♬listen to Dave Aude mix of ONO – WOULDNIT (I’m A Star), now #1 on Billboard HDCP Chart! Downloads from Twisted & iTunes stores

Wed 15 Sep 2010 - Discography, Music

Yoko Ono Scores her 5th Consecutive #1 Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart-Topper With “WOULDNIT (I’M A STAR)”  The Remixes, featuring Mixes By Dave Aude, Ralphi Rosario, Richard Morel, DJ Yiannis, Emjae, Denny Tstettos, M-Deep, Rob Rives and Timmy Loop. YOKO ONO soars to the top of the BILLBOARD HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY CHART, once again, with […]

LENNONYC: Subscribe FREE to the American Masters ‘Beyond Broadcast’ ♫ Audio Podcasts on iTunes

Mon 13 Sep 2010 - Yoko listens

The first podcast for American Masters: LENNONYC features Jack Douglas talking about his long relationship with John Lennon including his time producing Double Fantasy. Slated to appear on later podcasts are Bob Gruen, personal friend and Lennon photographer, Jim Keltner, drums on various Lennon/Ono albums, Elton John, musician, and Yoko Ono, multi-media artist and peace activist. Each podcast will consist of slightly edited interviews conducted for the film American Masters LENNONYC introduced by Susan Lacy, series creator and executive producer of American Masters and a producer of LENNONYC and Michael Epstein, director/writer of LENNONYC. New “episodes” will post weekly every Thursday until the Thursday after broadcast on November 22. The final episode will be a Q&A session using the best questions submitted by users via email.

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Group Show: Recipes for an Encounter [Long Island City, NY, USA]

Sun 12 Sep 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

Featuring works by: Joseph Beuys, Robert Filliou, Allan Kaprow, Janice Kerbel, Alison Knowles, Suzanne Lacy, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Glenn Lewis, Mads Lynnerup, Yoko Ono, Kristina Lee Podesva and Alan McConchie, Emily Roysdon, Steve Shada and Marisa Jahn, Noam Toran, Matt Volla. Recipes for an Encounter displays historical and contemporary artworks from the 1960s to the […]

Group Show: Transparency – Art for Renewable Energy [Naples, Italy]

Sun 12 Sep 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

Yoko Ono: Balance Piece (courtesy Studio Stefania Miscetti, Roma; Studio One, New York) Materials: wood, metal, paint, flash lights. III Floor- Room 4.1 TRASPARENZE – L’ARTE PER LE ENERGIE RINNOVABILI Curated by Laura Cherubini – coordinamento generale Sauro Bocchi From Wed, 15 September 2010 To Mon, 25 October 2010 Renewable sources of energy are the […]

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Yoko Ono: WAR IS OVER! & IMAGINE PEACE billboards [London Ontario Live Arts, Canada]

Sun 12 Sep 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

Yoko Ono’s billboard will be seen in Downtown London as apart of this year’s LOLA Festival. (© Yoko Ono 2010) Yoko Ono is an award-winning multi-media artist and peace activist, who constantly challenges and stretches the traditional boundaries of sculpture, painting, theater and music. Her seminal performance art in the early 1960’s, experimental films and […]

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Time Magazine: Yoko Ono Q&A

Fri 10 Sep 2010 - Interviews & Articles

In December, it will be 30 years since a deranged assassin shot dead John Lennon. In the decades after his murder, Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, persevered amid her own grief and the suspicions of a public that has always associated her with the fracturing of the Beatles. At the opening of her new art exhibit in Berlin — a blend of sculpture, sound and film — Ono talks with TIME about violence, forgiveness and keeping her slain husband’s memory alive.

Yoko Ono: Voice Piece for Soprano, Whisper Piece & Wish Tree at Group Show: Contemporary Art from the MoMA Collection [NY, USA] *VIDEO*

Tue 07 Sep 2010 - Events & Exhibitions, Wish Trees

Yoko Ono: Voice Piece for Soprano, Whisper Piece & Wish Tree at MoMA, Summer 2010 Yoko Ono will be performing occasionally in conjunction with the exhibition Contemporary Art from the Collection. Exhibition on view through May 9, 2011 Voice Piece for Soprano presented through November 28, 2010. Video courtesy of Yoko Ono yoko ono moma […]

@threeASFOUR perform Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece [MoMA store, NY, USA] Sept 10th, 7-9

Sun 05 Sep 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

threeASFOUR perform Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece [MoMA store, NY, USA] Sept 10th, 7-9 The designers will be at the MoMa store in Soho, where they will mount “Cut Piece,” an interpretation of a 1965 piece by Yoko Ono, with whom the design trio collaborated on a collection of prints for Fall 2010. MoMA Store: 81 […]

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Group Show: Walk Like An Egyptian [Musée les Abattoirs, Toulouse, France]

Fri 03 Sep 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

Walk like an Egyptian is a group show made up of instruction pieces only (curator: Charles Aubin). It compiles a selected choice of event scores, tasks, assignments, injunctions, drawings and invitations produced by artists from the 1960s up to now. These instruction pieces are assembled in a booklet handed to visitors at the entrance of […]

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CHALKSTAR: Organise/Support/Attend a CHALK4PEACE Event in September 2010

