Yoko Ono walks through her installation "Amaze" in Bielefeld, Germany last week. Photo: EFE / Bernd Thissen.

from Artdaily.org

WARSAW.- For the past fifty years Yoko Ono has been a leading experimental and avant-garde artist – one of very few women – in an international context. In the course of time she has been associated with Conceptual Art, performances, Fluxus and happenings, but above all she has been an independent artist, a pioneer, who has decisively questioned the concept of art and the art object and has broken down the traditional boundaries between branches of art. Through her work she has created a different kind of relationship with the spectators, inviting them to play an active part in the making and creative procedure of the art work. In Yoko Ono’s art, two cultural worlds meet – the oriental and the western culture – which extend, strengthen and exalt each other in continuous innovation.

The exhibition Fly aims at bringing out decisive basic elements in Yoko Ono’s extensive and diverse artistic career. The exhibition is based on Yoko Ono’s Instruction works, which touch on or pose questions about the conceptual principles behind the art work, the participation of spectators in its production and its material realization, the ephemerality and de-sanctification of the object of art at the same time as these works, which have strong social and political references, express the critical vision of Yoko Ono.