Dear Yoko,
I am writing you about a project I am doing with peace cranes to help raise awareness of the human cost of the Iraq war.

I am making a peace crane out of polymer clay to represent each soldier who was killed in the Iraq war, and then with the help of others, (lots of help!), I am making waxed paper cranes to represent the Iraqis who lost their lives.

I began the project a few months ago. I am about half way through 2004 with the polymer cranes, and too far away from the 100,000+ needed to represent the Iraqis. But I am beginning to work on a variety of ways to solicit more help in this area.

My plan is to hang the cranes on strands, with each strand representing a week in the war….so the passage of time, as well as the numbers will be visually represented.

You can see more about the project on my blog and some pictures of the cranes on my website.

Thank you for what you are doing to raise awareness!

Judy Dunn

Number of U.S. servicemen & woman killed in Iraq: 4100
Number of polymer clay cranes produced: 838
Number of paper cranes produced: 650+

Hi, Judy! I clicked into both websites you recommended. It’s great! I am sure you know about the tradition of folding a thousand cranes, and possibly, about my song, Kurushi, in the record RISING. It’s about a little girl dying from being exposed to the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Blessings to your beautiful project. I send you paper cranes in my mind. With love, yoko