Sun 29 Aug 2010 - Imagine All The People

CHALK4PEACE is a Global chalk art project about PEACE.
How to organise a CHALK4PEACE Event: What young artists need from you: Chalk, Places to draw, Water, Nourishment, Buckets, Paper Towels, Ladders, Safety, Organizers, Photographers, Volunteers.
Chalk this event onto yout 2010 calendar today – September 2010!
For more info: www.chalk4peace.blogspot.com
Contact: chalk4peace@gmail.com


Forbes: Overrated or Underrated? Marilyn Monroe, The Beach Boys, Yoko Ono

Fri 27 Aug 2010 - Interviews & Articles

by Craig Silver, The Culture Mulcher, Forbes One of the best features in American Heritage magazine, at one time owned by Forbes, was the recurring section titled “Overrated / Underrated.” Unabashedly subjective and ideologically unpredictable—it even punctured St. Reagan–it offered nuggets of controversy on every sort of subject. American Heritage no longer publishes the feature, […]

All You Need Is Klaus (Smithsonian Channel, Sunday 8pm)

Fri 20 Aug 2010 - Yoko watches

By Sarah Rodman, Boston Globe The Smithsonian Channel may not be the first place music fans think of when considering “music on TV’’ options. But between programming on undersea edens and classic court cases, the cable network has programmed some engrossing and offbeat musical fare on everything from free jazz to traveling blues. Sunday night […]

Yoko Ono speaks at Grey’s 4th Annual Music Seminar **NEW VIDEO**

Wed 18 Aug 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

Video oh…oh YOKO: Grey Group’s 4th Annual Music Seminar at Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival by Josh Rabinowitz, Grey Group SVP Director of Music July 01, 2010, — Josh Rabinowitz, SVP/director of music at Grey Group, reflects on his recent encounters with Yoko Ono in New York and Cannes, the latter coming with his introducing her […]

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National Peace Academy newsletter – August 2010

Fri 13 Aug 2010 - Imagine All The People

We are delighted to report that the National Peace Academy has now offered its initial programs, the International Institute on Peace Education in Colombia and the Peacebuilding Peacelearning Intensive in Ohio, USA, and both were very well received. Look for further reports on both programs in our September newsletter along with information about future programs, […]

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Group Show: Vandværker / Waterworks (Rander, Denmark)

Fri 13 Aug 2010 - Events & Exhibitions

VANDVÆRKER / WATERWORKS 21 August – 24 October 2010 Randers Kunstmuseum Museum for dansk kunst Kulturhuset ∙ Stemannsgade 2 ∙ 8900 Randers C Tlf. 86 42 29 22 www.randerskunstmuseum.dk Participating Artists: Tone Kristin Bjordam (N), Katja Bjørn (DK), Rosan Bosch (NL-DK), Sven Dalsgaard (DK), Belu-Simion Fainaru (ISR), Voldemars Johansons (EST), Kirsten Justesen (DK), Mogens Otto […]

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Tibet In Song – a film by Ngawang Choephel – Never forget the music in your heart

www.tibetinsong.com About Tibet In Song In 1995, a young Tibetan musicologist named Ngawang Choephel travelled to Tibet to make a documentary about traditional Tibetan folk music and dance. After filming for two months, the Chinese government arrested Ngawang, held him incommunicado and sentenced him to 18 years in prison, saying that the Fulbright scholar had […]

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Weekly Events at the Spread Peace Café, Reno, Nevada

Tue 10 Aug 2010 - Imagine All The People

Weekly Events at the Spread Peace Café by Tysha Tinney, Spread Peace Café Thank you for your support. The Spread Peace Café is was created because of the work the Tams and the Tinney’s did – together – at Spread Peace Reno. For every meal served one is delivered to the homeless. We have done […]

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Hiroshima marks 65th anniversary of American atomic bombing – news, video & speeches

Sun 08 Aug 2010 - Imagine All The People

Hiroshima marks 65th anniversary of American atomic bombing Friday August 6th marked the 65th anniversary of the US dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. US Ambassador to Japan John Roos became the first official representing the United States to attend the annual ceremony in Hiroshima. UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also attended. The […]

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In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works by John Lennon

Sat 07 Aug 2010 - John Lennon Artwork, Yoko reads

In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works by John Lennon Nicholas Lezard on the best books written by a pop star by Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian What, I wonder, was the initial reaction of the countless thousands of young Beatlemaniacs when they read the literary fruits of their idol’s mind? This is […]

On Hiroshima Day. Let’s Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, and IMAGINE PEACE

Fri 06 Aug 2010 - Music News, Written work

To the Family of Peace,
On Hiroshima Day
Let’s: Think Peace, Act Peace, Spread Peace, and IMAGINE PEACE
– so there will be No more Hiroshima or Nagasaki!
Some people are thinking that IMAGINE PEACE is not working.
Well, look around and think how many things are coming out.
Without knowing the truth, we cannot create a truly peaceful world.
It is a blessing that truth is coming out.
Don’t let fear overcome you.
We are all together.
I love you.
Yoko Ono, New York City. Hiroshima Day: 6 August 2010.




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