John Lennon once described his wife as the “world’s most famous unknown artist. Everybody knows her name but no one knows what she actually does.” Well this is no longer the case.

Last week Yoko Ono received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Venice for her art and this week she has been nominated for another lifetime award by the music magazine Mojo.

Sir David spoke to John and Yoko exactly forty years ago this week, soon after their marriage and their second famous “bed-in” for peace.

Previous David Frost shows from YouTube

The David Frost Show filmed in London 14th June 1969: Part One

The David Frost Show filmed in London 14th June 1969: Part Two

December 1971: perfoming Attica State

December 1971: after perfoming Attica State, John and Yoko argue with two members of the audience.

During their appearance on the David Frost Show, John and Yoko get involved in a heated discussion with two member of the studio audience, who accuse the Lennons of “making it sound as if the only worthwhile people in this world are people who have committed crimes”.

John Lennon – John Sinclair (Live David Frost)

John and Yoko, Elephants Memory and David Peel performing “”New York City Hippie” on the David Frost Show” in 1972