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53 Responses to Contact

  1. Dear miss Yoko Ono,

    I’m an artist from the Netherlands, and I’ve got a request I’ve got to adress to you. I’m planning a project to call on all musicians, be it amateur or professional, to play exactly the same song, at exactly the same time, in exactly the same rithm…

    To make the same song be heard over the whole of this globe in almost one voice… With no more and certainly no less purpose than to show humanity that it ís possible to work together. For this project I’d like to use “Imagine”, for in this song everything that has to be said ís said. My request now, is no more than I’d like your blessing to do so…

    Honesty forces me to say I will go on with it, even without your approval. It would feel more perfect though, with your approval.

    I certainly hope this is the way to get in touch with you and I hope you’ll find the time and the need to oblige me with an (hopefully positive) answer…

    Tours truly,

    René Maagdenberg

  2. Lorraine says:

    Hi Chris,

    I am not sure who to contact in the Peace community in Chico, so I am writing to you. The great singing duo, Emma’s Revolution, may be coming out to our region in the fall. I wish to bring them to Nevada City to sing as a benefit for the Peace Center here which always needs funds to keep going. I talked with Pat Humphreys of the group and she said they’d love to come (again) but it would be great if they could line up a few more gigs to make it worth their while to come from Washington DC. So I’m putting out the information and hope that perhaps Chico would like to have an Emma’s Revolution concert in September too. Please put this out to your group and let me know if that’s a possibility, then we’ll communicate back to Emma’s Revolution and I’ll put you i contact with them. (The Peace Center of Nevada county has marked 9/21 as the date we want them).

    Thanks so much.

    Lorraine Reich

  3. Naomi says:

    Dear Yoko,
    Hi, I’m from Brazil. My name is Naomi. I don’t know if you heard about it, but here we are going for a rough path. We just got elected as president of the humans rights comission a crazy priest, Marco Feliciano. He’s homophobic and racist, and made a lot of awful and dangerous daclarations already.
    In one of them he said that God killed John. Not as simple as that, he’s much more hateful than I can be.
    The point is that he made almost the same statement about other singer here, and the singer’s dad is suing him. He’s from a group called Mamonas Assassinas.
    I think it would be of a great help if you could make any declaration about the video where that dangerous man talks about John.
    Information about the situation can be easily found, but i will leave here the link with the video, where he says the God killed John and that he (Feliciano) would have liked to be there when they found the corpse, to say that it was one for the Father, one for the Son and one for the Holy Spirit.
    I’m really sorry to bother you, really, but i think any help is welcomed here, and that men can not keep being the president of something that should defend Humans.

    If you need further help to translate i’m avaliable. And sorry for the spelling mistakes…

    With sincere admiration,
    Naomi Maubrigades

  4. Carol Okorofsky says:

    Hi Yoko
    I just wanted to thank you for supporting a move to ban semi automatic firearms and strengthen background checks for arms purchases in the wake of the horrible Sandyhook incident.
    I noticed your posting on Facebook and am disgusted by many of the comments your posting has received.
    Why are there so many haters in the United States?

  5. Sabrina Carlson says:

    Peace lies within our children and our childrens,children. If we all could inspire the children to find peaceful conclusions when faced with conflict. Teach them that it’s okay to be angry but show them how to “cool off” instead of lashing out. Teach them it’s okay to be different. That people can believe in their own views on religion,politics,all the way down to their food preference,clothing style,hair style.. ect. Teach our children that if you don’t agree, it is okay to voice your opinion just don’t force yours on others. Alot of people need to be more aware of themselves and what they are teaching their children. They are teaching them to be prejudice and even bullys unaware. For instance pointing someone out and saying “omg…did you see what she is wearing?!” “I wouldn’t be caught dead in that outfit”. If everyone would take a few moments each day,week, or whenever possible to inspire a little peace in a child today….maybe the world would be alot more peaceful tomarrow.

  6. Primero ke nada un HBD!!!! por adelantado Sra. Ono y me da gusto haber encontratdo y saber ke existe esta pagina, me gustan la canciones de Lennon y todo lo ke trato de hacer en vida y sobre todo el legado ke dejo a este mundo y ke sigue por mantenerlo en vida y enseñarselos a todo el mundo salu2 y buena vibra va

  7. Misaki says:

    Spelling mistakes don’t count.

