Questions by Zoe Sallis, Answers by Yoko Ono

1. What is your concept of God?
YO: God is within us and in all animate and inanimate objects in the Universe.

2. Do you think this life is all there is, or do you believe in an afterlife?

YO: I think we have been alive on earth and other planets as well for many, many lifetimes, and will be in the future as well. That’s why we recognize each other in such a deep way.

3. Do you accept the concept of karma in the sense of cause and effect?

YO: Of course. But a tragedy is not a punishment, It is only a teaching. We become wiser for it. Joy is not a reward, it is an incling given to us what is possible for the human race in the end – that we shall all live in the joy of life.

4. What is your moral code in relation to right and wrong?

YO: Not to hurt yourself or others intentionally. Hurting creates bad ripples. But if somebody is hurt by you unreasonablly, then that is not your fault.

5. Do you believe you have a destiny, and do you see yourself as here to fulfill it?

YO: I believe that I am taught a lesson every day of my life by life itself. I think, in the end, what all of us are doing is to find a way to heal our selves and the planet for ourselves and for our children. 

6. What has life taught you so far?

YO: The total complexty of the puzzle is not being revealed to us yet. But I know that I am part of it as you are and all of us are. The end picture seems to be beautiful.

7. What advice or words of wisdom would you like to pass on to those close to you?

YO: Stay alive. We love you. Don’t deplete us of your energy. We are you and you are me and we are all together, as a wise man said.

8. Do you believe our survival on planet Earth is being threatened?

YO: No. if somebody or something seems to be threatening our survival, take it as a warning and take care of it. We are. 

9. Who do you most admire in this world, historical or living?

YO: All people who are alive at this moment.

10. How do you find peace within yourself?

YO: By knowing that to find it is vitally important for the health of myself and the world.

Based on the Ten Eternal Questions questionnaire by Zoe Sallis
Answers by Yoko Ono 16 Aug 2008