Dear Friends

A BIG THANKYOU to over 200 remixers who took part in the THE SUN IS DOWN! remix competition.

The 20 prizewinning remixers are:
Bill Kates, Billy Martin, Damien Price, DJ Chernobyl, Jorge Artajo, King Louis & Mighty Jay, Konrad Behr, Mabarak, Madeon, Nick Vernier Band, Pedro Vainer, Posterboys, Rondo Brothers, Rumours of Whores, Ugh/Satanicpornocultshop, Shuji Nabara, Technobears, Tiger et Ghost, Vivada, and Whiton.

Prizes will be despatched by post over the next few days.

You can listen to the 20 winning mixes on the widget above, and at the YOPOB website here:

For a limited time, the mixes will also be featured on the right hand column of every page of

Your YOPOB mixes on YouTube

If you have made a remix of  THE SUN IS DOWN! and uploaded your remix to YouTube, please email its YouTube URL to remix [at] yopob [dot] com and we will add it to the playlist.


Message from Yoko Ono

Dear Friends

Every day, I’m still learning something.
Each time I learn, I go Wow! – I’m glad to learn from this experience – of checking such an overwhelming number of your works for the YOKO ONO PLASTIC ONO BAND remix competition – that in our Universe, in this planet of this decade, music is hot.

All your works were so hot, I saw your music covering the Earth.

Do it for fun.
Do it for love.

Keep on trucking!

I love you!

UPDATE: Prizes

13 prizes went out to international winners last week by FedEx, and 7 more will be going out to the remaining winners this week. Congratulations everyone!