  8. Misaki says:

    Not sure if you saw this:

    Also sent to both legal teams. Not sure if they didn’t read or just thought it was not worth replying to.

    No activity on the OWS front. In an email I sent to Paul Krugman’s email address, I said that members of OWS were “evil” because they didn’t want to do something that would cause people to rely on them. Similarly, anyone who signed petitions is “evil” due to benefitting from association with people who did not sign.

    So there is an unexciting condition of nothing happening.

    I think boredom is a legitimate excuse to do something.

  9. Misaki says:

    (Crossposting, Yoko Ono and Paul Krugman)

    I really don’t care who supports the idea as long as it gets used. My main concern at this point, since people don’t view the economy as broken enough to support changes, is James Holmes’ rescheduled trial date next month. I am assuming his ‘halfhearted suicide attempts’ were to avoid entering a plea.

    Re: “Give Peace a Chance” — the need for proficiency in conflict is from people being aware of the signal accuracy and nice strategy interaction, what the Church of Satan calls “psychic vampires”, and then assuming that other people don’t know about this interaction and consequently overestimating their own abilities. As a provisional strategy this overestimation is the moral thing to do, but the appearance of conflict then becomes necessary to ‘sort’ people by ability and allow people who lost to get on with their lives.

    Someone who does not understand this is not able to react correctly to many situations. This is evaluated as lower competence and leads to being less persuasive. The question was whether people who did understand this situation and accepted its implications were also able to attain positions of influence, and furthermore whether it would be possible for me to become aware of them and contact them.

    The most important result of the current situation, with lack of awareness of varying signal accuracy, is that ability becomes hard to judge.

    So, I could not conclude (in July/August of last year) that the distribution of ability in the world was not such that I could find people who were less likely to fail.

    However, when Yoko Ono did not publish or act on the comment I made, I was forced to conclude she did not have any greater understanding of the distribution of ability in the world. Since no one had indicated the situation was urgent and my own situation was unfavourable, I put it on hold.

    (More accurately, the conflict results in the conclusion that “it’s hard to be nice”. When the individual has priority as in US culture, it is assumed that other people follow the base moral guideline of being selfish and are therefore of lower ability; when society has priority as in China, it is assumed that other people are selfless, despite this being difficult, and so they have higher ability than the self.)

    I can’t really generalize from my situation because I am not sure whether to consider myself as being alive right now, but I find it unlikely I could find anyone more suited to the role through previously having attained greater understanding and so I have no objections. I view my thoughts as bouncing around… since Yoko Ono didn’t act on it today, it is back to Paul Krugman.

    The guiding principle is that “no one should feel obligated to do something costly to themselves because of a deficiency of ability in someone else”. This does require being able to judge what constitutes high or low ability, with the standard of ‘behavior consistent with the strategies of both selfish and selfless behavior’ being important here, but it means there is no conflict when someone could be spending time improving themselves but chooses not to.

  10. Misaki says:

    I think very simple thoughts. Each action is obvious but its outcome is uncertain.

    I had the feeling that the fewer replies something got, the more correct it was. I dislike spamming links but I feel this is easier:

    I really felt annoyed in August of last year. A keen sense of time.

    So that’s it. You wouldn’t be infringing on someone else’s territory.

  11. Misaki says:

    “But most economists are not paid for knowing about the economy. They are paid for telling stories that justify giving more money to rich people.”

    Your strength is needed. Yoko, please support this petition:

  12. Misaki says:

    History only exists because we imagine it does.

    I want you to change the world, Yoko.

  13. Misaki says:

    (A possible bug with an instant messenger program, which might have allowed you to know when someone had signed on “invisibly” when the normal chat client would not provide you with that information…. I don’t see how anyone could predict that! Or even if it really existed.)

  14. Misaki says:

    There have been many coincidences without which my life might have been different. After over year of not playing WoW, logging with the intention of playing a new character only to discover that someone was intending to transfer servers within the next hour or so. Sitting against a wall and being discovered after asking a question.

    After about two days after sending an email with no reply, not being able to sleep and finding someone online… well I think it was only around midnight but still pretty late. Seeing someone hide their face with their hand as they opened a door.

