The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things is an exhibition of artists’ collections. It explores how the collection can both be used as a resource as well as being art in its own right.

Artists represented include Neil Chapman, Jo Mitchell, Ruth Maclennan, Gail Pickering and the curator, Monika Oechsler. The exhibition also presents works from the Chelsea School of Art Library Special Collection, including Fly (pictured), a multiple by avant-garde artist Yoko-Ono.

The exhibition extends from the gallery space into the building’s historical Jacobean Undercroft. Artist Bernd Behr, creator of the futuristic and alien-like Quasicrystal Compass, on show in the Undercroft, says: “It is great to place work in a historical context, my piece relates to recent 20th century architectural history and I like the contrast between this and the Jacobean setting.”

The exhibition will re-open on Monday, 27 July. It will run from 10am-5pm Monday to Friday and 11am-4pm on Saturdays. Entry to the Gallery is free.

Editor’s Note: The Stephen Lawrence Gallery is at the University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, London, SE10 9LS.

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The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things

29 June – 20 August

Gallery Closure 13 -25 July and Reopening Event Thursday 30th July

There will be a cheese and wine evening between 5:30 and 7:30 on Thursday 30th July to mark the reopening of The Stephen Lawrence Gallery summer exhibition.

Exhibiting Artists:

Bernd Behr, Neil Chapman, Jem Finer, Guy Harries, Alexander Hidalgo, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Ruth Maclennan, Jo Mitchell, Monika Oechsler, Elizabeth Price, Gail Pickering, Giorgio Sadotti, Lindsay Seers, Sally Underwood, Roman Vasseur.

The exhibition also includes six Fluxus multiples from the Chelsea Library Special Collection.

The evening will include a showing of Ruth Maclennan’s The Hawk & the Tower (2007-9).

The gallery is closed from 13 – 25 July for the annual University of Greenwich degree award ceremonies. It reopens on Monday 27th July.

About ‘The Eagle Document’

The exhibition considers the place of the collection in contemporary society and reinvents the collection in a new and imaginative form. ‘The New Collection of Enumerated Things’ is neither static nor institutional, but exists as a creative interplay between artists, artworks, and situation. ‘The New Collection’ presents a group of artists whose sensibility and mode of production is concerned with aesthetic reception as a shared social activity. ‘The New Collection’ does not prioritise art objects but instead creates rhizomatic relationships between ‘Enumerated Things’ (works in progress, research material, found and ready-made objects, props, contextual material, scientific models, interventions and ideas for future situations). Hence, “The New Collection” consists of an assemblage of visual markers of creative research and production, which invites the viewer to engage in the imaginary act of editing and re-assembling the items in collection. In this sense, “The New Collection” considers the spectator as a social agent, embedded in the wider cultural network, and as an active participant in the creation of new ideas, thoughts, and associations. Thus, ‘The New Collection’ exhibition creates a performative and dialogic situation between viewer and art works, which does away with passive spectatorship. “The New Collection” challenges the notion of the ‘art object in collection’ and instead configures the collection as a contextual and relational situation.

“The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things” will be certified as an art collection and will be bequeathed to the Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich, which will become its honorary custodian. However, the individual items of the collection will remain with and in the ownership of the individual artists/creators. The New Collection can be hired and toured for exhibition and will expand in time through new contributions.

“The Eagle Document: The New Collection of Enumerated Things” is curated by Monika Oechsler.

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