MY HOMETOWN written & narrated by Yoko Ono, produced & directed by Jerry Levitan & Terry Tompkins

Yoko Ono inspires locally produced cartoon For Jerry Levitan, meeting John Lennon and Yoko Ono when he was 14 was a life-altering experience that continues to enrich his life. That’s one reason why he continues to spread their message through art. Now 57, Levitan, a local lawyer, children’s entertainer and Emmy Award-winning producer of the [...]

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Positive Posters: I LOVE YOU EARTH by Yoko Ono

by Nick Hallam, Positive Posters. Photos: John Deer Okay, so I can finally explain to you what all the mentions of Yoko Ono were around the exhibition last week… Back in 2009, in an attempt to get some images we could use to lure sponsors and gain interest in Positive Posters, we sent a bunch of A0 posters with [...]

John Lennon documentary LENNONYC wins the EMMY for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series 2011

John Lennon NYC T-Shirt NYC ©1974 Bob Gruen LENNONYC wins the EMMY for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series 2011 Congratulations to: Susan Lacy, Executive Producer Stanley Buchthal, Executive Producer Michael Cohl, Executive Producer Prudence Glass, Series Producer Julie Sacks, Supervising Producer Michael Epstein, Producer & Director Jessica Levin, Producer. Susan Lacy and Yoko [...]

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Linda McCartney – Life in Photographs (Bonni Benrubi Gallery, NY, USA) June 2 – July 29

LINDA McCARTNEY : LIFE IN PHOTOGRAPHS BONNI BENRUBI GALLERY, NYC JUNE 2ND - JULY 29TH, 2011   As women artists, we were branches of the same tree called INVISIBLE. Linda, it's so nice to see your work being exhibited right in the center of New York City now. Each work shows your incredible sensitivity as [...]

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The doco film Give Up Tomorrow is a must-see, made with passion and love for justice. yoko

    Low budget documentary films are quickly becoming the voice of activists. This one is no exception. It is one of the must sees. The strong title matches the film made with passion and love for justice. yoko In 1997, 19-year-old culinary student Paco Larrañaga was arrested for the kidnap, rape, and murder of [...]

We Are EQUALS – Daniel Craig, Judy Dench, Jane Goldman & Sam Taylor Wood – for International Women’s Day

JAMES BOND SUPPORTS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY The two-minute short, specially commissioned for International Women’s Day, sees 007 star Daniel Craig undergo a dramatic makeover as he puts himself, quite literally, in a woman’s shoes. Directed by acclaimed ‘Nowhere Boy’ director/conceptual artist Sam Taylor-Wood, scripted by Jane Goldman (‘Kick Ass’) and featuring the voice of Dame [...]

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John Lennon’s birthday celebrated by Google as its first yoodle – video doodle

YouTube has created a global Yoodle of the YouTube logo, to be launched in 25 countries at 9pm PT on Friday, October 8th and to remain live for 24 hours. The Yoodle will be synced to cover Lennon's October 9th birthday in all regions. Google has created its first-ever video doodle, which presents sketched animation featuring John Lennon's self-portrait set to an audio clip of Lennon's iconic song, "Imagine." It was created by Google doodler, Mike Dutton, with Yoko Ono's approval. The Google doodle will be live on Google homepages all over the world starting noon on Friday, October 8th and all day Saturday, October 9th until midnight. If you don't see the John Lennon video doodle your Google homepage, try Google UK, Google Australia or Google India.

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The Mods & Rockers film festival: A Celluloid Celebration Of John Lennon’s 70th Birthday [Grauman’s Theater, LA, USA]

A LENNON TIME IS GUARANTEED FOR ALL! A Celluloid Celebration Of John Lennon's 70th Birthday John Lennon loved movies. It was in a Liverpool cinema that he first encountered Elvis Presley. John was 15 and in the balcony. Elvis was 21 and on the screen. It led to John taking up music as his rock [...]

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Nowhere Boy

The Mods & Rockers Film Festival and The American Cinematheque Proudly Present HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOHN! A Multi-Media Celebration of The 70th Anniversary of the Birth of JOHN LENNON The Los Angeles Premiere of Followed by In conversation with the film's director Sam Taylor-Wood, star Aaron Johnson - and John Lennon's childhood friends and band-mates from [...]

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Allan Tannenbaum Reveals The Real 70’s at Pop Art Bar and Studio 3 NYC from Sept29th

An Exhibition and Sale of Historic Photographs documenting the Pre-AIDS party era of America, proving that there was a time when love was free, certain drugs were still legal and war was ignored. Launch is on September 29th and will continue through October 20th. Iconic photographer and chronicler Allan Tannenbaum in concurrence with Renaissance Woman, [...]

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All You Need Is Klaus (Smithsonian Channel, Sunday 8pm)

By Sarah Rodman, Boston Globe The Smithsonian Channel may not be the first place music fans think of when considering “music on TV’’ options. But between programming on undersea edens and classic court cases, the cable network has programmed some engrossing and offbeat musical fare on everything from free jazz to traveling blues. Sunday night [...]

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Tibet In Song – a film by Ngawang Choephel – Never forget the music in your heart About Tibet In Song In 1995, a young Tibetan musicologist named Ngawang Choephel travelled to Tibet to make a documentary about traditional Tibetan folk music and dance. After filming for two months, the Chinese government arrested Ngawang, held him incommunicado and sentenced him to 18 years in prison, saying that the Fulbright scholar had [...]

Bob Gruen: Teenage Bedroom [London, UK]

Subway Gallery hosts TEENAGE BEDROOM an installation by renowned New York rock photographer Bob Gruen. We have invited Gruen to present an exhibit he first produced in 2007 for his solo exhibition “Rockers” at the FAAP University Museum in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Several versions of TEENAGE BEDROOM have been exhibited since, including an installation consisting [...]

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Bob Gruen interview (by Randy Patterson, Boomerocity)

by Randy Patterson, Boomerocity Elvis. Aerosmith. Elton John. The Stones. Alice Cooper. Zeppelin. Lennon/Yoko. Dylan. Frampton. These artists and icons dominated my mind (besides girls) in my youth. Photo’s torn from my favorite rock magazines and posters purchased in the store (for the astronomical price of $1!) hung on my bedroom walls. The [...]

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Half Kenneth – a Ken Ochiai film

"In a country divided, only together can they survive." On February 19, 1942, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, forcing tens of thousands of United States citizens of Japanese ancestry out of their homes and into internment camps isolated in the austere terrain of the American desert. Kenneth Handa is an adolescent Japanese-American, [...]

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