    So in typical fashion, while I do not feel my own circumstances should have any great effect on the decisions people make or how the world should be, in my mind other people have acted “perfectly” and the fact that this has not lead to anything a normal person would define as happiness is sufficient justification to change the world even if some proportion of the population with limited information (as everyone has) is fine with how the world is.

  15. Misaki says:

    Well, I guess this isn’t very relevant to the economy or even to the idea of peace, but I thought I would share:

    What made Classic WoW Fun?
    “it was the people.” Then a description of events leading to the following video…

    Serenity Now bomb a World of Warcraft Funeral

    People who watch the video may find it difficult to understand the motivations. World PvP was dying during that time and is now regarded as being “dead” in WoW. One of the comments in the beginning implies that controlled PvP in separated instances was more “real” because it was rewarded and condoned by the system.

    Then this leads back to player feedback and “reality interpretation” but anyway.

    Once someone tried to mug me, just outside of a military armory. I actually did not realize it until reaching the spot where I would turn to the side. Then I realized they had been unusually close, their requests were unusual, and that they had a knife in their hand. I ended up receiving multiple injuries from rolling on the ground but that was the end of the encounter. As he was walking away I asked if he was aware of the owner of the building and he said he was. Seconds before I had been anticipating going for his throat and knee.

  16. Misaki says:

    シアワセノシグナル by hatsune miku:

    I honestly feel like I don’t know very well what it’s like to have friends, and so the choices people make of sharing or not sharing something with their friends is something I just have to accept without understanding. I do have a text file from 2006 with this note about friends:

    “asking nothing, expecting the same, offering everything
    Fingsangs.Stormreaver from Singapore”

    But as long as there is a chance I could do something by myself in the future, I feel it is selfish to ask anyone else to act.

    I feel that ‘this’ would address the reasons things did not go as expected in my life, which can mostly be isolated to a lack of money.

    So I guess what it comes down to is this: I have no intention of doing anything else with ‘this’ in the future. My actions until now have been with the spirit of “discovery”, with changes to the world being not important.

  17. Misaki says:

    The oil and gas industry has the highest rate of negative opinions and only the federal government has a lower net opinion rating.

  18. Misaki says:

    I don’t really have much to say. Someone who is “within the system” (the door is open) and yet perceives problems to exist might not be able to have confidence that things would be the same if ignoring the rules of society. There would then be the question of whether someone who did ignore the rules could have a positive outcome, and therefore that the system acts as a way to filter people who are able to convince themselves that they can ignore society’s rules.

    A quote from the “Book of Five Rings” that I have repeatedly found to be relevant: “all of these books are chiefly concerned with timing”.

  19. Roman Bachli says:

    Dear Ms. Ono,

    I am very moved by your full page ad in the NY Times today.
    I stopped for a while, thought about it, and decided to be extra good today to everybody.
    And, hopefully, tomorrow, too.


  20. jesse burr says:

    people seem to be asking for more. what more could you give? you have sacrificed your lives. to live without any semblance of privacy. sounds like usmc to me. almost. somewhere between imagine and working class hero watching the wheel go ’round. thanks, yoko, for everything.

  21. Kenny Eaglesham says:

    Hi Yoko,

    Hope you’re having a lovely day…. Dark here and now raining madly…..

    Keep on keeping on…


  22. pat reyle says:

    hey just wondering if anyone could help me my dad was richard ayers “aka” chester was in the band elephants memory im looking for pics number address ….something to continue my search. this could be my last atempt due to i feel i have exhausted all other ave.

  23. John Moynihan says:


    Smile lifts up,
    Smile stops frown,
    Smile, raise cup,
    Smile won’t let you down.

    Smile tear away,
    Smile makes you rich,
    No time for tears today,
    Smile, laugh, no matter which.

    Smile breath of cheer,
    Smile lips, why not?
    Smile can be so dear,
    Smile turns cold, hot!

    Smile gives youth,
    Smile makes you glad,
    Smile tooth for a tooth,
    Kill off feeling sad—

    John Moynihan

  24. Misaki says:

    I believe the book “Unrestricted Warfare”, translated into English from Chinese by the US government, remains the most relevant description of the future of warfare, although I never finished reading it.

