by Yoko Ono

Dear Friends,

John and I, the new members of the new found land, so to speak, loved celebrating Thanksgiving.

To Sean, Daddy John told the story of how the American Indians taught us to make Turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie… well, the pie may have been inspired by the original English ones, but… how Thanksgiving day was created because we wanted to thank the Indians for their beautiful friendship… well, that was true.

The net of the “Dream Catcher”, originally made by the Indians, hung on the corner of our kitchen and our apartment shined with our pride of the “new immigrants” – us.

We, of course, invited friends to share our Thanksgiving dinner, and sent Thanksgiving gifts to those who were in need.

PIcture perfect. Right?

It was because John was so happy that he got the green card and his son was born at the same time.
John was dancing around our apartment in his mind since then.

“Let’s play it right. Sean will have a taste of family I never had.”
That’s how John was looking at it.

Things changed.
I still send gifts to the needy.
But the dream catcher Thanksgiving dinners, for many reasons, have not been the same.

Have a good one.
We will be making the following affirmation.
That is our contribution for this Thanksgiving.


Thank you, thank you, thank you
Our planet is healthy and whole.
Every part of the planet is revitalized and healed.

We, the people of Earth
See clearly, Hear clearly, Think clearly.
Express and communicate our thoughts clearly,
Spiritually, mentally, and physically
For the benefit of ours and other planets.

We make the right judgement, right decision, right move
At the right time
At the right place
For ourselves and others.

We are now bathing in the light of Dawn
Standing in the Heaven we have created on Earth.
Sharing the Age of Joy
With all Lives in the Universe,
United with infinite and eternal love.

For the highest good of all concerned, So be it.

I love you!


Yoko Ono
25 November 2009