Fort Worth Community Arts Center

1300 Gendy St, Fort Worth, TX 76107, USA [map}
Tel: (817) 738-1938. 
1 Oct 2008 – 30 Oct 2008

Classic and Contemporary Scores, Instructions & Artifacts by Fluxus Artists from the FLUXmUSeum’s Permanent Collection – including works by: Marchel Duchamp, Yoko Ono, Dick Higgins, Ken Friedman, John Lennon, Cecil Touchon, George Brecht, Madawg, Larry Miller, Neil Horsky, Reid Wood, Gregory Steel, Tomas Schmit, Keith Buchholz, John, M. Bennett, Allan Revich, Luc Fierens, Reed Altemus, Marco Giovenale, Brad Brace, Sheila Murphy, Andrew Topel, Carl Bertola and a host of others.

Fluxus is an open community that has been functioning to the present with many of the original members still working. In recent years, due to an online community called the Fluxlist, there has been a resurgence of interest in Fluxus and procedures and ways of working unique to Fluxus by younger artists. In the spring of 2002, artists interested in continuing Fluxus as a contemporary artistic practice and community established the organization known as the FluxNexus. The present exhibition is a manifestation of that group of artists who maintain relations with one another through the internet and the international postal system. 

The current exhibition: Fluxhibition #2, organized by theFLUXmUSeum’s director, Cecil Touchon, brings together both these contemporary artists currently working with Fluxus and classic scores, instructions by the seminal artists of the sixties and artifacts created by Cecil Touchon for the museum from those scores and instructions as well as introducing some new works of his own.

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