Dear Friends,

You and I share a passion for peace and justice – and a commitment to helping Amnesty International stand up for humanity and human rights.

That’s why I’m writing to ask you to help Amnesty reach a vitally important goal of 10,000 membership donations in the month of September.

Please join by the September 30th deadline and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous donor. Give $50 and Amnesty will get $100. Give $100 and Amnesty will get $200—it’s that simple.

What I respect most about Amnesty International is that it is a movement of ordinary people who understand how much good we can do in the world by joining together and standing up for what we believe in.

Amnesty leads a movement that produces extraordinary results. Prisoners of conscience are freed. Death sentences are commuted. Torturers are brought to justice. Governments are persuaded to stop their human rights abuses.

I know you share Amnesty’s vision of a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Join Amnesty International today. If you sign up by September 30th – your donation will automatically be doubled!

I’m especially proud of the way Amnesty stands up for people like Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi, who has once again been unjustly sentenced by a repressive regime that has detained her under house arrest for most of the last two decades.

Heroes like her inspire me to keep up the fight for justice.

Hundreds of other peaceful people are wrongly imprisoned in Myanmar, and they all need our help.

Please join me in becoming a member of Amnesty International.

You will be standing up for human rights anywhere and everywhere they are threatened. And through this one simple act, we really can make the world a better place.

All my best,

Yoko Ono Lennon


Amnesty International has great news for you: We’ve hit the half-way mark toward our goal of 10,000 pledges! Read our special message from Yoko Ono, and then join her in shining the light of hope for human rights by pledging your support.

Join by September 30th and your tax-deductible donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous donor.