My Sweet Friends!

I am so glad that Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Prizes are given to those in need. (I must have needed a lot this past July!) Obama needs all the encouragement he can get at this point. Let’s all send him the love and trust he could use as his energy to do his share of bettering the world.

Thank you to everyone who wished Sean a happy birthday. All his life, his birthday was always mentioned as his dad’s. Now he is more mature about it, but still it must be nice to get an acknowledgement that it is his as well. I thank you as his mom, partner and friend.

On this year’s October 9th, we had very severe stormy weather in Iceland. We all witnessed the lighting of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER together in high spirits, though. In fact, everybody was so “up” in such a “northern shade of light,” it really surprised me. It was a very, very special October 9th. I know you were there with us in spirit, too.

Over 13,500 people worldwide joined us live on to watch the relighting of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Iceland – and imagine living life in peace.

A big HELLO to all of you from The United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Canada, Iceland, Brazil, Germany, France, Mexico, Australia, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Philippines, Argentina, Russia, Chile, Colombia, Indonesia, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, India, Venezuela, Norway, Portugal, New Zealand, Turkey, Ireland, Singapore, Belgium, Poland, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Denmark, South Korea, Peru, Thailand, South Africa, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Croatia, Uruguay, Israel, Finland, Ukraine, Hungary, Puerto Rico, Greece, Estonia, Latvia, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Qatar, Egypt, Romania, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Macedonia [FYROM], British Virgin Islands, Panama, El Salvador, Pakistan, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Vietnam, Algeria, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Bolivia, Morocco, Honduras, Isle of Man, French Polynesia, Fiji, Georgia, Kuwait, Sudan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Jordan, Jersey, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iran, Bahrain, Nigeria, Bahamas, Myanmar [Burma], Malta, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Palestinian Territories, Tanzania, Cameroon, Togo, Liechtenstein, Guernsey, Brunei, Syria, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Kenya, Trinidad & Tobago, The Cayman Islands and Belize.

The opening of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Second Life took place (at 10:30pm Reykjavik time) on the 9th. In Second Life, the Tower illuminates 6 times a day, and you can do things in Second Life that you can’t do in this one, like fly! More info here.

A very magical John Lennon Tribute Concert took place in Reykjavik. After Second Life, Sean and I joined in at the end of the concert with Give Peace A Chance. Sean played the whole set of drums, and I sung and flashed ONOCHORD and generally jumped around.

A crater on the moon was named John Lennon Peace Crater by The Lunar Geographic Society.

Have fun.

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I love you!


8:00pm The first images from the relighting of IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Reykjavik, Icealnd, webcast on on 9 Oct 2009.


8:15pm Sean receives his surprise birthday cake from the people of Iceland.

10:30pm Yoko unveils IMAGINE PEACE TOWER in Second Life

Imagine Peace Tower of Light & Yoko Ono0007 by pielady.

peace_014 by Molly Montale.

peace_033 by Molly Montale.

Imagine Peace Tower in SL by End-E.

11:30pm Yoko and Sean join the ensemble of the Icelandic John Lennon Tribute Concert to sing Give Peace A Chance.



Evening: The John Lennon Peace Crater on The Moon