever inspire those whose religion is music. Sincerely, V.

  35. peter.reid says:

    john lenon.was my idol listen to beatles and john lennon. I wish I could meet pople I love family separated. always brings people together.listen to john all my life. always wanted to go to his grave site pay my respect. 2 my lucky number.

  36. Hannah says:

    John and Yoko inspire me everyday to open my mind to peace, love, and happiness, the most important things.

  37. Brandon Rose says:

    Thanks for making us think.

  38. Brandon Rose says:

    Thanks for making us all think.

  39. Gearóid says:

    How different would the world be if John was still alive? What would he think of the world as it is now?

  40. We all shine on… #imaginepeacetower

  41. heartshaped says:

    thank you John.

  42. Dear Yoko, i am handicapped (Dyslexia) . I have worked in homes for handicapped people (children, adults). Also in the USA 27 years. Now I am slightly older then you. The message to John: A teacher can experience after his death, what his “pupils” do, here on earth. With John it will be: “peace on earth” as the angels where singing 2000 years ago! Slowly the earth will turn into a shining star. The earth will become a being, which we mankind as God create.
    Happy Birthday, sorry to late yours Alwin

  43. John Lennon is a legend in the world, we hope that his family was always good and healthy … from Indonesia

  44. mike says:

    I can’t sing Imagine without crying. Love John more than ever.

  45. Ganga Nath says:

    When I was in high school, the Beatles burst upon the scene and took the world by storm. I watched their America debut on the Ed Sullivan Show on our small TV in my parents bedroom. The Beatles were the soundtrack of my teenage and early adulthood years and they left their imprint on my life forever. I awaited each new album like it was a new testament proclaiming Love, Joy and Peace to the world. When I saw the photo in Life Magazine of the Beatles in India studying Transcendental Meditation (TM) with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, that photo changed my life. I learned TM myself, became a TM teacher, opened a TM center on Long Island, and taught TM full-time for 10 years. I am who I am today, an international spiritual teacher, largely as a result of the Beatles learning Transcendental Meditation. The day I heard that John had been killed was one of the darkest days in my life. I rushed into New York City on the Long Island railroad and joined the crowd standing in vigil outside the Dakota. With tears streaming down our cheeks, we sang “Give Peace A Chance” and collectively mourned the passing of a great light from the world. But, the passing of a great soul like John does not extinguish the light that he so brilliantly radiated during his all too short life. The music lives forever and the torch of John’s life is carried on by his loving wife, Yoko, and his devoted son, Sean. We love you John, Yoko and Sean. That love will never die.

  46. Marie says:

    We miss you John, You’re spirit music still lives on!

  47. Micaela says:

    I love him, he’s my best idol. I have no words to describe him. Thanks a lot Yoko to keep him alive in our minds and hearts, thank you :)

    • IMAGINE- all the people living life in PEACE. Please share your inner sunbeam, for you are the human sunshine, forever fragrant, the blossom.

      You were and are an icon of our City John, so from scouser to another, peace be with you always, such an inspiration, sending many blessings Yoko.
      Clare Bostock Author Be The Human Sunshine Liverpool, Merseyside, England.

  48. Adam says:

    Yes, Love, John, 9, -0^0-

  49. Josh says:

    Thank You John. Thank You for opening me up to a world of possibilities. Because of you i have the knowledge and the power of love. I can think for myself and love and care and rock out all at the same time. I have passion for peace and passion for love and love for love and music. Thank You.

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