New York in the 70s by Allen Tannenbaum

Finally, photographer Allan Tannenbaum is releasing a new book of photographs: New York in the 70s, that will transport you back to NYC as it was in the '70s. Sex, drugs, street gangs, disco divas, politicians, homeless, celebrities, musicians, hookers, and literally every other thing (and person) that went down during the decade are amongst [...]

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The Cho-Do ii Book written and illustrated by Sean Lennon

The Cho-Do ii Book - written (in Japanese and English) and illustrated by Sean Lennon. Available from Amazon Japan. 内容紹介 ショーン レノン、初の絵本。大人も子どもも読める内容。「”ちょうどいい”ってなんだろう?」と、ウサギの少年少女たちが疑問に思い、その意味を考えていくというストーリーの絵本です。「ちょうどいい」とは、小さな幸せを育んでいく、家族や回りの人たちを大切にしていく、人を思いやる気持ちを持ち続けていくこと。ウサギの少年少女は、そういった小さいけれど、とても大切なことを学んでいきます。「ちょうどいい」は「もったいない」と同じような語感を持っています。釣り人は、釣り上げた魚が小さい時には魚を放流します。人と自然とのちょうどいい距離感を知っているからです。夏や冬、冷やし過ぎず、暖め過ぎず暮らす。ちょうどいい温度でエコでいく。「ちょうどいい」という言葉は、時代に合った大切なことを教えてくれます。レノン&ヨーコ夫妻のDNAを引き継いだ作品世界がここにあります!                                                                        [...]

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The Iceland Post Company recently published a book on Yoko Ono’s IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in cooperation with the artist. The tower was erected on Reykjavík’s Viðey island on October 9, 2007, in the memory of her late husband John Lennon. The 100-page book, simply entitled IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, contains a wealth of information on Ono’s [...]

Seymour Hersh: The Man Who Knows Too Much

  He exposed the My Lai massacre, revealed Nixon's secret bombing of Cambodia and has hounded Bush and Cheney over the abuse of prisoners in Abu Ghraib ... No wonder the Republicans describe Seymour Hersh as "the closest thing American journalism has to a 'terrorist.'" Rachel Cooke meets the most-feared investigative reporter in Washington. Every so [...]

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Election Night by Yoko Ono

Dear Friends How I reacted the night Obama became president: Just most people on the streets of N.Y, or in the world that night, from joy...and other complex emotions which had to do with the work we all did for the longest years trusting in miracles. I had a strong urge for John to [...]

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Soil Not Oil

In a time when we are reaching the peak of world oil production and simultaneously facing a global environmental crisis brought on by a changing climate, the demand for alternatives that are energy efficient and ecologically friendly has never been higher. While environmental issues are everywhere on the dial, so far very few in the [...]

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