Wish Tree for EARTH DAY in Madrid

Dear Yoko and everybody at IMAGINE PEACE:

This is the Wish Tree for Earth Day that I have created today in Madrid before going to work. I know I could have chosen a stronger and beautiful tree, but when I saw this crooked one placed alone in that dark and dirty corner I thought it was the tree that fitted me the best.

Isn’t it a reflection of what we are doing to Earth?

I also loved this tree, because I saw it like a shy, untidy, hiding and ashamed person due to some lack of love, which although no matter what, is longing for join the other trees at the end of the street.

I have glued the instructions in Spanish, Chinese and English, because the tree is placed in a very touristy old town quartet where live and work many Chinese immigrants.

Location: Calle de la Colegiata 7, Madrid (Spain)

Although I’m a very bad photographer, tonight I’ll try to take more photos when returning from work.
Let’s hope for people loved it and care about the Earth Tree.

Thousand hugs
Jorge Artajo


Dear Jorge,
I have read your message about your Wish Tree.
It made me smile and cry at the same time!
Your decision to make that tree as your wish tree as you explained to us, cannot be more beautiful!
Earth Day is almost complete with that one tree!
Thank you.
In brotherhood, yoko