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When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A writer, a music composer, and some others…

what was your favorite place to be as a child?

My room with a single bed, books and a desk.

What is something everyone should live by everyday?

Live by thinking how lucky you are.

Have you ever met Neil Young or Bob Dylan?

I met them both.

Have you ever considered recording a duets album? If so, with who?

I never did. But I did with John didn’t I? SOMETIME IN NEW YORK CITY.

Where were you and John during Woodstock?
The Beatles, including John, were finishing recording Abbey Road. I was there with John.
What is the most peaceful way for a large group of people to come together? Thx.
A large group of people can come together easily at a rock concert, singing songs like GIVE PEACE A CHANCE together.

What do you think about martial arts? Have you ever practised any?x


Yoko, what’s the meaning of that IMAGINE in Columbus Circle?

It is a nice message.

I’m at strawberry fields in central park right now. Do you ever come here? There’s a lovely sense of peace

I am watching Strawberry Fields every day from my window. I love the place.

What is your American Dream?

That it should get together with dreams of all other countries. I count 123 countries.

How do we live being widowed? Where can strength come from?

That I’m not the only one!

What are your plans to celebrate John’s 70th? We should make a calculated push to emphasize his birth & not his death.

I am doing my best. You will start to see the results on October 9th!

what do you think lennon would think of president obama and his administration?

That whatever is done by them, is what they can do now.

Do you think the world is as capable of peace as it was thirty years ago?

I think we are facing it now. Peace is here now!

why do people spend so much time doing things don’t really want to be doing?

Because in the intricate puzzles of the world, sometimes it’s important to do things you don’t think you want to do, but, in hindsight, it was very good that you did.

Long hair or short?

Both. I had it both and loved it!

Is there a reason that you and John say “Happy Christmas” to yourselves in Happy Christmas (War is Over)?

That’s a song. We wanted to bring a happy xmas to the children of the world. The song is still doing that. Try an’ listen next time!

If we choose to reject organized religion, what kind of beliefs can we replace it with?

With our belief in ourselves and in each one of us.

What is the real secret to true forgiveness? Especially to someone who has wronged you deeply?

If you can’t forgive, you will have a tumour, or an equivelent. It’s hard to move on. but let’s try for our sakes.

what message would you like to receive inside a fortune cookie?

That WOULDNIT went number one in the dance chart. (A matter of fact, it did!)

What is your favourite memory of George Maciunas?

That he was a loyal friend.
[read Yoko's Summer of 1961 here]

what is the most valuable thing of life as being human?’

As it was said: I think therefore I am.

What makes you happy now?

That I am still alive.

Are you a fan of Montessori education?

I am a fan of education, period. Let’s hope that the future generation will be wiser than us!

I would like to know what is the favorite place, and why, that you’ve ever visited. Thank you.

My favorite place is in my head.

shocked when I first listened to your “Kiss,.” on Double Fantasy 20 yrs ago. Still find it surreal. whose idea was it?

Of course, it’s my idea! Maybe you think a woman cannot be so hip. I was hip all my life.

Did John believe in reincarnation? Do you think he was reborn into this world and now unknowingly walks among us to day.(GRiN)

I just know that he is still hovering around between my head and the sky telling me things!

Do you still knit?

That thing I did in Instant Karma (blindfold with kotex while I was knitting behind John who was at the piano singing - was my performance art piece to let people know the position of women in the world.)

If you were a butterfly which colours would you be? ✩ x

Yellow, the colour of light. Well, that’s my answer today.

Hi yoko Is there any possibility of bringing Plastic Ono Band’s new show to Brazil? ‘love your work. Peace!

Would be nice. Sean and I are thinking of doing some concerts in 2011. So maybe then. This year is all set.

Where did John take you on your first date? :)

To a fish restaurant in London. But we were meeting at my place or his place before all that since we were both too famous then to be seen publicly. I remember this one because for some reason, we went out.

From 7 deadly sins, which one you think is the most deadly?

