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66 Responses to Contact

  1. Best greetings for Yoko Ono

  2. Jayme-Leigh says:

    I am wondering how I can contact Yoko, aside from this site. I would like to speak to her, but seeing the site forum here, it’s very busy. The whole idea of the ‘INTERNET’ is pretty shallow though, I shouldn’t be expecting much. However, I’d like to find a ‘snail mail’ address for her, so that I can send her a handwritten letter regarding some of my questions (a dying art form, apparently!), and some art work. My email address is [email protected]. PLEASE — perhaps someone can send a mailing address to my email account? Thank you for reading this… very much. What an X-mas this would be. :)!


  3. Kaitlin Folsom says:

    Dear Miss Yoko Ono,

    My name is Kaitlin Folsom and I am a Florida State History Fair Competition participant with the potential of competing at the National level. This year’s theme for the projects is “Leadership and Legacy in History,” and I have chosen John Lennon to embody that theme. It is evident that John Lennon left a musical and political legacy, and is, in my opinion, of great importance.

    My way of presentation for the project is a performance. I’ve chosen to take a more artistic perspective on the project rather than just stating facts as though my character was just an observer. Thus, I have chosen to portray you as the narrator who reflects on John’s legacy. I am working on recording my performance and I will be sending it to you very soon. It would greatly help my project if you could offer any advice or if you could complete an interview. I’ll be participating in the competition from May 3rd through 5th, so if you have the time, I would love to hear from you before then!


    Kaitlin Folsom

  4. Dear Yoko / Chère Yoko,
    Je m’appelle Christian. J’habite à l’Arche, le foyer de la Ruche. Je suis un fan de John Lennon. Nous sommes six personnes qui vivent ici. Je collectionne des photos dédicacées. Peux-tu m’en envoyer une. S’il te plaît !!!!!

    Traduction: My name is Christian. I live in a house of l’Arche called la Ruche, in Belgium, there are six of us and La Ruche means bee hive, because we have busy bees looking after us. We need some help to lead our daily lives. I collect photographs dedicated by famous artists. Would you send me one, please !!!!!

    If it is not possible, I understand.

  5. david hedeen says:

    you are in ralph nadders book only the supper rich can help us and I am trying to get the attention of all of those people in that book etc. , denial, and disbelief is bad for me I am an ongoing torture victim and it has been going on for a decade through the medium of cybernetics. I need attorneys. I need the technology removed from my body. its the C.I.A. but the book had soros, ted terner, sol Price, bill cosby, etc. so I think it is possible. I told senator feinstein several months ago and she had a theader with the C.I.A. and was eventialy was serviced so I think it is possible to get out of my situation I hop you get this e mail I have a book of information about myself being tortured. david hedeen p.o. box 1082 sacramento ca 95812

  6. Jason E Walker says:

    Dear Yoko Ono:

    I would like to find the proper channels for approaching you about a dream project of mine, intending to help artists across the country & around the world. I would love to tell you all about it & hope we could work together on it. Could you please get in touch with me as soon as you can? Thank you in advance.

  7. Dear Ma’am,

    The Education Department of the MART – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto in Italy – is overseeing the predisposition of its book dedicated to the over 30 years of activities in aesthetic education and pedagogy. It will be our pleasure to dedicate the ending of this volume highlighting thoughts of artists, art critics and teachers specifically on art mediation. We will be thankful if you could indicate just 3 words that for you are fundamental regarding the field of studies on museum art mediation and if possible (with a small sentence) to express hope for the future of this important museum action, answering the question: how would I like art mediation to be in the future for children, youth and adults?
    We thank you for your support in advance. Your point of view is essential for us and immediately after the publication of the book, we will send you personally a copy of this effort.

    Best regards,

    Carlo Tamanini & Thea Unteregger

  8. Yeonwook Choi says:

    Dear Yoko Ono,

    Thank you for answering my question on Twitter Friday Q&A.
    My name is Yeonwook Choi (Twitter: @nuctom)
    Your answers really help me figure out what to do in my serious situations.
    & You are one of my five living mentors of my life.
    I really admire your wisdom and I will try my best to live like you.
    I support all your actions and thoughts, and pray for your happiness.
    Thank you!

    Choi from Korea

  9. WIM DEKKERS says:

    Dear Yoko
    I am ahuge fan of John and all his beautiful music.
    No one in this world can make what John has make.
    I wish you and your family beautiful days this coming christmas.
    Merry christmas and happy new year from the Netherlands

  10. Lillian Coop says:

    Wow, wonderful article. I would love to share my own experience to help you all out. One of my daughters spent a year with another agency doing little to nothing in the way of bookings or even castings. Within a month of switching to mystarkid, they had her booked for a spring print ad campaign for a major national retailer. You can

  11. Dan Trissel says:

    Dear Yoko,

    I’m currently working on an animated series with Damo Suzuki from the experimental band, Can. I love avant-garde, Unfinished Music and Fly remain one of my favorite albums of all time. You and John really established experimental music with Revolution 9, which is one of my favorite Beatles songs. Thank you for creating all of the outstanding music through out your career. You and John are my biggest influences. Wish me luck with my animation!

    Dan Trissel

    [email protected]

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  13. Mikulas says:

    Dear Yoko,
    we are a young streetart group from Prague (CZ) that has made a project on the famous Lennon wall in Prague’s centre on the 25. anniversary of Velvet revolution, the downfall of communism. We painted the whole wall on white with only one sign “Wall is over!”. Our intentions were only pieceful, trying to communicate through the reminescence of your campaign in our context. Our project created a huge wave of discussions, love and hatred towards us, mostly misunderstood by people. So we wanted to ask you whether you would be so kind and give us your opinion about it.
    Thank you very much
    streetart group Prague service (Mikulas, Jan, Nikola)

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