The 9th IMAGINE PEACE TOWER by Yoko Ono, Oct 9th 2015 We have lit the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER every year, now, for 9 years straight. I did not miss one year. In the beginning, I felt like it was vaguely a duty for me to come to promote World Peace. But I realized quickly that […]


Yoko Ono – Wish Tree For Tokyo at MoCA Tokyo on 9 Dec 2014

Mon 03 Nov 2014 - Wish Trees

2004年の春、東京都現代美術館で開催された「YES オノ・ヨーコ」展の出品作品、《東京のウィッシュ・ツリー(願かけの木)》が、オノさんから当館に贈られ、美術館の庭に植樹されました。オノさんは毎年12月9日に、多くの方が美術館を訪れ、願いを書いてこの作品に参加下さることを希望しています。 今年は12月9日(火)の10時から17時まで、美術館でこの作品に願い札を下げることができます。是非ご参加ください。オノさんの来館の予定はありませんが、願い札はアイスランドの《イマジン・ピース・タワー》におさめるためオノさんのもとに送られます。 Wish Tree for Tokyo, first on view in YES Yoko Ono spring 2004 at MOT, has been planted in the museum’s sculpture garden. The work has been donated by the artist to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo for its permanent collection. Each year on December 9th, Yoko Ono invites the public […]

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IMAGINE PEACE TOWER lit on 7th August 2014 for Children of Israel & Palestine


On 7 August 2014, Yoko Ono Lennon requested Imagine Peace Tower be lit in remembrance of the children who have lost their lives in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, hoping that the ceasefire will continue indefinitely, and no more innocent children will be harmed. IMAGINE PEACE TOWER 3am, 8/8/2014 MESSAGE FROM YOKO ONO LENNON Dear Friends As […]

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Tue 18 Feb 2014 - IMAGINE PEACE TOWER, Written work

Message from Yoko Ono: Don’t give up on our beautiful planet. Use your healing power and make it well. World Peace is around the corner. I love you! yoko Tonight is Yoko Ono’s birthday! IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is lit in tribute and the Northern Lights are shining bright! See it all LIVE & send in your […]


#IMAGINENOHUNGER Wish Trees at Hard Rock Café, Dallas, Texas

Fri 03 Jan 2014 - Wish Trees

Happy New Year! At Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, Texas, we had a beautiful wish tree set up in our Retail area. As part of “Imagine No Hunger”, our annual campaign for WHY Hunger, we encouraged guests to fill out their wishes when they purchased a t-shirt, pin or bracelet for the organization. We had […]

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YOKO ONO: Wish Tree for Tokyo (MoCA Tokyo, Japan)

Sun 01 Dec 2013 - Imagine All The People, Wish Trees

YOKO ONO: Wish Tree for Tokyo (MoCA Tokyo, Japan) December 8, 2013 Wish Tree for Tokyo, first on view in YES Yoko Ono spring 2004 at MOT, has been planted in the museum’s sculpture garden. The work has been donated by the artist to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo for its permanent collection. Each […]

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On 9th October 2013, Yoko Ono relit IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in memory of John Lennon. CHESHIRE CAT CRY I’m rolling in your dreams Listening to your screams Cheshire Cat Cry The River is dry We the expendable people of the United States Digging our own ditches While the Dead in the trenches Are covered with […]

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Wish Tree for Härjedalens Kulturcentrum (Härjedalen, Sweden)

Fri 21 Dec 2012 - Wish Trees

Hello! In the sparsely populated and highest elevated county of Sweden, Härjedalen, covered by endless forests and milions of trees one tree became a special one: Yoko Ono’ s Wish Tree, standing in front of the modern art and cultural center “Härjedalens Kulturcentrum” ( between November 15th and December 15th. In Härjedalen, a county with […]

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Wish Tree for Gabriella Ngugi, Walker School, London, UK

Fri 21 Dec 2012 - Wish Trees

Dear Yoko Ono, Please accept our wishes and messages for the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER. Our school suffered a great loss on Tuesday 4th December 2012, when we lost one of our wonderful children. Gabriella Ngugi was a part of our family and her loss has touched every child, staff member and parents in our school […]

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Wish Tree: Preparatoria Emiliano Zapata, Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, Mexico

Sun 15 Apr 2012 - Wish Trees

Our story about the wish tree: BACKGROUND: We implemented this activity in our school: Preparatoria Emiliano Zapata which belongs to Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa (a big public university en the state od Sinaloa in Mexico, our country). We did it before a festival we organize every year remembering John Lennon, where we refer to his […]

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IMAGINE PEACE TOWER to be relit 20-27 March at 8pm


To celebrate the first week of Spring and John & Yoko’s 43rd wedding anniversary, The City of Reykjavík will be relighting Yoko Ono’s artwork IMAGINE PEACE TOWER from 8pm until midnight, every night from 20th-27th March 2012.

