Here are photos of Dalton High School students and the Wish Tree they created.

The students were studying Conceptual Art in their Advanced Painting class. The Wish Tree provided a hands on way to learn more about conceptual art and the art of Yoko Ono. It was exciting to study this artist who was such an innovator in the field of art.

After gaining permission from the Park Ranger, they gathered branches in Central Park and carried them to the school. Next students trimmed branches, removed dead leaves and experimented with different containers, until they came upon the beautiful blue and white vase that would hold the final “tree”.

The entire school enjoyed being part of the Wish Tree through the act of tying wishes to its branches. It was a physically lovely object that brought the community together in a meaningful way. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Wish Tree.


Carol Bowen (Dalton Art Teacher)

Dear Ladies of Dalton,

Thank you for letting me know about your Wish Tree. If the branches become too heavy with wishes, you can add more trees, or take off the wishes from the branches and keep them neatly until you decide it is time for all the wishes to be sent to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Iceland.

I hope you knew that the wish tree event does not end there. Your wishes, together with all the wishes sent from all over the world, reach the “topper most” of the arch of the sky when the lit PEACE TOWER shoots up all the way to the stratosphere.

This happens every day and night from October 9th to December 8th, and making your wish a message to the Universe.

Let’s have a great 2010 together.

By the way, if some of you would visit Iceland when we light the TOWER, we don’t mind at all!
It’s such a beautiful event.
You will never forget the experience.
Lots of love,


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6 Responses to Wish Tree at Dalton High School, NYC

  1. sandy duncan says:

    I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!! Making wishes a reality & a physical sight instead of rumbling in my head. Beautiful! Thank you Yoko for continuing to inspire & lead, just as John did. Just as Sean & Julian do too. Peace to you Dear Beautiful Soul! And thank you.

  2. Viv says:

    I feel that after visiting this site, I’ve taken part in a project-project peace.
    Truly global!
    I love the fact that I’m sitting in Sydney and reading the wishes from Dalton HS!

  3. KronDesign says:

    What a wonderful and good idea. Thank you for being such a true and brilliant person and artist. If there where more people like you, the world would be so much better. <3 <3 <3 Must make such a tree somewhere in our community to continue what you started 🙂


  4. Eve Galbraith says:

    Dear Yoko,
    I just wanted to say that this idea of the wish trees inspired me to do the same for my friends and my community. I’m 14 and a freshman in high school in Austin, TX, and in Japanese class recently we collected over 8,000 cranes to be sent to Architecture for Humanity, which donates $2 per crane to help the disaster situation in Japan. I took inspiration from this, and I did a little research to see if cranes– simple but wonderful little works of art– had ever been used actively as ways of spreading peace. I had already known about Sadako, and being an avid Beatles fan I started my research with you, Yoko. The wish trees are such a beautiful idea, and I only wish more people knew about it and were able to send their wishes to you. So the other day I was going to my dad’s office on UT Austin’s campus, and someone gave me a white rose with a message attached– the gist was that this was one of the 10,000 white roses given out randomly on that day to represent the number of people that were killed at Auschwitz during WWII. The White Rose Society was giving speeches and distributing flowers to raise awareness about past and present genocides occurring in the world. I saw how my whole school united to make those paper cranes for Japan, and I saw how the university was spreading awareness to everyone they could about the fight for peace.

    So right now I’m trying to reach the goal of making 1,000,000 white paper cranes, representing 1,000 wishes. I hope that the people of the community that I’m part of will contribute their wishes for peace, and I hope that 1,000 of those wishes will come true!

    Thank you, Yoko, for inspiring me to take on such a massive project. I’m trying to finish by John’s 71st birthday, and I must say, it’s quite an undertaking… but I’m determined to do it. If it’ll help just one person, like how the white rose, the cranes for Japan, and especially your inspiration helped me, then I’ll consider it a job well done. 🙂 Thank you for finally letting me see my worth in the community. I play the cello and I plan to take it on as a career, and it’s really nice to see other people who understand the overwhelming power of unity and peace in music.

    May John rest in peace, and may you continue to live a wonderful and inspiring life. Thank you for everything.


  5. John Hillary Corbett says:

    To Yoko, Sean, John ” in spirit “, Julian, Julian’s mother, Paul, Ringo, George ” in spirit “, and to all this worlds’ people’s ” live as one ” the evolutionary soul path higher conscious life purpose quest for ” truth of love and peace ” in thought, word and action may all our dream’s, hope’s and endeavour’s for a ” united understood truth of sustainable love and peace ” righteous world become a tangible living reality in this incarnation.

