IMAGINE PEACE by John Lennon & Yoko Ono


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  1. Yurika Nakae says:

    Dear Yoko,

    How are you?
    I love John Lennon’s imagine very much, and I hope and dreaming the world can be as one too!
    I got some idea in mind ~ really hope “World Peace” is not only imagine!
    I hope our dream will come true sooner or later ! I believe it!


  2. tetsuko of cold mountain says:

    dear yoko,
    on a very sad day(december 8t,2015) i reach out to you
    i can’t believe it was 35 years ago
    it seems like yest6erday
    i thought up IMAGINE PEACE HURCH
    imagine my surprise to google you and find out
    we are on the same page
    he said it all in the one song
    how can we reach each other? tetsuko of cold mountain

  3. zila segal says:

    Mi querida YOKO… gracias por existir…. por la fuerza que trasmites… lamento tanto que ahora no tengas a tu JOHN LENNON a tu lado.. pero sabes que el mundo entero le adoraba… y tu eres el….. besos desde España

  4. Chyi says:

    I’m a 17 year old girl from China.
    John’s music has always been an inspiration for me, along with his fight for peace.
    Though I wasn’t lucky enough to live in the same age as him and I can only know him from others’ narration and his songs,
    the message he sent was somehow clear and loud to me.
    In our age trends change so fast but great music lives on and great people are always remembered.

    Seeing all the violence and unfairness in the world really breaks my heart, but it made me realize that even though we might not eventually achieve world peace, it’s imagining peace, pursuing peace, fighting for peace that made us better.

    Yoko, thanks for holding up to this fight. You and John should leave a great legacy to this world and that would be the faith for peace.

  5. Nihal says:

    i imagine all time that war is over and people sharing all the world.

  6. Anna Gray says:

    December 8, 1980 we lost a Great Man, it saddens me that a person that stood for “Peace” was slain so brutel. Nothing and no one can replace what we lost that day. John Lennon was has always been my Favorite musician, in the Group, Solo, wife and husband. I still remember the lost and I am glad that His wife and son still hold to fighting for “World Peace”. We must stand together against those who don’t understand the full meaning of living and wanting peace. The Violence Must Stop!

  7. helo!

    my name is Lydia I dónt speak english, from Brasil Salvador Bahia




  8. Mik says:

    i am a simple man who enjoys the simple pleasures of this existence; one full of the potentiality to love one another without the stereotypical dipictions that lable. peace

  9. Truman Macedo says:

    sou do brasil, precisamos de paz, aqui no brasil estamos vivendo um tempo de muita violencia.

  10. Chuck Padron says:

    Take this brother, may it serve you well…

  11. I feel at my ease here. Understands? I believe. By my grandmother! I’m not full of grace. Better than me, better than the sad world.

  12. Leeza says:

    Hi yoko I Love you & John We all share a common goal #WorldPeace” Yoko as you said ” A deam you dream alone ,is just a dream .A dream you dream together is reality so true . Happy Christmas Yoko&John Love Leeza Peace!!

  13. rainbow says:

    imaginer la paix chaque jour et chaque nuit, jour après jour et nuit après nuit…paix et amour pour tous et pour chacun!

  14. I do fight for peace by fighting Diseases, Poverty and ignorance.Peace is not all about wars of noisy guns …no.One can be deprived of her or his peace by a sickness, poverty that allows zero access to essentials of life and or ignorance when he or she is just not sure of what is around him or her or what will happen next

  15. John Zammit says:

    May the message of peace by John and Yoko bring true peace throughout the world. Stop all the wars hatred and violence. Thank you John and Yoko you will be remembered for ever.

  16. Thomas Peace says:

    I just came out with a new book about peace, holistic awareness, and oneness. Please do check it out at and help change things for the better! Love is the answer!

  17. Yoko,

    I encourage you to meet with Barack Obama to see if your organization can be utilized and facilitated in helping to get the U.S. in better terms world wide. There are people who see your efforts, and admire you greatly. Obama is about the people, and the people are the only way this message can be communicated effectively. Thank you for making a difference in the world.

  18. Chery says:

    Wow ! That’s so touching <3

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