Join us live at where you can send your wishes & watch live at these times:

        8pm – 12pm Liverpool & London
        4pm – 8pm New York
        1pm – 5pm Los Angeles
        5am – 9am Tokyo

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IMAGINE PEACE TOWER to be lit on Feb 18th by the City of Reykjavík to celebrate Yoko Ono’s birthday

  The City of Reykjavík has decided to light IMAGINE PEACE TOWER on Ms. Yoko Ono’s birthday February 18th, 2012. The Mayor Mr. Jon Gnarr, says that on behalf of the City he wishes to thank Ms. Ono for her dedication to peace and friendship to Reykjavik: “Reykjavík is honored that Ms. Yoko Ono chose […]

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The Betsy South Beach: Wish Tree for the City of Miami Beach

Mon 13 Feb 2012 - Imagine All The People, Wish Trees

Warm greetings from sunny South Beach! On November 5, 2011, The Betsy-South Beach dedicated a Wish Tree to the City of Miami Beach and, since then, we have collected more than 2000 wishes. The tree is located Lummus Park, with full access by the public and a steady stream of international visitors and Miami residents. […]


IMAGINE PEACE dandelions in Las Vegas by Rob Bucholz, Richard & Simone Pauwels

Mon 13 Feb 2012 - Imagine All The People, Wish Trees

Dear Yoko, I just wanted to send you a few photos of an industrial sized scuplture that my friend Rob Bucholz installed for a large (aprox. 250,000 attendees) youth oriented music festival in Las Vegas last summer. My now wife and I assisted in the installation and collaborated with him and turned his 3 40-50 […]

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Yoko Ono: Wish Tree For Zuccotti Park

Wish Tree for Zuccotti Park
Make a wish.
Ask the tree to send your wishes
to all the trees in the world.
For Truth, Justice and Peace.
y.o. ’11

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Wish Tree: Hukuoka Senior High School, Iwate, Japan

Sun 25 Dec 2011 - Imagine All The People, Wish Trees

  Dear Ms. Ono Yoko, Hello! We are students at Hukuoka Senior High School in Iwate, Japan. Our school just celebrated its 110th anniversary this year! There are 521 students in our school at present. Some notable graduates of our school include graphic artist Fukuda Shigeo and physicist Tanakadate Aikitsu, who also invented Nihon-shiki Romanization. […]

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Selkirk College Peace Studies: An Alternative Timeline of History & Wish Tree

Sun 18 Dec 2011 - Wish Trees

Selkirk College Peace Studies students put on a display called ‘An Alternative Timeline of History’, on Nov 29, 2011. What made this timeline unique is that is showed historical events highlighting nonviolence. Many of the history books and traditional timelines we learn from feature wars, conquests and military heroes, whereas this timeline displayed history from […]

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Jorge Artajo’s WAR IS OVER! & Wish Tree at Banzai, Barcelona

Mon 12 Dec 2011 - Imagine All The People, Wish Trees

Dear Yoko (and John), Today, your WAR IS OVER message has a very special meaning. In papers and on TV they are saying that this global economic crisis is our World War III, and maybe they are right because there’s a lot of people suffering due to the cuts in the welfare systems, the increasing […]


Yoko Ono: Wish Tree for Getafe, Madrid – to end Domestic Violence

Fri 25 Nov 2011 - Imagine All The People, Wish Trees

by Jorge Artajo Yesterday Getafe, a working class populated city at the South of Madrid, wanted to pay homage to the victims of domestic violence and prepared several acts during the whole evening and night to people aware about this social problem and as a way of telling to the victims that they are not […]

The Sunday Times: Imagine you’re in Iceland… by Waldemar Januszczak


by Waldemar Januszczak, The Sunday Times Yoko Ono’s shining Peace Tower, a column of unstoppable light high in the night sky, moves our writer in Reykjavik to tears. Nobody could disagree with the view that Iceland is a pulse-quickening destination for an adventure weekend. Glacier- hopping is an adventure. So is whitewater rafting. Or cycling […]

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