    Apart from that, if you want the problems of unemployment, discrimination, etc. that were responsible for _’s death to be fixed, and for example are probably also responsible for the recent attack at a Batman movie screening in the US, then you should encourage people to sign this petition on job creation: wh。gov/cVNr

  25. Sinan Hotic says:

    Hey Yoko , I am a huge fun of you and your music .I am film student in Los Angeles I wanna use one of your songs (Dogtown ) for the credits on my thesis film. Who should i contact ? PLEASE help me

  26. charity says:

    Hello, My name is Charity Pepuzani a student from the University of Central Lancashire, I am writing to ask for permission to use two of the pictures on the website of the Museum of Liverpool. Thank you.

  27. sarah simpson-enock says:

    I LOVE YOU YOKO!!!!!

  28. Chrisann says:

    Hope you’ll watch this beautiful tribute to John Lennon. “I Can Only Imagine (just like John Lennon did).

  29. Kevin says:

    Yoko, I just read that you will be joining The Flaming Lips to celebrate this New Years Eve. RIGHT ON! I will not physically be in Oklahoma with all of you, but you will be toasting to you at dinner that night. Just knowing that the year is going to begin with you and the Lips playing a show together gets me excited for all of the possibilities on the horizon.
    Have a nice Holiday,

    Love Kevin

  30. YOKO, I always loved how YOU believed in the world of being in PEACE and LOVE. I am a follower of YOU and John of what I believe in the change we have been hoping for to come in our awareness awakening to this new vibration of LIFE as we know it.

    My mission has come to me where I can do something in a way to have those experience this love and peace. I hope that we meet one day, and both can bring this to a new world.

    Loretta Palacios
    CEO, Founder
    Freedom To Rock

  31. Isabelle Sciberras says:

    Im a Huge John Lennon fan from Malta..

    IMAGINA IL-PACI.. it means.. ‘Imagine Peace’ in Maltese :)

    Peace & Love..

  32. Phil Hadjiloukas says:



  33. thovenho says:

    Dear Yoko Ono

    I am glad and happy to meet you today 1/10/2011 at Serpentine gallery in London. Your message of PEACE & LOVE is universal, may God bless you in many ways and many times for your belief.
    I am from Singapore, senior staff nurse currently doing an orthopaedic casting course at RNOH London.
    Hope to hear from You

  34. me says:

    Yoki. How are you doing? I hope life is still beautiful after all these years and that you’re still a spiritual woman.
    I was trying to find you. I hope so. And I hope to see you again.


  35. Frankie says:

    Yoko I’m sending you love & protection vibes because Irene is coming to town. Stay safe. A big hug to you

  36. Erika says:

    Yoko. We would love for you to check out the work of Breast Cancer Action Montreal. We are doing important work on issues of women’s and environmental health and would love to have you endorse some of our work, or to know your thoughts.

  37. Peace laughter and blessings. I’d like to share the beautiful artwork of artist, poet, songwriter, interactive painter with children and tall tale writer and teller Richard Heley. See some really lovely paintings and great work done with children at and spread laughter and joy by following and sharing his funny blog at Its so important to spread joyous creativity especially now when there’s so much greed and hostility around. I believe in peace for the liberation of my soul although sometimes it’s an uneasy partner. Please enjoy the art and laughter. May you bless yourself with your own good intentions.

  38. You should check out this beautiful creation of John Lennon that my husband made out of recycled cardboard.

    Peace and Love

  39. 広島は核兵器廃絶の街として世界に発信しています。しか原子力発電容認の街でした。29年前に計画された原子力発電計画があります。広島平和公園から直線で80キロ圏内の位置する山口県上関町です。その予定地の目の前4キロメートルにある祝島の島民はづっと反対し続けています。3年ぐらい前から急激に上関計画が全国に知れ渡るようになり多くの人達の注目を集めています。3.11以後計画は中断しましたが、いまだ計画は中止になっていません。




  40. Ana Avila says:

    Dear Yoko,
    I have emailed all the emails posted on this site because I have this dream of helping Japan. Its an idea that won’t let me sleep. I want my email to get to you, but I’m afraid it won’t. I really wish to hear from you because I believe it’s a great idea and I want to know what you think. Where else can I write you? I’m trying as hard as I can.


