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Yoko Ono: My Memory of John

When John passed away so suddenly that night, I felt as though half of me flew away with him. My body, especially my knees, shook so badly, I had to hold on to a friend to walk out of the hospital. Spring came and went. Summer. I was surprised that the leaves were shining so [...]

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Yoko Ono: Blueprint For A Sunrise

Release Date: November 09, 2001 Label: Capitol Length: 46:59 Guitars - Timo Ellis, Sean Lennon, Chris Maxwell Keyboards - Sean Lennon Bass - Timo Ellis, Erik Sanko Percussion - Hearn Gadbois, Sam Koppelman Drums - Timo Ellis, Phil Hernandez, Sam Koppelman Track Listing 1 I Want You To Remember Me "A" 2 I Want You [...]

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A playwright. Ron Destro, came to me in 1994 and asked me to write a few songs for his play, 'Hiroshima'. He reminded me that 1995 was the 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima tragedy. In his script there is a scene where a little girl tries to fold 1000 paper cranes. In Japan there is [...]

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A CRYSTAL BALL by Yoko Ono A family: father, mother and a young son lived in a hut at the bottom of a steep mountain. A group of armed men, one night, paid a sudden visit to them. A guy with a large pipe in his mouth pointed to the little boy who was still [...]

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SURRENDER TO PEACE Yoko Ono New York Times, 25th Dec 1982 John and I were part of the huge crowd of world youth who grew up believing in the American idealism and its claim for human rights. We lived in societies under lingering Victorian influence while sharing the American Dream in our hearts. The dream [...]

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John and I were having a conversation about astral identity. John was in a mood to start it off with a "No" and I with a "Yes." It's a seesaw game we play-though we prefer to think of it as a dialectic thinking process we developed between us, and that the seesaw will grow a [...]

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FLY – A DOUBLE ALBUM 1971 (for Crawdaddy)

by Yoko Ono “Fly” is the latest track of the record but it has been made the first just when my last album was finished and was out in the street. It was made in our bedroom in the Regency Hotel in New York on Xmas 1970 on a Nagra operated by John. I was [...]

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by Yoko Ono, 1971 1) Make sure that your mind is not clogged with heavy burdens such as: resentment, anger, secrets and the past. They can be heavy. 2) Make sure that your body is not clogged with excess fat and excrements. 3) Make sure that your wings are light and free. This is the [...]

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TO THE WESLEYAN PEOPLE Yoko Ono 23 Jan 1966   To the Wesleyan People (who attended the meeting.) -a footnote to my lecture of January 13th, 1966 When a violinist plays, which is incidental: the arm movement or the bow sound? Try arm movement only. If my music seems to require physical silence, that is [...]

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By Yoko Ono WINTER TO WINTER (1955) winter to winter winter to winter the snow dyes the town the woman walks alongholding a grass fragment in her hand. winter to winter winter to winter at the age of twelvethere existed a thing called women a thing called men. In the snow they animaled mysteriously soundly, [...]

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