Here are photos of Dalton High School students and the Wish Tree they created.

The students were studying Conceptual Art in their Advanced Painting class. The Wish Tree provided a hands on way to learn more about conceptual art and the art of Yoko Ono. It was exciting to study this artist who was such an innovator in the field of art.

After gaining permission from the Park Ranger, they gathered branches in Central Park and carried them to the school. Next students trimmed branches, removed dead leaves and experimented with different containers, until they came upon the beautiful blue and white vase that would hold the final “tree”.

The entire school enjoyed being part of the Wish Tree through the act of tying wishes to its branches. It was a physically lovely object that brought the community together in a meaningful way. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the Wish Tree.


Carol Bowen (Dalton Art Teacher)

Dear Ladies of Dalton,

Thank you for letting me know about your Wish Tree. If the branches become too heavy with wishes, you can add more trees, or take off the wishes from the branches and keep them neatly until you decide it is time for all the wishes to be sent to IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Iceland.

I hope you knew that the wish tree event does not end there. Your wishes, together with all the wishes sent from all over the world, reach the “topper most” of the arch of the sky when the lit PEACE TOWER shoots up all the way to the stratosphere.

This happens every day and night from October 9th to December 8th, and making your wish a message to the Universe.

Let’s have a great 2010 together.

By the way, if some of you would visit Iceland when we light the TOWER, we don’t mind at all!
It’s such a beautiful event.
You will never forget the experience.
Lots of love,