Over the past few years you’ve collaborated with many groundbreaking artists including (but not limited to) Antony, Peaches, Spiritualized, Le Tigre & Cat Power. Whom did you have the best time working with and why? Also, is Peaches as twisted as we’re led to believe?
They are all great people. I didn’t know much about indie music before I met them, they opened my eyes. Peaches is crazy. But in rock ‘n roll, we’re all crazy & proud of it!

Switching directions, I’m assuming you’ve been keeping up to date on the US presidential elections. What are your thoughts on the candidates & their goals?
I believe in the power of grassroots movements. That is the strongest force. We should do whatever we can do instead of watching politicians control things. We’re all a big family & the whole world is starting to improve. This is not solely because of politicians’ goodwill. We live in a complex society. We need more than good politicians.

I’m wondering what your opinion is on the progression of anti-war protests, from the ’60s to modern day? How have they changed? Has it been for the better/worse?
While they’ve been growing, there hasn’t been a change in spirit. We’re doing our best in so many ways. There’s more of a community vibe now than ever before.

The Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik has been up for just about a year. How has response been to the landmark?
Very positive. Visit I love knowing that we can all tune in together.

It’s been nearly 40 years since ‘Give Peace A Chance’ changed the world. How do you feel about the song’s resurgence as a #1 dance hit in 2008?
It’s great, isn’t it? I’m really glad I did this. Dance is very important in my life. Dancing through life, we should all do that. I dance through my life, it’s easier than marching!

There was much global discussion about your full page advertisement that ran earlier this year in The NY Times that simply read ‘IMAGINE PEACE’. Why do you feel that peace is such a hard emotion for people to grasp and/or maintain?
I’ve done many ads in The New York Times. When I place them, I’m talking to a large audience. It’s important to express that message to everybody.

What are some of your fondest memories of New York City?
I’ve always loved the city because it’s just a very complex society. So many different races, so many different ideas. Look at the clothes we wear! Each person is doing something creative, I love that about NY. It’s a city with incredible wisdom & power.

Thanks again for your time. It’s appreciated more than I can ever possibly communicate. What’s on your horizon from now until the new year?
Well, August is the only month that I stay in NY. My kids always question me about that. I need August to unwind. I’ve traveled to over eighty cities since I turned seventy years old. Mostly this is because of my artwork. I’m going on another art show tour in September which will hit ten cities throughout Europe & Asia.


From The Music Slut.