by Cindy Bowe & Lori Rush (via email)

Hi Yoko! I visited your art show in Southampton, NY this past weekend! It was amazing. My friend, Lori (left) and I (right) drove from Cherry Hill, NJ just for the show. I have to admit that we were hoping to see you as well! John’s art was well worth the trip…we had a fantastic time! We smiled and cried and met some really wonderful people. It was amazing to feel close to the two of you through this collection of artwork. Thank you for sharing him with us, we miss him so much. Love & Peace, Cindy Bowe

Hi Miss Yoko.. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! I never in this life or any, could have “imagine”d anything so amazing, beautiful, meaningful, wonderful, peaceful and powerful. I have been a fan for so long but never really knew how talented John was as a drawing artist until I experienced it for myself. When I walked in, I heard Paul singing an old Beatles song. Just a tiny bit disappointed…. But next I heard John’s voice..(.Let me take you down, cause Im going to
Strawberry Fields..) John’s voice was so mesmerizing, I had felt as if I were under a spell. His artwork was so amazing and emotional, I started weeping uncontrollably. The passion of his artwork, the presentation and the words describing his every picture, just captured my heart and reminded me of how much I truly missed him and his artistry. I was taught about the Holocaust many years ago and was told it was “to remember and never forget”…. I thank you for keeping John’s legend alive and with your love and dedication.. WE WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER AND NEVER FORGET…Forever Thankful, Peace & Love…..Lori Rush

Hi, Cindy & Lori! That was great that you went to John’s show by travelling all the way from Cherry Hill, New Jersey! You guys look smashing in the photo. So I’m sure you brought sunshine to the exhibition! Lots of love, yoko