Of the many passions legendary singer and songwriter John Lennon had was his love for New York City.

Yoko Ono- his widow and former partner in life- spoke with Rosanna Scotto as they toured a new exhibit in SoHo honoring Lennon: “John Lennon: The New York City Years.”

“He was passionately in love with New York City,” Ono tells Rosanna.

The exhibit includes one of Lennon’s Grammy awards, guitars and the piano he once had in the bedrom he shared with Ono on Manhattan’s West Side.

Many of the items on exhibition have never been seen publicly. Handwritten lyrics to hits like ‘Working Class Hero’ are kept in a glass case.

“When I see all these works that he did in that period in New York City… he was so prolific.. he was also a loving husband and father… suddenly it was cutt off,” Ono says.

Also in the exhibit, a brown paper bag marked “patients belongings.” The bag includes the clothes Lennon was wearing on the night he was murdered.

” I still -and I know this sounds crazy- I feel we are together.”

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John Lennon: The NYC Years