The 7 deadly sins: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony are all human “inclinations” which, when practiced, give good insight on our fraility and make us wiser for it. In fact, all seven of them seem to be what a ruler would like to prohibit his/her people from indulging in, in order that the ruler will get the benefit of an efficient working force. It’s curious that injustice, violence, murder, and war are not part of the deadly sins. Who wrote this thing?

I put too much expectation in anything and it’d bring me down when the reality is no better than my expectation.What should I do?

It may be that the reality you confront may be better than you expected but you don’t know that it is… Don’t be disappointed. Everything is a blessing.

Dear Yoko, what should I do when I’m overwhelmed with fear?

Say my name, and I will send you a hug and a smile:)

Do you think people grow too fast or the time goes too fast?

Time is a concept made by men. Just be happy that we are growing fast.

Yoko, do you write poetry sometimes?

Well, if you call that poetry… yes.

Why do you think racial intolerance seems to be ingrained in us as a species?

Protection of the species. But it’s not known too much that by keep protecting the species, and not mix with the other species, our species deterioate in it’s quality.

what’s the most important and valuable lesson life has taught you?

That life itself is a lesson to be learnt.

Yoko what do you think about the freedom in the time of social network?

Freedom is always important. Be free and don’t keep self-censoring yourself.

What do you think life after death is like? And what can I do if I’m scared of dying?

I have so much to think of life, I haven’t gotten to wondering what it will be after.

Do you ever feel John close by? How does he make his presence known in your life?

He does. And there is no way to explain it to anybody else.

What do you see in your future? what are your expectations? what goals you want to achieve? thanks for the time-baciozz-

I don’t focus on my future. I just focus on the future of this planet and the lives on it, and wish for the best. There will be no future for me without our collective future.

Hey Yoko, if you were an animal what would you be? And what is your favourite colour?

I AM an animal. I like all colours.

What used to go through your mind when you were performing ‘Cut Piece’? Did you find it an ordeal, or did you feel serene?

Serene. By that I mean I was in a peaceful sphere. Otherwise you can’t do it.

Hello What is the very first significant (to you) work of art that you created ?


Do you still do any personal art exhibits?

Exhibiting automatically suggests that you do it with other people in mind. So I don’t know what you mean by “Personal Exhibits.”

HI! Are you planning to re-release the albuns Unfinished Music 1 and 2, and the Wedding Album?

Not this year.

do you have any plans to return to Coventry uk? The city of peace and reconciliation.

I did a few years ago to see how our oak trees were growing. it was a very memorable visit.

as a new yorker & peace activist, what do you think of the arguments over the supposed ‘ground zero mosque’?

I think I agree with the Mayor.

a friend + i are doing a project on happenings, inspired by artists like you. do you have any useful information for us?

The more you do the better for the world and world peace. Keep trucking!

what advice would you offer an activist taking on a corrupt & vindictive gov’t?

I wouldn’t. Just keep yourself focused on the positive things you are doing.

What is the biggest decision you ever had to make?

I make the biggest decision of my life, every day – Breathe.

What did you think of Christina Aguileras cover of Imagine?

I thought it was beautiful.

do you like Beyonce?

yes. I do! She is great!

Dear Yoko, will you tell me your favourite haiku? Please!

Tabi ni yande, yume wa areno wo kakemeguru.
“Falling ill in my journey, my dream still runs around the wilderness.”
It’s by Basho, the poet both John and I loved very much.

What space makes you reflect?

The space in my head.

If there was more that you can do, what would it be? I definitely can picture it’s gonna be very interesting.

Yes. I know that it will be interesting. I’m waiting!

Hi Yoko, Ever thought of recreating the exact art exhibition you met John at.  At the Indica gallery, London

No. You can never repeat anything exactly, as you know.

What is your upcoming art project?

I just completed an installation exhibit in Berlin and in Rome and there are some works of mine being exhibited in MOMA of New York. So I am just concentrating now on breathing deeply until the next show. whatever that will be.

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