    With special prayer’s sent from this IMAGINE PEACE Tower WISHING TREE for quick relief of all the stricken folk’s who are suffering the soul wrenching effect’s of Japans’ earth quake and tsanami humanitarian disaster. and all other ” cause and effect ” catastrophe, contrary to the true life purpose goal.

    Further WISHING TREE universal consciousness heaven sent prayer’s to help ensure the prevention of impending possible effect’s of even further compounded destruction of humanity and other planetary life form suffered effect’s from a nuclear ” melt down ” fall out emergency.

    With eternal ” love and light ” universal higher conscious god creative energy we all collectively exist, may this memorial prayer and mantra of positive awareness thought’s ” together as one ” bring quick relief, healing and harmony restored to the people of Japan and other’s affected, as we too in Christchurch, New Zealand, on a lesser scale, have also recently felt the collective negative karmic ” cause and effect ” end result action’s as is further echoed in the legacy lyric’s of our beloved Johns’ added awareness gift sung by the Beatles ” instant karma ”

    Yoko and Sean, if you are reading this WISHING TREE prayer mantra before your initiated united Japan memorial quake charity relief fund raising concert Sunday 27 March, feel welcome to email me direct with the subject line ie: John send ” the 5 fingure hand of love quality valued principle’s ” for conscionable sustainable love world peace.

    With assured ” love and light ” consciousness respect you will also receive the definitive understood explanation of the precise meaning in thought, word and action communicated ” the 5 fingure hand of love ” quality valued principle’s ” of which is designed as a possible catalyst to enhance Johns gift written song ” all you need is love ” together help make your charity humanitarian service fund raising artist’s united initiative even more successfull, maybe in its love sent raised conscious way similar to the story behind the Broadway production best seller hit ” the secret life of plant’s ”

    With enlightened understanding not to overlook the fact, the founder of the famous ‘ hard rock cafe ” franchise Issac Tigret and also his co-star singer song writer Stevie Wonder being the co-producer’s of the prior 1980’s best seller Broadway Show global production ” the secret life of plant’s. ” These two inspired entrepreneur’s personally know the Highest Human Vibration Conscious Master on the planet, and his holiness’s life purpose mission for ” quick step ” fast track evolution of the human soul path to self realised sustainable Christ eternal light of truth, love and peace realised awareness without limit or exception by all humanity and life form’s on this planet earth.

    In service of The Masters’ purpose radiated ” love all, serve all, help ever, hurt never ”

    Added food for thought ” art is something wondrous and strange, which is fashioned out of the chaos of this world and the torment of the artist’s soul ” ( author unknown, please enlighten me )

    John’s song ” all you need is love ” has been constantly “popping up” in my consciousness when recently and after my created written artistry ” the 5 fingure hand of love quality valued principle’s ” communicated so simply even the youngest speaking child in any country can quickly understand and logic common sense reasoning for ensured sustainable double check love and peace , which is so sadly often misunderstood in either thought, word or action in this world school house we all live and depend on.

    A believed truly most worthy educational awareness artistry catalyst to further enhance our most beloved Johns’ magnificent master legacy song ” all you need is love ” and ” imagine ” and also even significantly help faster overcome the unwanted in this world painful and unpleasant effect’s brought upon us all of universal natural law governed, Johns’ legacy written song ” instant karma ”

    My son Lukes’ birthday today St Patricks’ day 17 Match 1980 and also respectfully in condolence memorial memory never to be forgotten 8 December 1980 truly a greet great most beloved soul messenger of god John Lennon artist extraordinaire.

    Funny how the St Pats’ Irish ” green ” also matches the ” heart chakra colour green “, soul centre of pure love god energy eh ?

    Yoko and all you kindred spirit’s too, I love you . I love you , I love you,

    Yoko with soul purpose passion ironically well stated. I when searching the internet tonight New Zealand time 17 hours ahead NY time, I was hoping to find your contact email, but in providence discovered your emphatic synergy mantra ” I love you ”

    No man / woman is a island, T.ogether E.verybody A.chieves M.ore…

    With love aka Captain Good Vibes – Honest kiwi John

    ” paragon “” is a word from ancient Greek mythology meaning
    ” pinnacle of excellence” or ” highest standard ”

    ” a passion for service, your smile is my delight ” ( tm )

  6. Kelly Will says:

    Brilliant idea. Sounds wonderful

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