On this special edition of Peace Talks Radio, we recall the several years when musician John Lennon and his wife, performance artist Yoko Ono, were among the most high profile peace advocates on the planet. John was shot dead outside his apartment In New York In 1980 – 11 years after he wrote the song that – since its creation in 1969, has been a fixture at Just about any gathering for peace. “Give Peace A Chance” was released July 4th 1969. We talk with Yoko Ono as well as the producers and directors of two fine films about this part of their lives: David Leaf, who co-created the film ‘The U.S. vs John Lennon’, and the co-producers of the film ‘John and Yoko: Give Peace A Song’, Paul McGrath and Alan Lysaght. Lennon’s voice is heard In clips from both films and in his songs includlng: Give Peace A Chance, Happy Xmas (War Is Over!), Power To The People, Revolution and Imagine.

“All the songs that we made, and John made – especially if it had to do with something political – he knew exactly what should be done to make it sort of simple, so that people can repeat it or whatever. We didn’t think about the fact that Give Peace A Chance might really spread. That’s a very interesting thing about it. And the other song, Imagine, too.