  41. Jeff Kunst says:

    The vision is clear to make music without fear, write songs that have something to say
    your dreams can live on in a rock & roll song anytime. anyway an y day,
    You can kill the dreamer but you can’t kill the dream, the spirit is still there it just can;t be seen’,
    It’s savored inside by the ones that come after, waiting the time to write the next chapter,
    they wrote music that’s real with lyrics you can feel ,there passion is in what they play
    willing to risk it all and take the big fall because they believe in what thay say.
    You can kill the dreamer but you can’t kill the dream, the spirit is still there it just can;t be seen’,
    It’s savored inside by the ones that come after, waiting the time to write the next chapter,
    the music will live on in a rock& roll song and will continue to evolve it’s own way
    the generations will pass on the gift of their song of their own time , of t their own way of their own day.

  42. Michael Kennedy says:

    Yoko,I would like to invite you to my facebook page; I did a protrait of John in pen & ink as of right now it shows only partly finished. Howover I finished it today and will be posting it on July 11, 2011. Its title is working class hero. I would be honored to give you the original.

    Peace Michael A Kennedy

  43. Dan says:

    How may I send you a copy of my novella, Sunrise on Kusatsu Harbor? It’s about a woman who survived Hiroshima. I believe you’ll enjoy it. Art for art.

  44. William Thieman says:

    Dear Yoko:
    Many thanks for your continued work.

    Peace & Love.

  45. Lee says:

    I have just discovered “Cut Piece” thanks to my 20th century art paper I am doing at the university of Auckland in New Zealand. I have to say I have never seen images so powerful or known a concept so devoid of ego. Thank you Yoko for giving yourself without the ego for us!

  46. Dear Yoko,
    I wrote to you years ago (1985) on the anniversary of John’s death which is on my birthday, and you sent me a card with wishes from you and Sean–I treasure this little card! I have a web site I launched on June 1st, I put your “dream” quote on the homepage today! I want you to know that you are very inspirational to a community of peace dreamers and I hope you are well and continue to shine a light that is very bright.

    I invite you and everyone to “stop by” my Peace and Health Cafe for a relaxing cup of tea and wisdom.

    Love & peace,
    Audrey in Norwalk, CT

  47. Oddmund says:

    Yoko Ono, I have so much respect for your work
    and yor strong and everlasting work and will for peace

    much love from Oddmund, Norway

  48. Walter William Safar III says:

    Dear Friends,
    Share dreams&peace&compassion&hope&Art=better World
    Many times, while escaping the real world, I used to find my sanctuary in the blissful chest of mother Art. With these poems, I am curing the hungry soul, and it hungers for compassion, love and faith, just like any human soul does.
    Hungry and thirsty, I am staring into the very heart of the dark spirit of my own subconscious, and I would feel betrayed for who knows how many times, only to appease my thirsty soul with a torrent of tears, because poetry is like a tear on the face of mankind.
    I don’t know much about victories, but I still believe that compassion itself is a victory, and if my poems can awaken compassion in people, than I can count myself as a victor.
    Of course, time shall raise the hands of the true winners, as will the readers.
    Holly souls of the poets to remin us:God has given you one soul!

    Walter William Safar, poet/writer
    P.S. The play “Birdman”and new novel “The Devil’s Architect” is available from Amazon Kindle, as is the poetry collection “The Boy with the Silver Tears”. I would like to ask you to forward my letter to your friends, art lovers..

  49. Christine says:

    The Power of Yes has been an influence in my life

    so I posted on my fb page:
    “Thank you Yoko Ono for the 1966 YES Painting (“Ceiling Painting”) that was exhibited at the Indica Gallery in London. For those who are not familiar w/this artwork — “Viewers had to climb up a white ladder in the center of the room, from where a magnifying glass hanging from the ceiling allowed them to view the word “YES” written in tiny letters on a framed piece of paper affixed to the ceiling.” Brilliant.”

    • Sarah says:

      YES! That is such a favorite story of mine, John’s climbing up. What a great piece of art, for the true purpose of art is to make you think, whether you like it or not is not the point.. But I like it! One of the most brilliant pieces I have ever heard aboutf; wish I could have experienced it! It has also been a big influence in my life!

      So happy to discover this web site and you so actively tweeting and connecting with people! It illustrates how much you want to change the world, Yoko… You walk the talk; so good to see hear feel

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