Yoko, what advice would you give to an artist who has lost his or her sense of inspiration?
To know that it will come back at an unexpected time so not to worry or push it.. But be prepared for the time it will come back. Meaning, don’t kill yourself getting drunk or shooting up. Just relax and have fun.

…to a peace activist who has lost his or her belief in peace?
If you believe in the doomsday scenario, just have fun while you can. Having fun is the best way to bring Peace in your life…and ours. Don’t be upset then, that doomsday didn’t come. 

…to a war monger who never believed in peace in the first place?
Tell him stop being angry and enjoy life. If all of us did that, there will be peace.

…to a traveller who is stuck in the mud?
Take all your clothes off and roll in the mud until you get to the place there’s no mud.

…to a beautiful woman who is “losing” her looks?
Just know that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. To some people you are definitely more beautiful now. In fact, i’m already attracted to you now, since I sense the delicate shade created in your demeanor you probably did not have before. 

…to a lover who has lost his or her love?
Sometimes memory is all you have. Some people don’t even have that. Be thankful that you have one.

…to a human who has lost his or her sense of self?
What an illusion! When you lose your life, you will know that you did have a sense of yourself when you were alive. Don’t wait till then. Just be thankful that you have your life, and therefore, a sense of yourself. We know you do. You are alive! It’s not the time to hide from yourself. 
Lots of love, yoko

Yoko Ono
August 2008

Questions by Heather Wallace, Orato
Answers by Yoko Ono