Arguably the inspiration for more great art than any other human emotion, love nevertheless presents a challenge to the visual artist. How do you depict love? How do you convey its complexity and intensity?

Drawing together works of art from the fifteenth century to the present day, this exhibition will explore how artists have represented this most powerful of emotions. Encompassing divine and mortal love, chaste and unchaste love, family love and charity, it will explore how artists such as Raphael, Cranach, Vermeer, Holman Hunt, Chagall , Hockney and Ono have responded to the pains and pleasures of love, and the different visual means that have been used to express them. 

“Whether old or new, sacred or secular, certain themes throughout the pieces remain consistent: unrequited love, passion, jealousy. And the pièce de résistance—attendees are invited to contribute to a body of work conceived by Yoko Ono by adding a photo of a loved one or a love message onto a blank canvas. Once completed, the work will be entitled “Secret Piece III.” Ono’s participation in this endeavor is not surprising to us because, after all, she would probably be the first to agree that ‘All You Need Is Love’.”
Elle Magazine

24 July 2008 – 5 Oct 2008
Group Show: LOVE
The Sunley Room at The National Gallery
Trafalgar Square London, England WC2N 5DN [map]
Tel. +44 20 77472885 Fax. +44 20 77472423 
Mon – Sat, 10am to 6pm, Wed till 9pm. 
Admission free.

Yoko Ono: Secret Piece III (2008)

Yoko Ono: Secret Piece III (2008)

Yoko Ono: Secret Piece III (2008)

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