A SIMPLE ARITHMETIC by yoko ono ’09

The economic shock woke us all up. 
Now we have to get off our high horse, and become real.
So let me present you with a simple arithmetic.

When two people separate in bad faith, they don’t just become two separate energies.

A negative energy of anger, disappointment and fear is added to each of them and to
others who happen to be affected by the separation.

When a person takes another life, he doesn’t just end up with the memory of that
moment and what he did. He ends up with half of his original energy, since the other
half will be taken away by the victim in the struggle to survive.

In fact, the negative energy is generated even before the actual killing takes place.

When losing his life becomes inevitable, the victim sends out a strong minus energy,
warning the others of his race what is happening to him. This by the way, occurs in
the case of cows. When they are about to be killed, they warn the others of the tragedy
they should avoid, if they could. Through the whole process of the the murder, the minus
energy of varying degrees are created as well in others who are part of the victims life.
As such, the minus energy becomes so strong, just the one killing does harm to many,
many lives on this planet in quiet and not so quiet ways.

Energy is life.
Life is energy.

So we keep finding ways to control energy, steal energy, fight for energy, and search for
new energy, all based on the idea that energy is something we have to get from an
outside source.

But it’s time now, to look into our own energy, which has been ignored by us for the
longest time, for so many reasons.

We were ready to give our energy to religious discipline, a rulers whim, a country’s
demand, anything other than to ourselves, all because we had not much respect for
our own energy source, and convinced that our own energy is too limited for what
we want from life.

So let’s look into our own energy source.
What do we see?
Not much now, I’m sure, since it has been neglected by us for so many decades.

If we keep this up, one day very soon, we will realize that there is no way to go on as
a race, unless we notice this simple arithmetic truth.

The effort to collect the outside energy for our survival only makes sense when we 
have the energy within us to match what we collect. If we keep ignoring our own
energy source, by spending our own energy in the effort to get outside energy, and
produce negative energies in its process, it will simply make us weaker and weaker.
At that point our choice will be to live a long and sorry life of a very weak energy race,
struggling to survive under the tyranny of other species, or simply lose the energy to
function and be erased from the planet.

No matter how much outside energy we manage to collect, if we are all dead, what’s the point?

On the other hand, when two people commit to a serious positive agreement, it not only
creates a conglomeration of two energies but it inspires and generates a third energy in
the celebration of the agreement and makes it work with a strong magical energy of
confidence, joy and love. 

It does not end there.

The love energy spreads and goes around to all corners of the planet, and makes things heal,
grow and shine! Just as one killing creates such a disaster for the human race, one love
immediately makes a difference to the well being of the whole planet, in which we see
“all the people living life in peace”, as John said.

It’s that simple.

Once we figure out that it is that simple, we will come together with the speed of lightning
to create a powerful energy between us and survive.

We will.

We will then start giving our energy to our own energy source, and keep multiplying its power
by giving good attention and care to it. We will not only make ourselves stronger and stronger
by doing so, we will heal our planet as well as send our wisdom to other planets, if only by

So I just wanted to share this simple arithmetic truth with you.
And let you know that the heaven on earth is within our reach…

…within us.


I love you!



Yoko Ono
April 2009