Opens Thursday July 30th 6 – 9pm
at the Caledonia storefront
443 W 16th St nr 10th ave
July 30th through Sept 2009
Wed – Sat 12 – 7pm

Artists include:
U-Ram Choe | Cao Fei | Yoko Ono
Stephanie Rothenberg| Alyson Shotz
Sean Slemon | Suzanne Song | Siebren Versteeg

Reflecting Transformations references the regeneration of the area and the transformative
nature that art can have on a community. This group exhibit also reflects the minimalist
aesthetic that the blank slate of a new development can afford.

Our next exhibit is an empty storefront at the Caledonia, a new condominium building
under the High Line.

NO LONGER EMPTY is an innovative project involving a group of artists and
curators who are interested in exploring a new paradigm for making and presenting art.
A series of exhibitions and events is planned that will utilize multiple vacated storefronts
in New York City. Providing an opportunity for artists to revitalize these spaces with
thoughtful, sustainable art installations.

Curated by Manon Slome, Asher Remy-Toledo and Julia Draganovic
with Tara de la Garza and Julian Navarro

assisted by the NO LONGER EMPTY team
Ivan Saragusti, Keith Schweitzer, Nunu Hung, Maria Boobis
Naomi Hersson-Ringskog, Nicholas Freeman, Tyler Gumb,
Emma Wasielke, Danni Pascuma, Harper Jackson, Andrea Hill

NO LONGER EMPTY is a non profit organization through the fiscal sponsorship of Fractured Atlas

[email protected]



NO LONGER EMPTY is an experiment in embracing an opportunity of the current Great Recession – the vacated storefronts of New York City. The art project seeks to reclaim empty business spaces and fill them with artistic enterprise.

NO LONGER EMPTY references the anxiety of the passing of a gilded age. The emptiness. We embrace the opportunity to fill the void, with a series of dynamic inter-related art installations, video works, sculpture, photography, painting, sound art and performance.

NO LONGER EMPTY begins at two storefronts at the Chelsea Hotel, the historical art heart of Manhattan. Established and emerging artists, including 5 Chelsea Hotel resident artists respond to the space to create raw, dynamic work and pioneer a new model of community art. Our projects strives to stem any potential neighborhood decline by lavishing empty buildings with art.

We have two other locations in the pipeline, The Caledonian, under the Highline opening July 23rd and Time Square (opp. M&M’s) coming soon. We intend to have revolving exhibitions throughout the year, based on funding. NO LONGER EMPTY is not for profit. We are also seeking sponsorship.


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Press Release

What: NO LONGER EMPTY art installations

Where: Hotel Chelsea storefronts 222 W 23rd st btw 7 an 8th ave

Who: Artists: Guido Albi-Marini, Joseph Aloi, Rita Barros, Sam Bassett, Michael Bevilacqua, Alina and Jeff Bliumis, Scott Campbell, Tara de la Garza, Kate Gilmore, Mia Hanson, Noel Hennessy, Michael Mandiberg, Yoko Ono, Cheonwook Park, Diana Puntar, Bruce Richards, Raimundo Rubio, Linda and Lothar Troeller, Dani Tull, Marnie Weber.

Curators: Manon Slome and Asher Remy-Toledo with Julian Navarro and Ivan Saragusti

When: Opening night June 18, 6–9pm. 
Then : June 19 – July 18 Wed – Sat 11 – 6pm

For interviews and press enquiries:
Manon Slome 917-916-9580 [email protected]

[email protected]